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Test Equipment / Re: Brand new BM869s or used Fluke 287?
« Last post by Jon.C on Today at 10:38:35 PM »
I love the U1252B but ... only has a defect , the continuity test is very bad

I'm waiting for a new U1273A, bought on ebay for 256 €
Woww that's some system you have there, I have thought about a DC bus and POL's so many times but am always put off by adding the extra wiring! On arcing I have a proper DC breaker not some re-purposed AC breaker, its an IMO SI12-PE64R-2 rated 12A/700VDC
Well my intention is also to switch off the converter with a mosfet in it's return leg when I want the PV power for something else (heating) so we will see how it behaves (or not) :)

I need to build an adapter for converting the video output connector from DVI to HDMI from an Amiga computer.

I cant figure out why the components are used on this adapter.

Can someone guide me on building something similar.

Its old and I cannot source one.

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Beginners / Re: Suitable GPS for GPSDO OCXO
« Last post by metrologist on Today at 10:36:52 PM »
I'm going to need a better antenna and put it outside as it keeps loosing lock. It does OK for a few minutes, then corrects. The trace persists for 20 samples.
General Chat / Re: Did TI ever make a 4000 series data book?
« Last post by VK3DRB on Today at 10:36:10 PM »
Not before Feb '75.
Listed in my NI Linear IC product catalog:

Not NI (National Instruments) but National Semiconductor. I love that databook more than all the others, because it the devices were fascinating.
It is here, along with other great National databooks...

Another great one for the time was Tower's International Transistor Selector Guide. You can still get it here for free...
Test Equipment / Re: Brand new BM869s or used Fluke 287?
« Last post by WaveyDipole on Today at 10:35:29 PM »
Could someone please help me understand one aspect of the spec sheet please?

When it says 1%+n, what does the number +n mean?
Repair / Re: Metcal MX500P trouble
« Last post by Armadillo on Today at 10:32:31 PM »
Go to home depot get yourself the armaflex pipe insulation sleeve then sleeve a portion onto your soldering pencil and you won't feel the heat.  ;D
Test Equipment / Re: Test Equipment you didn't know you needed
« Last post by nfmax on Today at 10:29:49 PM »
Agilent N2786A scope probe holder. They are outrageously expensive new, but I came across a second-hand one that was merely very expensive. It looks too simple to work, but a combination of holes of exactly the right size (for HPAK probes), enough weight to tame the probe cable, and feet with a tacky finish to stop it sliding about, mean it does the job on those occasions when you just run out of hands.
Proving things is really hard if you are relying on information from one source.  However, for the lunar landings there is plenty of third party evidence... e.g. SELENE topography.

Personally I have never doubted the landings.... but I also believe in Father Christmas and the fact that our house is inhabited by Borrowers.

General Chat / Re: What was your first circuit? Do you still remember it?
« Last post by VK3DRB on Today at 10:23:41 PM »
My first circuit was a voltage divider. I turned the theory into practice by taping various (unregulated) voltages off a power supply.

My first program was on an TI SR-56 calculator which made a counter, something like:


My first job during high school was as in the Children's Shoes Dept at a major department store in Melbourne. My manageress's name was Mrs Shine. Colleagues names were Mrs Springett and Mrs Niblett. In the women's lingerie department next to ours there was one male employee. His name was Mr Strange. I am not kidding - it is true. What's that got to do with electronics? Well as much as I hated that job, Mrs Shine gave me a glowing reference which helped secure my first real job after uni at IBM, and I have been designing circuits ever since.
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