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General Chat / Re: On the job hunt in Sydney
« Last post by EEVblog on Today at 10:37:22 AM »
We are likely to be based in or around Sydney as SWMBO has already lined something up.

"Sydney" is a big place!
Murphy will ensure you have to travel 2 hours a day to get to and from work.
Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff / Joule Thief is not working
« Last post by geratheg on Today at 10:37:13 AM »
Applying 3 V, the LED lights up, but applying 1.5 V, no light.

Am I doing something wrong?

Using a 2N3904 Transistor and a Ferrite Toroid.
Unfortunately I prefer not to use a micro-controller. i just want to get the pcb made and drop in components. I feel like i can learn a lot more this way.
I've decided to try IndieGoGo to get enough seed money to build a batch of 1000 Pi Powers.

Pi Power is a 2A @ 5V power supply for the Raspberry Pi. It accepts 6-15 VDC in on a 2.1mm barrel connector, and sits on the GPIO header (yes, it works on the new B+ model too). It comes with a stacking header, so you can plug (and power) something else as well. The stacking header raises Pi Power high enough off the Pi so that you can still use the display connector underneath it. Pi Power doesn't change the footprint of the Pi, and the Pi will still fit in the bottom half of most cases without trouble. Cases like the Pimoroni Coupé are even better, since Pi Power can sit outside on top.

I've sent a unit to Dave for Mailbag Monday. It should get there in time for the next one.

With funding to build a batch of 1000 Pi Powers, it will be self-perpetuating, since the proceeds from the first batch will buy the second batch, and so on.

And if it fails, I will still sell them for $15 on Tindie (I am now, in fact).
General Chat / Re: Honda Civic Hybrid rant
« Last post by dannyf on Today at 10:13:51 AM »
-Isn't the oil industry heavily subsidized in the USA?-

yes, the oil industry is just slightly less subsidies than the green industry.
Beginners / Re: 433.92 MHz receiver
« Last post by othello on Today at 10:13:49 AM »
mmm you can compile it on windows using cygwin for example, or run it inside vm

othello all you need is gnuradio, gnuradio is all of those things using rtlsdr. None of equipment you listed would just tell you "bing, its a rc toy #225 remote controller using x modulation, sending y bits". You need to learn to recognize stuff the harder way (by hearing it, trying different parameters etc).

another link:

Thank you, much appreciated !

I read something quite a while back about SDR; Could SDR replace those expensive spectrum analysers ? Or what is the big difference ?

Test Equipment / Best DMM for bench DC work under 100$
« Last post by Rifter on Today at 10:09:08 AM »
Looking to replace my aging Radio Shack DMM from 15 years ago, as its literally falling apart.

Im by no means an expert in any electronics related field nor do I have any official training but am a hobbyist with some knowledge of Integrated DC circuits, and have enough automotive electrical knowledge to wire a whole car from scratch and replace the entire electrical harness(have done that multiple times for off road vehicles upgrading wire and components to marine grade to eliminate corrosion for long term water exposure)

Now I do mostly bench work with DC circuits, LED's and Laser diodes, no mains work at all. Also will be used in automotive electrical repair. One of the main uses for my original DMM was checking SMT caps/resistors/components on boards to repair them(motherboards, video cards, computer networking equipment, TV's, microwaves, anything electrical that breaks my friends bring to me to repair)

Ability for precise readings on very low amperage and voltage and reading small caps being most important.

I have done some research but im finding my lack of general electrical knowledge is making it hard for me to understand the differences in some of these meters.

So was wondering if anyone could suggest a meter that would suit my needs?

Thanks you very much for your time I hope im not to much of a newb to get any help :)
Notwithstanding that this is Dave's "pet" project it still seems like he is designing it for mass production. No matter how clever it is electically I can't help but think that picking the smallest case and therefore everything else is going to compromise the usability of it. And therefore its ultimate success.

The benefits of a pet project, you don't have to care about success.
General Chat / Re: Wikipedia
« Last post by wilfred on Today at 10:07:20 AM »
As a side note, do you recall when a bunch of sites blacked out their pages in protest over SOPA last(?) year?  Did you notice that all the mainstream reporting of the event was that "Wikipedia goes dark"?  That should tell us something about where it is that journalists go most often for background information...
Are you saying that is because Wikipedia has become ubiquitous and therefore the site most people would relate to going dark? Or are you making a value judgement about journalists research efforts being constrained to mostly Wikipedia?
That looks like a serial port to me. The user's manual ( marks it as "communication interface".
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