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    I am now a full time professional engineering video blogger!
    Yes, I no longer have a full time job and am relying entirely on the income from the blog to pay the bills.
    But to keep this up and stop the wife from making me go back out and get a real job, I do need some help from the community.
    Other sources of revenue like Adsense, Amazon, Zazzle, and direct ads are good too, but don’t bring in regular as clockwork income.

    So if you like the blog, and want to see more and better content, and help encourage unique content creation in this industry then feel free to sign up for a regular recurring PayPal amount of whatever you chose. Even if you sign up for $2/month, which is less than half the price of a good cup of coffee once a month, if enough people do this then I can keep the blog as a full time gig.

    Advertising and other sources of revenue can only bring in so much, and I’d rather get funded by my audience than some big corporate machine as part of a sponsorship deal. So please help me produce more and better content, whilst keeping the big corporations out of it!

    Any donation amount is much appreciated, either recurring or one-off. The appropriate buttons are below.
    In return I’ll work harder to bring you more and better content. Plus you get a free warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you are helping to keep content producers like me afloat.
    Helping keep the only full time engineering video blogger in the business alive and doing this also ultimately helps others and the industry too.
    If others see that I can do this full time, then that might convince them to produce great content too and have a go at it. So thanks for all the support, it helps more than just me!

    Sorry, but there will be no extra content for people who donate, as Dave likes to ensure that all content is openly shared and available for everyone, whether or not they donate.
    BUT, I do now offer an automatic supporters section of the forum for donations over $25/year. So if you want that added extra, please donate through HERE instead.


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    Or a one-off donation:

    Want to cancel your recurring donation?, no problem. Follow these instruction or click the button:

    If you prefer not to donate, then no problem. There are other ways to support the blog:
    1) Buy some of the products from my SHOP
    2) Buy anything from by clicking through here first or below (I make 6% on every sale, even from 3rd party sellers), and any product, not just those in my store. Or use the Amazon search bar on the right below. If you buy from amazon regularly, this is a real easy way to donate that costs you nothing!
    3) Buy some of my Merchandise (I only make a few bucks per sale)
    4) Donate Bitcoins: 1KgAGM3BPP6tCAYaVX4trELx3vUTmg4C4x
    5) If you are interested in buying the PCB package DIPtrace, I have an affiliate link that gets me a very large percentage of the retail price. Just CLICK HERE before ordering.
    6) Supporting the advertisers by looking at their stuff and buying it if you like it. And be sure to mention the EEVblog. I don’t make money by click-throughs, but if they see their ad works they will continue to advertise.

    There is also an Amazon store of choice products, but you don’t have to by these, just click through this store:

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