Author Topic: Is there a way to stop windows from taking your pictures and making albums...  (Read 1742 times)

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Windows 10 build 1803
installed 5/25/ 2018. <--- I don't understand that I bought this computer in 2017 or 16 unless it did some major update.

It's not doing it now but seems to pop up on the right side of the start menu or when you are looking at pictures; you double click on a picture and other pics then come up in a family photo album that is X rated. When it first happened I was like "She has nice legs and I have heels just like that was I downloading porn on ambian? OH SHIT THATS ME!!!"

Yes obviously if I am using windows it's for a reason. All my SDR stuff doesn't work on linux or mac. OK maybe linux but I don't like messing with installing wrappers and spending an hour to try out software that I may tire of in a few minutes.

Then trying to get the touch pad SD card wireless etc etc on Linux is more work then I want to spend.
It automatically installs updates and new releases. 1803 is a 2018 release and was therefore installed in 2018. That's expected behaviour.

For me it always does the update when I am in a rush and need to check the internet for a minute before I go. A long time ago I needed MapQuest to go some where and CrapAfee took so long to get going I missed an important appointment. Also the MapQuest directions were wrong.
What happened to ODE TO SPOT by Data? Seriously I don't remember changing it.

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