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Hello, everyone.

I'm sure everyone has been excitely waiting the end of the year for news of the third edition ( So, I've taken it upon myself to ask for an update and surprise I got a response christmas morning. So, here's a christmas present for the electronics community

I asked "I was wondering if there's an update to when you think the 3rd edition might be out? "

And the response I got was as follows:

 We're getting closer.  For example, we broke the
 old 80-page precision and low-noise Chapter 7 into
 two, both greatly-expanded with massive cool stuff.
 We submitted Chapter 5, Precision Circuits, last
 summer, and it was 135 pages long.  This week
 we're finishing Chapter 8, Low-Noise Techniques,
 and we expect it to be about 130 pages.  So that's
 about 3x more great material, on just those two
 topics!  We expect y'all will love it.

 In January we'll submit chapter 9, Power Design -
 it's almost done now, and then we'll have submitted
 15 chapters, leaving five more "x" chapters to go.

 I think I mentioned the x chapters, with their extra,
 more-advanced material, so we certainly don't want
 to short-change them!  Anyway, three of those are
 more than half done, and we hope to have submitted
 everything by next summer.

 That means the book should be out by late 2012 or
 early 2013.

   - Win

Winfield Hill
Rowland Institute at Harvard
100 Edwin Land Blvd
Cambridge, MA  02142

Happy Christmas everyone!
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What a surprise, at least another year ;). I'll definitely buy it when it comes out, but I'm not holding my breath.

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But you'll notice this is a much more specific response. He's letting us know exactly where the book is. Last time was just an update saying it's about 2/3 done.

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How about giving the good professor an opportunity to enjoy his holiday. ::)

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I just wrote the email. He chose when to repsond. I wasn't expecting an email back for at least a few days.  :)

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A good professor will always find time to reply to an e-mail. It is really a good hint about any academic person, it shows the respect to people and in particular to students and the will to share the knowledge with them. Very often academics lacking these are plain assholes.

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I must admit, that sort of thing very much increases my respect for a person. I'm also quite relieved as I got bought a replacement copy of AoE for Christmas, to replace my copy that went missing years ago.

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good to know he's still alive around :D at least we know its progressing.
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Let's now just hope that it won't be outdated too much when they start printing. ;)

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