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Author Topic: Re-organizing libraries, how to update old projects to new locations?  (Read 544 times)

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I'm somewhat new to Altium, so excuse my ignorance that led me to this situation. :D

I have a bunch of projects with part libraries (SCHLib, PCBLib, 3D models) that are situated inside the project folder. The names are basically "project_name.PCBLib" and "project_name.SCHLib" and they only include components that were made on the spot for that particular project. They're not organized by type or manufacturer, they're just the parts of the project in a messy single library.

Basically made adhoc on the spot.

Now i would want to move to more centralized library scheme where I would have SVN-server that stores my library files and they are organized by type into folders and sub-folders.
e.g: Library/Footprints/Dpak...SSOP etc. and Library/Symbols/IC/Op-amps/... etc..

I will use DBlib or SVNLib to tie this all together using MySQL database.

The issue is, that if I move all the stuff from project specific libraries to the new system, I need to update all the projects to use the new locations or if I make a change into any component, the older projects won't update with he new data.

I've spent better part of two days trying to figure out if there any proper way, a tool or something to make this easier.

But my current understanding is, that after organizing all of my parts in to the new system and locations, I need to open every project and manually point all the components to the new location of that components data.

Has anyone ever done this kind of migration before and how?

I can always do all this completely manually, but i hope i don't have to use few weeks doing this and making absolutely sure nothing breaks in the process.

thank you for all the help you can give :)
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