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Build. Market. Sell your own products.


That's my dream.

We're all makers, engineers and create awesome stuff. We have the power to entertain, inspire, protect and make other people happier.

It's REALLY though to create your own product. I went full time 7 months ago. Just living off my savings. Call me crazy but I want to live my dream at least once in my life.

I created a website, blog and community forum for people who have a similar interest/dream. From streaming development on Twitch for +500h I learned that a community is king.
The reason we fail when we try to create our own product is because we're alone. We're experts in one area but suck at all others.

That's why you joined this forum too. We can combine all areas in electronics that we are experts at. At the same time we can erase all areas we suck at. But creating a product means taking care of building, marketing and selling it. So we need a community to make it happen.

If you feel similar like me, or are curious then please check out my website: and join the community

Would be awesome to get some feedback from you here  :). What are your experiences? Dreams?

Good luck with the initiative.
I see that your Youtube and Twitch streams are mostly over 2-3 hours each.
I get the community aspect of streaming, but I'm not convinced that live streaming is the way to go for such an endeavor.
Live streams are certainly fun to do as a side thing, but at the end of the day the live comments tend to drift off into Godwin's law territory and people ultimately aren't really paying too much attention to watch's being said. So I think it's not a great learning method, and certainly doesn't make for long tail view educational material.
Although Chris Gammell spent ages refining this type of live content for his (paid) Contextual Electronics course, so worth checking that out if you haven't already.
Do you have any plans to do edited structured educational how-to content?

Hey, thank you very much for the awesome feedback :)

I started with Twitch. My initial goal was to show how I do everything alone (build, market, sell, etc.). But that fell pretty much flat...
1. I won't be able to master Hardware, Software, Android Dev, Social Media, Marketing, Funding, Selling, etc. all alone.
2. I confused people interested in tech with people who would actually buy what I'm building

But, it showed that I can reach much higher if I network with people. That's how I made my first prototype (hardware & embedded software). I worked in a couple hardware design jobs previously, so I knew how to do that. But I was fairly new to embedded SW. The Twitch programming community helped me incredibly much. They reviewed my code, pointed out mistakes and problems in my architecture.

So, I keep streaming only for the aspect of getting immediate feedback and network with people. I want to pivot to YouTube, so I started to stream to both Twitch and YouTube at the same time.
But, basically I want to focus more on the community and journey including tutorials how to build, market and sell your own product.

My goal with the community (5uperMakers) is to find people from various areas with a similar goal. An engineer might know how to build something, but has no clue how to market or sell. A marketer has no idea how to build stuff, but knows how to market, etc.
In my opinion it's huge, when you can ask an expert. Instead of spending 5h googling without getting advice specifically for your situation.

I'd say: Streaming if you want immediate community feedback and a warm fuzzy feeling ;D. YouTube if you want your content to last and have a longtime impact. Plus YouTube is just huge in every aspect

Webdevs have a bootstrap spirit. They just create and see what sticks.

With real products and electronics this will be a lot harder to achieve. But it's my dream to create a supportive community, to hopefully make it a lot easier. Because you can talk to the right people faster and get better advice.


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