Author Topic: eevBLAB #12 – Dailymotion vs Youtube CPM Revenue  (Read 4311 times)

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eevBLAB #12 – Dailymotion vs Youtube CPM Revenue
« on: August 28, 2015, 06:41:08 pm »
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Re: eevBLAB #12 – Dailymotion vs Youtube CPM Revenue
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2015, 10:10:04 pm »
Here's another one... received this email today. Any review about this:

Grace Network Partnership Invitation

Grace Network, one of the leading YouTube Networks, would like to offer
you the opportunity to be a part of our 'Grace Network Partner's
Program' and have a successful career and unlimited earnings.

Your channel has a good standing and high view count. We appreciate your
hard work and commitment towards your channel and videos.

As a partner of Grace Network you will earn more money than you do now
because we have our own Global Advertising Sales Department, selling
alongside YouTube. Being a part of Grace Network, your videos will be
promoted and viewed by millions of viewers worldwide. This means more
exposure and greater revenues for you.

High income-
You would be paid a Playback Based CPM between 5 to 20 dollars and
sometimes even higher, based on your video content and the seasonality
in the advertising market. Our really High Revenue Share to our partners
puts us among the highest paying networks globally. No tax deductions
are made, all you earn is totally transferred to you.

Monthly Payment-
We pay monthly through - Worldwide PayPal/ Bank Transfer/ Western Union.

Access to all services and tools-
As a part of our Network you will get all our services and your own
leading partner dashboard.
We offer great tools and knowledge of all techniques, which allow you to
access a number of very interesting additional revenue streams, powerful
tools to cross promote your channel, driving view and subscriber growth,
much faster than what you would be able to achieve on your own. Apart
from this, we will also provide you 30,000+ audio tracks.
We also help channels better manage and optimize their content to
increase CPM, impressions, and subscribers. Our Customer Support
Department is available 24/7 and we respond on an average within 24
hours to partner queries and doubts.

No-lock policy- Initially, a two month trial is given to you to
experience our services. If you want to proceed further then you commit
for 12 months or you may unlink.

Full transparency-
You will have the ownership of your channel. Moreover, you will have all
details of the earnings in your Dashboard. Nothing would be hidden.

Try us out to fulfill your aspirations!

For more information visit -

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Grace Network

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