Author Topic: canon mp610 k30290 circuit board sense pin  (Read 1350 times)

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canon mp610 k30290 circuit board sense pin
« on: January 17, 2015, 10:29:52 pm »
any visual suggestions how to do that is described below,where is 3,3v in circuit board and where is ground?:

The connector has 5 pins, the 2 black are GND, 2 of the others are 24V and 32V and the one on the end toward the edge of the board is Sense. It is NOT the same as an ip4200. AND you will see 7.5V and 10V until the sense line is active, the sense sits near GND if the AC adaptor is taken out of the printer. The sense line goes through a 1k resistor and to the base of an NPN transistor on the power board. I couldn't find a Serv. Manual online so I just figured it out myself. Anyway, I put 3.3V on the sense pin (almost anything will work because of the 1k resistor) and GND on one of the GND pins. That made the other two pins go from 7.5V/10V to 24V/32V. So apparently there is a low power mode and normal power mode.

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