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Hello everyone, I am looking for someone to commission to solder some very small pins together. Specifically, I would like to solder the contacts between the "M2 Dummy Adapter FPC Connection cable" and "MS Pro Duo conversion adapter" in this tutorial (essentially replacing the conductive tape with soldered connections): (I followed the guide while using conductive tape--as suggested--many, many times with many iterations of hardware [new MicroSD's, new adapters, etc] but never established a lasting connection and am too defeated to attempt the mod with conductive tape any further.) I would like someone located in the USA so I can ship the parts. I'd need someone who is skilled in soldering small components. The Adapter connection cable is limited production and imported from Japan so I would not like it to go to waste. I would very much appreciate someone's help. If anyone is interested please reply and/or PM me. Thank you!

M2 Dummy Adapter FPC Connection cable:

MS Pro Duo conversion adapter:

Some gold plated surfaces are actual gold alloy, harder than pure gold, and are not solderable.
If you're sure that your MS adapter can actually be soldered, then I can help.
I'm located in NC, and I have a JBC Nano station. I can do this for free as long as you pay two-way shipping.

I corresponded with the independent manufacturer of the cable and he said soldering is the most reliable method:

There was another person with the same issue who ended up soldering the connections:

I am so grateful! That is so very kind of you!! I'll PM you

EDIT: I tried PM'ing you but I don't see anything in my "Sent" folder so not sure if it transmitted. If you could PM me with your address I'd really appreciate it!



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