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Test Equipment / Re: Fluke 867B, good or obsolete?
« Last post by Wytnucls on Today at 04:50:31 AM »
Sample Rate: 4.8 Megasamples per second.
Test Equipment / Re: Oscilloscope Buying questions
« Last post by wraper on Today at 04:48:57 AM »
BTW, I just compared the probes, and cannot say that Instek probes are significantly less insulated than Rigols. Insulation is done much smarter, therefore does not take so much space.
General Chat / Re: Foxconn replaces 60,000 factory workers with robots
« Last post by dannyf on Today at 04:46:34 AM »
There is a piece out today, from the head of McDonald's saying that the fast food operators will have to automate because it is far cheaper to get a 35k robots to do works done today by a 15/hr human.

Something people had predicated but the left had refused to acknowledge.
General Chat / Re: 6502 built from discrete components!
« Last post by Red Squirrel on Today at 04:46:18 AM »
That's pretty awesome!  Now redo it with valves.  :P

Damn! i have same tft screen  :-X  do you use low level call in you code to use only SSD1298? maybe it's enough add specific library if the functions are the same for both controller

Take it easy, possibility to work with more models gives us more flexibility. That "only" requires more time to do everything right. This TFT is not directly supported by UTFT that is some kind of standard library for ebay/alibaba models but we already had the similar situation with UTouch from the same author. As we successfully moved from it maybe it's time to do the same thing with the TFT part.

Can i try without PSU arduino shield?

In what sense? With the latest firmware you can run Arduino shield even without display. So this issue with "wrong" display is not a show stopper if you are going to start PCB assembly right away.
Test Equipment / Re: Oscilloscope Buying questions
« Last post by tautech on Today at 04:45:25 AM »
That seems to be the way many probes are going these days and IMO it's to provide the user with additional insulation for safety reasons.
But as has been pointed out unless some thought has been given to front panel layout they can be a PITA to use.
If you need them insulated, you already violate safety measures. After all, there is trigger input BNC sticking out nearby which is completely uninsulated even if the both probes are attached. Float the DUT if you really need that, not the scope. The fun fact is, those Rigol probes are easy to attach to GDS-2000E scope and don't obstruct any controls, but are pain to attach to Rigol DS2000, and obstruct accessing the scale knobs.
I hear you loud and clear on all points.  ;)

When I make a component measurement by picking up the component then issuing "function 31, measure LAE data" the component offset reported is off by about 80 mils in both X and Y. Anyone have any thoughts on what could cause the component center to be off, and by so much? I expect a few mils but 80 is more than the size of the component and obviously wrong. It then caused the component placement to be off by the same error since the Quad tries to 'correct' for this pickup error.

Disclaimer: I have zero experience with this type of machine.
What's doing the actual measurment? Is it one of those "laser thingies" or is it your traditional camera/vision setup?

Is it possible that something has come loose and moved so that when the machine positions the center of the nozzle over the center of the camera (if that's what's being used) the nozzle is no longer in the center of the image. Or possibly that the software has lost the calibration/offset number (if it has such a thing)? I don't know how the "laser thingie" works but I'd imagine it too would have to be adjusted and/or have and offset/calibration number applied.
« Last post by alsetalokin4017 on Today at 04:44:26 AM »
I have only had my DS1054Z for a couple of weeks and I have done the usual stuff like look at counter outputs from an FPGA and decoding of a UART stream.  Nothing that challenges the scope.  Considering what I do in the sandbox, I may never challenge the scope.

If the scope is annoying, get rid of it.  If the UI is slow, get something else.  Life is too short to work with tools you don't like!

I didn't buy my scope to win a beauty contest and the UI works about as fast as I can manipulate the knobs so I think I'll hold on to it for a while.

I just did a sample of Math A+B using 2 bits of a binary counter on Ch1 and Ch2.  The sum of A+B is exactly what I would expect and the trace aligns perfectly.

Did you try that test at 500 ns/div, Average acquire mode, and with a third channel turned on?


A couple of days ago, someone said that none of the trigger modes other than Edge worked on the DS1054Z.  Specifically, they said I couldn't trigger on a character in a UART string.  Well, they had me going!  So I rigged up an Arduino to send character strings and, voila', the trigger is perfect.

Be somewhat doubting about what you read on the Rigol bashing threads.  Much of the information is wrong!

Perhaps _some_ of the information is wrong, like the statement about the triggering problem (which did not come from me; I've even demonstrated several very useful trigger modes other than Edge on my YT channel) ... and/or perhaps you are just not setting your scope appropriately in your sandbox to see the problems.

Take a look at the two scopeshots I've posted up above. Is this some "obscure" setting or usage of the scope? How many people will simply accept what the hardware frequency counter says without checking it against the actual graticule and sec/div settings? Why does the scope trigger on a falling edge when it's supposed to be triggering on a rising edge? Why does _only_ changing the trigger level between two very reasonable settings on a perfectly ordinary signal cause this set of errors?    :-//

Trust... but verify. 
Gone again :-)
Beginners / Re: Strange osciloscope measurement
« Last post by charon1985 on Today at 04:43:09 AM »
Thank you Jitter for all the explanations. I have seen in the flee market a "True RMS" DMM but seller asked a price higher than a new ordinary DMM... i didn't knew why he asked that price... :)
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