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Re: Dodgy manufacturer
« Reply #25 on: June 03, 2018, 05:42:26 pm »
The govt allows companies to hire people on training contracts/work experience/internship or whatever name they decide to call it .. and provide only accommodation and / or minimal pay for months. Then they can dump them.

In China, you don't born with rights. You only born with parents' limited power for you to pursue your own rights. If you are not competitive enough to survive, you are supposed to die. This is China logic.
China has nothing but population. If you are not better than Bob next door, then you will sell your labor cheaper, or get out bid. Simple as that.
Nobody goes to work for a production line with a decent university's BS degree, and if you have not got a degree or you have a cheap degree that taught you nothing, then you are already sorted to the bottom of society the day you leave school.

Yes, there are labor laws in China, and as a worker, you can sue your company and most likely you can win the case and get a chunk of money, but most workers won't do so.
Your employer will share your info with other companies*, so you will be infamous among companies as "that person who knows the law", and nobody will hire you in the region, so you will have to move, which can be expensive in China.
Since China doesn't have social welfare for individuals who is not living in the city he/she was originated from**, all those immigrants from low wage provinces are really afraid of not being able to find a job in higher wage provinces, so they will stay quiet.

*: There are consulting companies in China focusing on exploiting labor laws and litigation cases, and they provide information to customers (employers) on how to legally abuse their employees, they also provide platform to share information on rogue employees.
Those consultant companies usually operate in form of "labor law seminar", and myself alone have received tens if not hundreds of spams from them.

**: In China you only get welfare from the town which your ID shows you are based in. You don't get welfare if you don't live in that town, nor from another town which you live in but don't have an ID of that town.
Unlike most countries where you can change your ID if you work in a new city for certain amount of time, in China, this process is extremely hard for higher wage/welfare cities, such as Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen.
Those cities require you to prove that you are the top in social hierarchy, usually by obtained wealth or diploma or certificates. This makes sense because the power of China is concentrated in a few top cities, and they don't want outsiders to dilute their power.

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Re: Dodgy manufacturer
« Reply #26 on: June 04, 2018, 03:40:00 am »
Given the prevalence of salvaged and re-marked parts on the Shenzen market, they could simply buy a batch of whatever parts they are, get them blacktopped and re-marked with a completely different part number.  >:D

That would confuse the hell out of all but the most lateral thinking of reverse engineers. It must be a cheap enough process considering how common it is.

Atari did this with some of their early arcade games back in the 70s. I helped someone working on an old board that had a mask ROM labeled with a a 74xx TTL number. Looking at the schematic it was obvious that it was a ROM but that's not what the number looked up as.

I see sanded off numbers on ICs all the time, and it's usually stuff that isn't worth trying to copy in the first place. Usually it makes me curious and increases the likelihood that I'll reverse engineer it.

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