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Thank you for all guidance.

Today I bought this HIOKI 4212 on local store for 56USD.
Sorry that I might have dissapointed you.  ;)

I decided not to buy from ebay(import it myself) because while shipping fee is not that much, I am afraid the tax will add a quite hefty amount of money. I am not sure but it can be 20-30%.
140USD + 20-30%tax = 170-180USD.

I am aware that some part of me is accustomed to fast response, 4 1/2 digit, 6000 counts Fluke 87V.
But I think for now I have to be content with this Hioki 4212.  ;D

Maybe I will get that Brymen BM257 later as my second DMM when I have more spare money.

Thank you all once again.

I will open this Hioki to see inside 1 year from now, since it is still under warranty.
Not a real warranty actually because there is no Hioki Service Center here.
But the store said they will help to repair the DMM if something bad happen.
I hope not.  :-\
Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Re: [PIC32] Mikroelektronika Mini-32 Problem
« Last post by N3xus on Today at 11:05:42 PM »
Ok, I know recognised that it doesn't work with their software either. I assume that there are configuration issues. I will try to ask them for help directly again.

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Test Equipment / Re: $20 LCR ESR Transistor checker project
« Last post by Strada916 on Today at 11:05:06 PM »
Looking at the error feedback. Looks like clock speed is not right.

I'm no expert. It's just what I see in your post.

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Hi guys.
I'm messing around with the SX1308 boost chip and wanted to test something out, but can't get it to work.
As you can see, I have uploaded a rough design sketch of the setup. The point here is that the additional N channel mosfet in the bottom, will disconnect the internal mosfet body diode from ground, making it impossible for current to travel from the ground and upwards. This N channel will ofc be on when the IC is on, and off when the IC is off.
My problem here is, that the gate of this mosfet needs to driven very high, higher than output voltage in order to work, or how so?

Would be awesome of someone could just point it out to me, since I'm confusing myself right now :)
Nope, not useable for PCBs. Find yourself DTP studio nearby, they will happily make you laser exposed Ag film in resolution over 4800DPI for peanuts (I pay one nice "Thank You" or 1$ per A4 sheet of exposed and developed film). Only thing that differs from proffesional PCB manufacturing film matrices is the base used - don't rely on its longterm dimensional stability, otherwise it is just about the same.

first I have to correct myself. The clicking that I heard is only at higher output voltages than 5V.
(So it is the relay for the transformer winding at higher voltages).

I repeated the measurements with 5V (usually I do not use a 30V supply for a 5V load).

On switching mains on I see 0.8V (low energy pulse < 1us) at the output. (I guess capacitive coupling from the mains transformer to the output).

Switching the output on gives up to 0.4V overshoot to the 5V for around 5 ms on my device.

Mains off gives some contact bounce at the mains switch together with the transformer inductivity (burst impulses).
Zooming in shows that they are low energy. (although up to 4V above the 5V)
I guess that most of those pulses travel by the mains line or capacitive coupling into the scope.
(The scope may be disturbed by those pulses).

Finally especially for Kleinstein the noise in normal operation (AC coupled)
first with 20 Mhz the 2nd with 100kHz bandwidth.

So there are no switching noise spikes from the linear power supply.

with best regards


Beginners / Re: uSupply - 100nF vs 0.1uF
« Last post by Brumby on Today at 10:58:54 PM »
I can read 6k8 - but I write 6.8k.  Old fashioned, but explicit.
I also prefer to use a large tip to remove parts like the nvram. Add a little extra solder and then heat all of the pins and lift one side up carefully. Remove the excess solder so that side is now free. You can then heat all of the pins on the second side and lift it off. It is pretty easy with a little practice.

BH7JUO - nice to meet you here, 73 de VE7FM

Nice to meet you too, VE7FM.This desoldering method also apply to some TQFP chips(not too much pins),I tried to dismantle some chips (like STM32 MCU)success with it :-+ :-+ :-+
Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Re: Understanding PIC pricing
« Last post by RogerRowland on Today at 10:54:58 PM »
Obliges you how ?
I use the latest XC32 without it.

Well, what I mean is that the legacy peripheral libraries are deprecated and no longer supplied with the latest XC32 compiler. So, unless you do all of the register settings etc. manually, using the datasheets (which I guess is what you do?), then you must either downgrade the compiler to use plib.h or install Harmony and try to climb that learning curve. So, I'm just saying it's a bit of a PITA if you want to knock up something quickly, a bit like you can with 8-bit PICs and the code configurator.

General Chat / Re: Moderation reports
« Last post by MK14 on Today at 10:54:57 PM »
I wouldn't object to a separate forum with entry restrictions. but it's not my forum. It should also not be google indexed though.

That's exactly what I meant, as well. That by entry restricting it, it would not be google indexed. Although a robots.txt file, should help as well, by instructing search engines to ignore that sub-forum.

In the case the trouble in Turkey effects us because some of our customers might not be able to visit the UK to carry out the test or could even be in prison or dead as a result of the trouble there.

The thing is that is a good example of something which is both a bonafide electronics and political type of thread. So if political threads end up continuing to be discouraged, then I guess you can't discuss it.

If there are no political threads, then stuff like that will not be on this forum. I guess. Unless it is considered specific enough, to be mildly political enough to be acceptable ?
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