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EEVblog Specific / Re: Youtube Restricted Mode Comments
« Last post by Vgkid on Today at 05:38:22 PM »
I didn't notice any missing from AvE, but all of the Forgotten Weapons videos are missing. :-\
Eagle / Re: Imagine you have a deadline...
« Last post by Monkeh on Today at 05:37:27 PM »
As many issues as I have with what Autodesk is doing with Eagle, this is not an Eagle issue or even a Qt issue: This is Nouveau not being ready for use. It is not Autodesk's fault that the driver you choose to use is not ready for use in the real world.
ok: Dave found a potential critical issue with the touchscreen microphonics. And now this problem has to be solved:

1. Mike has no problem with the touchscreen: Which different reason causes the different result? Maybe the protection foil? Could Dave check it also with a protection foil on the second device and compare? Could be a short-term solution.

2. Is there statement from R&S? Short-term solution and long-term solution (class 1 caps in sensitive circuits, ...)?
RF, Microwave, HAM Radio / Re: Use of DDS for carrier oscillator / BFO?
« Last post by CJay on Today at 05:34:26 PM »
Disconnect the top of C2 from the circuit, add a second crystal, X2,  to top of C2 and to the junction of X1/R2/R3 then applying switching voltage to D1 through L4 will switch X2 in.

If you need both trimmers for each crystal then just duplicate L1,2,3,4, C1,2 and D1,2 for a second crystal connected to the same X1/R2/R3 point.

Of course, you can only have voltage on one set of switch inputs or 'odd' things will happen.
Beginners / Re: How to close enclosure
« Last post by MrBungle on Today at 05:33:34 PM »
I mean I can't tell from the datasheet if there should be a difference, but you could be right I guess.

Here's the difference:
Eagle / Re: Imagine you have a deadline...
« Last post by Karel on Today at 05:32:13 PM »
The best way to deal with all the issues is to stay away from V8...
Beginners / Re: How to close enclosure
« Last post by edpalmer42 on Today at 05:30:42 PM »
Could you use a larger diameter screw that would bite into the sides of the hole?

I also noticed that your screws look different than the ones shown on their web site.  I can't tell if they're the same size.

The 87V is definitely a robust and well regarded meter, but hardly the most featured. Maybe you should wait to get Dave's new meter, the 121GW. Or maybe consider the Keysights mentioned, or a Brymen BM525S or BM868S
Beginners / Re: FLuke 87 XEROX
« Last post by BMack on Today at 05:26:28 PM »

I planning to buy 1 shown on the picture with Xerox logo on top. I just want to make sure it is exactly the same functionality and calibration vise as the Fluke 87V since it cost quite a lot.


That's a 87 Series I.
Repair / Re: Repair story of a Datron 1061A
« Last post by capt bullshot on Today at 05:25:06 PM »
So, took some time yesterday and made some picturs, added them now to the repair story. Should be somewhat more descriptive now:
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