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Test Equipment / Re: ITT Liquidation -- List of bargains
« Last post by GreyWoolfe on Today at 03:37:32 PM »
Was wondering if people would like to share all the ITT liquidation bargains they've come across.

I'm interested in the GDM-8251A multimeter.  Seems like a bargain at $100-120 on ebay.

I found one for $105 plus $19 for shipping, offered $90 plus shipping and bought it at that price.  It looks hardly used.
Jennifer, my workbench is a simple frame of 2X4s and I use a 3/4" MDF top to a depth of 33 inches.  The bench is 8' long and there is a 3" overhang at the front and sides.  I added 4 spaced 2X4s to the back and added 3 full length adjustable shelves and some cross bracing at the back of the 2X4s to mount a bunch of surge protectors for the equipment.  Everything plugs into a big UPS for protection.  The MDF works fine but I also have an ESD mat across the entire width, 24" deep.  There is also a shelf on a frame at the back underneath for additional storage.

Looking at your rendering, you could probably park a VW Bug on that ;D  I find that 33" on the desktop and 12" on the shelves gives plenty of room for stuff and is easy to reach .  I have long arms but I think 36" might be a bit too deep for me.  Everything I have fits on the 12" shelves, the Tek 2235 scope hangs off the back a bit but isn't in danger of falling off.  There is a thread on workbenches many pages long but I haven't the patience to search for it tonight.
EEVblog Specific / Re: eevBLAB #31 - Popular Science FAIL! (Water Seer)
« Last post by EEVblog on Today at 03:32:00 PM »

Metrology / Re: L&N 4232 Wheatstone bridge
« Last post by Edwin G. Pettis on Today at 03:30:55 PM »
We had quite a few of these L&N 4232 bridges on the production lines, they were very reliable and needed little servicing (outside of somebody doing something stupid with them).  It would appear that somebody has gotten into this unit and did some damage, perhaps trying to fix it in a clumsy way.  The L&N switches are among the best switches ever built and were very reliable over decades of use, I still have a few 4232s myself which I saved from going to the junk yard.  Within spec they are very good bridges, they were not built with minimal size in mind, they were intended to be serviced relatively easily.  I have a few other L&N bridges, some of which are missing some parts unfortunately including a huge double ratio Kelvin bridge good for better than 0.005% and ranges far above my ESI 242D (of course much more accurate), I'm keeping an eye out for the missing brass shorting plugs.  In good shape these old bridges are still worth using.
Easy way to check if it's an off-by-one: run multiple revolutions. If after 5 revolutions you get a count of 1001, you have an off-by-one error. If you have a count of 1005, you have a weird stepper motor.
It depends on your equipment and what you like to work on. Great old HP meters and such can be had cheap, but they're long and heavy. You want enough depth for that stuff, plus the thing you're working on. My bench is 40 inches deep, leaving about 19 inches to work. If you work on a hifi receiver or amp, that's just barely enough.
Beginners / Re: A beginner's Meter
« Last post by mtdoc on Today at 03:25:00 PM »
Would they be usable on checking for issues on a monitor's power board? Because that's what I'm currently looking for a meter for. Trying to figure out why the monitor has been dying randomly.

Assuming you mean a modern flat screen and not an old style CRT, then you could use it as long as you were careful to avoid the primary (mains connected) side of the power supply.

If you're not sure then best not to use it unless you are just checking components with the board unplugged.
General Chat / Re: EEVBLOG possible problem with site
« Last post by metrologist on Today at 03:23:33 PM »
I do not these ads and the site has not changed for me. I tried in Edge and no issue either.
General Chat / Re: EEVBLOG possible problem with site
« Last post by joeqsmith on Today at 03:19:25 PM »
When the ad looks like this, it will start to flash and (like right now!!) I can select the X, things will once again work.

I can install an ad blocker but assume this is partly how Dave makes a living.  I am using his site after all.   
Yes, "pulled from a working environment" has to be one of the great examples of sales/marketing double-talk.
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