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Beginners / Re: The Art of Electronics
« Last post by notaroketscientist on Today at 08:22:34 PM »
Couldn't agree more. If you think these EE personality cults are bad, you want to look at the open source software culture.

One should always trust multiple sources and ignore Amazon reviews (I'm sure that reviewer eggboy65503 hasn't read 990 books in his time). No book is worthy of worship independently.

Now for a contrarian POV. I worked in the defense electronics industry (the big R) for a total of six months back in 1997 before I got lured into writing software (less responsibility for killing people). Now there were hundreds of EEs there and not once was I recommended TAOE nor saw a copy in the labs. Knowledge flowed freely not through books and references but on paper and time spent in the cafe. The only things I was recommended was Calculus For The Practical Man (1946!) and get a TI85 as it does determinants on arbitrary matrix sizes unlike shoddy Casio tech, it was faster than a pencil and you could write games on it.

I have a copy of TAOE 2nd edition on my shelf which is barely used. 300 pages are next to useless and the rest unnecessarily verbose as a reference and tutorial.

I'll buy the 3rd edition out of interest as those 300 pages should then be up to date for about 5 years. However I'll wait for the 'international edition' to appear like I did last time and get my good Indian friend to post me a copy from there. (Yes they price fix books and provide 'affordable' editions for other countries). The paperback is easier to handle as well :)

I'll probably be flamed off the forum now much as if I'd insulted a religious text.

No worry mate.....this is the beginners board. Rocket scientists such as yourselves are the ones we beginners look to for guidance and endorsements, recommendations, directions on how to become what we believe you are. Dave posted this thread for the likes of blokes like me not so well informed untrained beginners with a thirst and passion to grasp the unfathomable depths of a disciple we dream about. Your finding it next to useless and unnecessarily verbose is likely as strong an endorsement as Dave's to someone like me who simply lacks your experience and wisdom. :-+ :-+ :-+ :phew:
Test Equipment / Re: Siglent Technical Support join in EEVblog
« Last post by Siglent on Today at 08:21:15 PM »

My friend got a problem with his SDS1072CML during firmware update, after restart all leds on and no life signs...
I read dump from S29F064 flash from my oscilloscope for him, but anyway same, looks a problem is that my board is CA_M_101000 and his one is CA_M_110300, looks they are not compatible :(

Maybe somebody has dump of S29F064 chip for 110300 board?

With thanks
Are you sure? which firmware cause this problem?
General Chat / Re: Helping out
« Last post by Hero999 on Today at 08:19:39 PM »
Sometimes helping others can help you to understand it better.

If it gets to the point when you're feeling frustrated and are just dragging them a long, then it's time to stop but if you're making progress and it's not holding you back, then go for it.
Other Equipment & Products / Re: Soldering station (EU)
« Last post by tooki on Today at 08:19:36 PM »
I'm looking for a soldering station in the 100 to 150 Euro range for my father(he is an electrical engineer). He has a few side projects at home, and uses a home made soldering gun together with an old station that doesn't work as well as it used to.

Well, you guys convinced me, I will buy an ERSA, probably the Pico.

Right now, Amazon France has the Ersa i-con Nano on sale. It's €193, and then you put in the coupon code BRICO500 to get 20% off!! That brings it just over your budget, and it'll be a top-notch station. I just ordered one for myself.

Note that even with the 20% off, soldering tips for the Ersas are cheaper on
Test Equipment / Re: Würth mini multimeter
« Last post by on Today at 08:17:40 PM »

BTW, since it is rated as CATIII 1000V, why does it say 600V max on its side?
Other Equipment & Products / Re: Hakko FA400 on eBay
« Last post by tooki on Today at 08:15:20 PM »
I totally agree on not encouraging fakes. I don't really need a professional one, but I'm at a loss to what "cheaper types" there are that are available here in Switzerland -- every extractor I've found for sale here for under $100 has been a fake Hakko design, regardless of what brand it's labeled as.  (Is a counterfeit that lacks the brand name any less of a counterfeit??)

Here's an example:

If anyone has any suggestions for 220V extractors that are cheap and work well and aren't fakes, I'm all ears!  :-//
Other Equipment & Products / Re: NEW - Hakko FR-400 Desoldering Tool
« Last post by gmit77 on Today at 08:15:18 PM »
just arrived  :-+

General Chat / Re: Can Fandoms Fix Tech's Gender Gap?
« Last post by Hero999 on Today at 08:14:22 PM »
Don't fall for the people trying to paint it as some kind of gender war, or oppression of men. It's a problem for both genders. We need more male teachers, especially for very young children, and there are programmes and incentives in place to encourage them. It's not sexist, it's trying to fix a problem. A problem that when fixed benefits us all.

As long as there aren't unfair barriers to entry, then I don't see why it's a problem or why it needs to be fixed.

Why do we need more male teachers for young kids? 

In the UK, girls do better at school than boys. There are plenty of theories about this. One is the lack of male teachers to act as role models so boys see learning as girly thing and don't bother.

It also could be due to innate differences: girls mature earlier than boys or maybe they're more submissive and therefore are easier to discipline.
Beginners / Re: How to make a box that blocks RF signal?
« Last post by electr_peter on Today at 08:13:09 PM »
What exactly are you trying to do?

Simplest solution - turn off smartphone and remove battery. Second solution - put smartphone in some metal/metal foil/metal mesh box - it will kill all wireless communications. However, if you want something serious, it starts getting difficult. You need spectrum analyser and some antennas as a bare minimum.
Microcontrollers & FPGA's / Re: Printing uint64 with arm gcc?
« Last post by miguelvp on Today at 08:11:17 PM »
Probably not that great since I don't think the M0 has a divide to begin with, and the multiply can be as fast as one cycle or as much as 32 cycles depending on the implementation and that's for 32 bits since it doesn't have 64bit native support.

So most likely they will be function calls implemented by your tool chain. I think you'll need an M3 for 64 bit support and for division support on hardware.
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