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A look at my Symmetricom GPSDO / 10MHz reference (OCXO + Furuno receiver)

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Yes sorry I did mean 18f2620 DIP
Thanks Dave


--- Quote from: davebb on December 17, 2015, 09:27:16 pm ---Yes sorry I did mean 18f2620 DIP
Thanks Dave

--- End quote ---
Ah, okay. Well, I have no clue about your problem. Configuration are stored inside the hex.
Is your pic programmer recognize the chip? Are you able to erase it?


Hi Dan
Yes I have done both,i will play with it more when the display arrives,like I say you have done a brilliant job on your unit,
The only difference is that I am usinga S/P DIL chip not a smt device,
Thanks Dave 2E0DMB 

Gave up waiting for mine to come,so demanded a refund, went to aliexpress and got a trimble for £46.


--- Quote from: Macbeth on December 14, 2015, 01:11:04 pm ---Yes, the LAT/LON seem to be a pretty minor thing to display compared to GPS or UTC time and date. Lock, 10MHz, 1PPS status etc is more important still. These things are not meant to be mobile but in a fixed location. Any old GPS could be used for a LAT/LON position. Once a survey is complete that LAT/LON will never change display (hopefully - but I think even earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes will take a long time to correct!  :-DD )

Now I still have to make a Nixie clock and this thing is ideal - a combined desk clock, Stratum-1 (a Ras Pi) NTP server for my network, and distributed 10MHz and 1PPS too all in one box  :-+

I warn you all, my ebay last second (microsecond?) sniping will reach a whole new level of evil I tell you! automated by my Stratum-1 Raspberry Pi Bidsniper! >:D  :-DD

--- End quote ---

I've just finished building a Raspberry Pi Stratum-1 NTP server. I'm currently using a U-Blox 7M GPS module, because my Trimble GPSDO's 1 PPS output have too short output pulse width.

Seems like the PPS kernel driver needs a longer pulse to work. But I'm going to build this to lengthen the pulse, because I want to use the Trimble's output.

This will give approximately 250ms pulse which should be enough.


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