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Repair / Re: Repairing Battery Pack
« Last post by baget on Today at 07:16:13 AM »
DW01 and 8025A
That's a pretty standard lipo protection combination. If you measure 0.85V on the cell itself then it's certainly dead, if it's after the protection then check the voltage at the cell terminals to be sure (be careful of shorts!)

0.85v is on the battery terminals
Ture:  Wow, 10K of the 32k just for one PWM and not much else!

I wouldn't call the capsense as not much else :)

But for example, this frequency meter

uses this:
Flash used: 9054 of 32768 bytes (27.6 %).
SRAM used: 1540 of 4096 bytes (37.6 %).

This one with a single ADC and a single PWM:

uses this:
Flash used: 3912 of 32768 bytes (11.9 %).
SRAM used: 236 of 4096 bytes (5.8 %).

You can download PSoC Creator and the sample code from 100 projects in 100 days

And compile the projects to see what the memory footprint is. If you don't want to actually compile the project usually they are fully build and the build log will be included under


And the usage will be at the end of the log.
Test Equipment / Re: Hantek 6022BE 20MHz USB DSO
« Last post by mrphil on Today at 07:10:34 AM »
The only thing that I don't like with this 6022be is when I need to capture a slow signal. Today I had to check a potentiometer with a slow movement.  I set up the time scale to 1sec/ div and I was disappointed to see how slow the scope display the result. Is there any.way to speed that up?

For your manual. What I is each time i write something for my classes (new test procedure) I will translate(I teach in french) and provide detailed picture w/ explanations.
I looked into the Arduino at Heart program. For now the Arduino Open-Source Community is the best fit.

I was not aware of it, will take a look. Thanks.

Here are the programs:
Arduino AtHeart - The Arduino AtHeart program is designed for makers and companies wishing to make their products easily recognisable as based on the Arduino technology. The program is available for any product that includes a processor that is currently supported by the Arduino Development environment (see list below).

Arduino Certified - The Arduino Certified program is designed for companies using processors not currently supported by Arduino who want to certify a basic level of compatibility with the Arduino platform..

Arduino Community Logo - We want to foster the spirit of our mission giving communities and individuals the opportunity to continue organizing locally or globally, online or offline around Arduino, being recognizable as part of this amazing spontaneous community.
You can use the Arduino Community Logo to identify your local group, as it is or adding the name of your group.

"For more information about the "Arduino Certified" program please write to: certified [at]"

I requested certified [at] to review the Pax Instruments website. They asked me to add the trademark symbol and said it was good to go as you see on the page right now.
Repair / Re: Gould OS255 Oscilloscope
« Last post by edavid on Today at 07:06:16 AM »
According to the manual if turn off bright line it will free run in the abscense of a valid trigger signal.

That is backward.  Did you try turning it off?  Did you still have a trace?
Repair / Re: Gould OS255 Oscilloscope
« Last post by edavid on Today at 07:05:30 AM »
DEC means decoupled.  Since both channels are the same, it's probably normal.
Test Equipment / Re: Rigol DP832 - Firmware list and bugs
« Last post by Macbeth on Today at 07:02:58 AM »
As you probably see, english is not my native language, so probably I've abused of the word "bother". However, it's only my opinion :-// Never mind.
p.s. high pressure? I have it, thanks!   ^-^
Me too, high blood pressure that is :( You have infinitely better English than my Italian that is for sure!  :-+

Microcontrollers & FPGA's / Re: One Dollar One Minute ARM Development
« Last post by zapta on Today at 06:58:12 AM »
The download section is hidden in the fine print and when you get there is no binary for Mac OSX.

Ahem ... Cough..Cough  :-//

And the Mac version


1 What main page link did you use to get to that download page?

2 tar? bz2? This is not the common way to deliver precompiled Mac binaries (see the exe for windows)
If core magnetizing turns out to be a problem you can quite easily thinker a circuit to de-magnetize or even pre-magnetize the core with opposite flux.

Have you tested your transformer with mains supply?
how much was the primary current and how long duration did you need? You can probably scale your requirements for the capacitor discharge system if you have some measurement results based on lower power mains connected system.
Microcontrollers & FPGA's / Re: One Dollar One Minute ARM Development
« Last post by zapta on Today at 06:54:19 AM »
How do you mean the downloads are hidden on that page? There is a list with downloads on the right for every OS including Macintosh. I'm using Firefox version 31.0

It's a list of recently uploaded download that show on my computer with names shorten by '...' such that you cannot tell which is what.
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