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Quick experiment for scientific paper
« on: August 27, 2017, 02:32:05 am »
Hello there!

I am looking for someone who lives in the Los Angeles area and would like to help me run an experiment in order to write a scientific paper. It's a rather basic setup with a high voltage power supply and capacitor but would need varying voltage and currents. You would be credited in the scientific paper and if it works could lead to some new physics. It's based off a theory of quantized inertia. It wouldn't take more than a day for someone skilled with basic circuits, oscilloscope, multimeters. I can pay someone money out of pocket for your time but won't be much since no real budget.

It's an out there theory but has excellent agreement with current experimental data for anomalous events. Galaxy rotational without dark matter and EMdrive agreement. (Why I am somewhat optimistic.)

I'm trying to stay away from crowd funding since it does not require a great deal of money and we would like to release the paper before it's public information. (Small IP agreement would need to be signed.)

Anyone willing to take a leap of faith with me? Definitely for someone with an open mind and adventurous.
PM for details.


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