Author Topic: List of demonetised EEVblog videos  (Read 12824 times)

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Re: List of demonetised EEVblog videos
« Reply #175 on: Yesterday at 04:21:05 am »
I know this is a long shot but ....

A few months ago here in the US was a national news story that our government has over 300 billion license plate numbers in a database and can track every car over the last five years.

In Calif, the max chars in a plate number is 7.  In some of Dave's video is a CA plate with 8 chars.  Could YT be also tracking plate numbers (why not ?) and his 8 char plate is confusing them?

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Re: List of demonetised EEVblog videos
« Reply #176 on: Yesterday at 04:39:23 am »
I see a fantastic market opportunity for some/thing/one to replace YouGoogle as it is clearly going down the drain.

For the Youtube part, Twitch certainly seems to be taking a lot of gamer traffic, I think that’s pushed towards live streaming rather than on demand, but ISTBC. Vimeo is the other obvious one, but its community remains tiny compared to Youtube. Somewhat interestingly I’ve regullarly been fed Vimeo ads on Youtube for the past week or so.

Even Philip DeFranco’s getting regularly demonetised which seems bizarre as I’ve always considered his content to be up there with just the kind of non-controversial content Youtube should be promoting.

Without any other evidence, this is indicative of broken algorithms, very likely as a result of AI, where nobody really knows how it’s making the decisions. So much for their supposedly really smart programmers they have there.

Regrettably Youtube is still the #1 video content site, but I agree, we could do with some competition.

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