Author Topic: EEVblog #486 - Does Current Flow Through A Capacitor?  (Read 52660 times)

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Re: EEVblog #486 - Does Current Flow Through A Capacitor?
« Reply #175 on: August 18, 2017, 04:43:21 pm »
This thread was originally started to discuss Dave's video.

Your post was to present a particular application using a capacitor.  Certainly, capacitors and related math are common between the two - but thereafter the discussions diverge ... dramatically.

By that logic, once someone started a thread about an oscilloscope, then all other discussions about oscilloscopes can be tacked on.  This blends multiple topics and makes it harder to sift out what is of interest to a member and what is not.

You are starting a new discussion - not extending an old one - so it really belongs in its own thread.

The other, far more relevant point, is that by tacking onto the end of an old thread, people aren't going to pay as much attention to it - and you will lose the attention of a lot of people that may just have some very useful contributions to offer!
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