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Immotor GO Electric Scooter
« on: December 13, 2016, 11:10:01 pm »
I wanted one of these until they said it has a SIM card, key fob, and internet access

How does my smart phone work with my Immotor GO?
Bluetooth compatible devices will pair easily with the Immotor GO allowing for seamless connectivity and use of features. The Immotor GO’s smartphone dock will allow for easy access to view navigation apps and a USB connection to charge your devices. The GO will also be fully controllable via its proprietary GO mobile app – track your PV, lock/unlock, parental controls, etc…

What is the data plan for?
We have a built in sim card inside of the product and will be activated upon delivery automatically. The data plan is used to transmit the location information of the Immotor GO using the GPS sensor to the Immotor App. With this location information, you can use your smartphone anywhere in the world to do the following:
        •    Track your Immotor GO location information;
        •     Lock it or unlock it;
        •    Grant access to another smartphone user to use their phone as the wireless key to turn on the Immotor GO and ride;
        •    Revoke other smartphone’s access to the Immotor GO;
        •    Set up virtual fence for the Immotor GO so the product doesn’t function once it leaves a   pre-set perimeter.

Does the Immotor GO include a data plan?
Yes – the first year of data coverage is included in the price. In the US, coverage will be provided by T-Mobile. Beyond the first year, the cost of renewing the data plan will be approximately $10/year and will be completely optional.

You can use it without the SIM card though apparently

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Re: Immotor GO Electric Scooter
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2016, 06:10:46 am »
Autopilot mode? Can't foresee any problems with that at all...

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