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I have it on very good authority that those prices are completely wrong.
The 34465A will be around US$1500
The 34470A will be <US$3000
Options will cost extra, in the order of hundreds of dollars.
And yes, I might be able to get one soon for teardown.

Yes, Techni-tool who virtually never discounts has the 34465A for $1395, and the 34470A for $2895.

Techni-tool appears to have scrubbed those pages.

Any other confirmation or delivery date information?

The model numbers are easily found on the Keysight site, so looks like it is fully public now.

7.5 digit - 34470A $2890
6.5 digit - 34465A $1395
Test Equipment / Re: Vintage Tek Restoration pictures by Martin
« Last post by Tallie on Today at 04:46:27 PM »
Great thread. These old machines are works of art...
Altium Designer / Re: Altium Circuit Studio??
« Last post by miguelvp on Today at 04:44:59 PM »
Too much conjecture about CM, they are soon to be in beta 2

I have not seen any indication that "Altium will not stick with CircuitMaker into the medium/longer term"
Eagle / Re: Eagle is horrible software
« Last post by DerekG on Today at 04:43:13 PM »
Eagle is horrible.

Well, it is not likely to get better anytime soon.

Newark Corporation (who own CadSoft) have advised that that they must financially stand on their own two feet. Story is now that staff cuts are on the way.
Microcontrollers & FPGA's / Re: Toolchains and ARM land
« Last post by Sal Ammoniac on Today at 04:40:24 PM »
Check out Rowley CrossWorks as well. Not free, but they do have a $150 personal license for hobbyists. CrossWorks is not Eclipse-based so it tends to be faster than many of the alternatives.
There is nothing new in it.
Look for synchronous switching/rectification.
The entire idea of synchronous switching is to replace lossy diodes with near ideal FETs.

Though, it is more often seen in the likes of ZVS, stuff like that.
What LT has done is to package such switching with a ZCD to decide which FETS to turn on.
It can be done dicretely, though I suspect it will be a bit larger.

H11A1 for the ZCD, diode logic to decide which fet to trigger and a optoisolated FET bootstrap driver.

Edit: seems to have the schematics but in two pages per page with overlaps.

Edit2: also if you want the original one, I recall someone was selling it in the buy/sell/trade part of the blog, but I think it was for the 2445A

Found Link:
What would be interesting would be a 3 phase version for rectifying alternators. Apart from automotive applications, it can be quite useful for small alternative energy generators.
I'm going to guess a cold solder joint on one of the EMI bypass caps. Probably one soldered directly to the mains connector, where the soldering is done by hand.
Test Equipment / Re: MDO3000 hacking
« Last post by ptpsd on Today at 04:23:07 PM »
Do you know if this works on the new firmware 1.14 too?
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