Author Topic: KiCad 4.0.7 Creating Libraries Tutorial Created plus Questions I need help with  (Read 1848 times)

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Hello All,
    I didn't create this thread for a rant or discussion of the merrits or weaknesses of OSS.
    Like many others I discovered how creating a duplicate part/new library takes around 20-30 steps. Something, I think most CAD software does with a "Create Library" and "Create Component" button.
   This workflow complexity is mildly annoying for someone to learn if they are going to use the software regularly. However, for the casual user that is not able to familiarize themselves with a detailed workflow the problem is quite difficult. When combined with alterations to the workflow that do not simplify it, such as is the case with library creation (the removal of the "Set Component Libraries" button) this becomes a real hurtle for new users.
  I watched 4-5 tutorials on how to create a new library/component. Every one that I watched was either unclear or contained variations between the software menus they used and my 4.0.7 version of KiCad on Ubuntu 16.04.
  After several tries I finally managed to create a component/library, but it took me hours to figure it out, probably because I'm dumb. I know that I will not remember such a process if I don't use it regularly. So I made a quick personal reference here (none monotized):

   If there is a faster way please let me know. I simply needed to alter the pin orientation of an ATmega MCU to match another person's OSHW schematic configuration.
   I found a HTML tool to generate a component where, after uploading the part/library, I can alter the pins and buses to match the other schematic. I think this will allow me to recreate another schematic visually, but I don't believe this type of component will have any funtionality in the other parts of KiCad outside of eschema. Am I correct here? Also, is it impossible to modify the pin orientation of components like an ATmega MCU in KiCad/Eschema? I haven't been able to accomplish this. I have edited them after copying and saved them in a new library but they retain the old pin configuration in eschema every time I add them.

Another hardware tool I found is here:

Some of the tutorials I found helpful for Components/Libraries (no affiliation):

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Dave Vandenbout of XESS has created a tool called KiPart. You create a spreadsheet with a list of the pins (often can be copied from the datasheet) and it generates a lib + component.
I use it for anything that has 6 pins or more ...
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