Author Topic: pre sensitized boards and Expose the board, to a white light. and other question  (Read 402 times)

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ok so i am looking at making my own boards and have been doing a lot of research on them, and i new about the standard way of exposure with UV light.
but then i found these boards that say they are new and require a
quote : Expose the board, held in the frame, to the light of a 100 watt white light bulb.

so my question is has any one tried these boards and if so are they any good?
see i plan on doing the transparency method as i have over 5000 sheets of tektronix transparency film, and thought what better use for it. trying save a few pennies here and there.
or is there  better less expensive way of doing this?

also i saw on!--A-better-etc/
is this a good way to do this or should i just stick to FCE?

or is it better to just go the toner transfer method?
if so i hear everyone saying to use magazines, but my question is ho do you clean the preexisting ink in the magazine so you can print on it?

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