Author Topic: AD8210's input sourcing current when input not connected to power rail  (Read 607 times)

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I got a AD8210 that I wanted to use as a current monitor. The "line" where the current flow is either 24V 12V or floating.
My problem is that when the line is floating (no power rail attached at the dashed line), my LED still switch on.
It seems that the voltage is somehow coming from the inputs of the AD8210 with a current of around 3mA.
But my idea would be that the LED should be off when is line is suppose to be floating. It is the case if I got a load with a resistance low enough to pull this voltage lower than the forward voltage of my LED.

I wonder if it is a normal operation of the component and if it is okay to use it like that (Load sinking some current from the AD8210) when no power rail is attached...




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