Author Topic: Cheap dirty driving of a miniature speaker with logic gate - bad or good enough?  (Read 977 times)

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Hi guys,

For a project that would benefit off a beeper indicator, I would like to use the ABMT-801-RC micro speaker ( datasheet: ). I would like to drive it from 3.3V from a single gate 74HC1G00 device, through a 10 uF coupling cap. The gate should act as an amplifier/driver so it would not be driven directly by the MCU GPIO. The MCU will provide a 1-4 kHz signal to drive it.

The speaker has a resistance of around 10 Ohms. My questions are: Is such a gate suitable for this kind of use? Will it be reliable? If not, what's the cheapest way of driving such a micro speaker?


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how about just driving it off a small mosfet ? New stock now in of EEVblog 121GW and Brymen 235 Now selling a selection of Probe Master probes.

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