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Phase Shift measurement oscilloscope setup
« on: Yesterday at 02:16:03 pm »
new member.
trying to learn how to identify components out of circuit if they are good or defective.
have a keysight dsox1102g scope with 2 channels, built in waveform generator.
i get a sine wave on both channels with bnc tee on wave generator output, input two cables to channel 1  and channel 2.
i don see phase knob on this unit, perhaps it is hidden in menu of another function?
i can get diagonal  line in xy mode on display,but no other lissajaus patterns with other components.
i am doing something basically wrong with setup, need some direction.

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Re: Phase Shift measurement oscilloscope setup
« Reply #1 on: Today at 12:27:02 pm »
If you feed the same signal to both channels you will get a diagonal line unless you have very different lengths of coax between the input to C1 and the input to C2 from the BNC tee.

If the DSO has a setting for channel skew you can change that to generate phase shifts which will vary with frequency.

For a more general solution take a look at this:

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Re: Phase Shift measurement oscilloscope setup
« Reply #2 on: Today at 01:25:01 pm »
Remove the line to the second channel (keeping the first channel connected for reference), then connect an amplified speaker to the waveform generator and a microphone to the second channel. Now set the waveform generator to 20kHz or so and move the microphone around while observing the waveforms. Try to figure out how to measure the speed of sound with that setup.
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