Author Topic: Is there any risk of having the wrong fuse installed in your digital multimeter?  (Read 253 times)

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So having ordered a digital multimeter off eBay, I am wondering if maybe i should go buy some extra fuses, just in case I would need them.
And now I am wondering, is there any risk of me installing the wrong fuses in my digital multimeter should there come a time I replace them?

The reason I am asking is that I can at least envision that I go buy some branded fuses that aren't the same brand as the ones that were installed.

For my DMM (Uni-T UT61e), I would think that I would required 10A and 1A fuses, but that the brand name would be unimportant as long as the fuses are of good quality.

Also, I am thinking that the very size of the fuses will vary with its rated specs and thus I can imagine that this might make it basically impossible to ever insert the wrong type of fuse, and if maybe there are standards for fuses, there ought not be possible ever get this wrong.

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You sometimes have slow and fast blow fuses that are dimensionally the same, but will act differently.

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