Author Topic: How to setup clearance/isolate properly for pours?  (Read 2907 times)

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How to setup clearance/isolate properly for pours?
« on: September 24, 2015, 09:39:51 pm »
I'm routing a mains powered H-bridge design so I have large isolate values for multiple pours (high current/voltage nets). I haven't found a good way to setup the isolate/clearance for the pours. The issue is that if I properly set up class-to-class rules for the different pours the pours will not respect those class-to-class values even if I enable the "use net clearance" option from the pour (then it only seems to apply the "global" net clearance and not the class-to-class rules). I can always set up one big enough isolate value for the pour which almost works good enough but the problem with that is that I have some "mounting holes" in my FETs/diodes which are only used for offline-access (screwdriver through the board) so they do NOT need to have the isolate applied to them. But they do get the isolate and it really really takes away lots of useful routing space when I have eight huge holes of nothing in my board.

What is the least hackish way to get around this? Other than stuff like making the holes in my footprints smaller and making them larger by modifying the gerbers etc. Or is there some way to get the class-to-class rules to apply to pours?
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