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A look at my Symmetricom GPSDO / 10MHz reference (OCXO + Furuno receiver)

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Hi Steve
I received my trimble from China the same as yours Today 12 days to the uk,
Can You please tell me how to get the list of commands
I have treid sending ?
but that is not recognised,i can send STAT and that works,
also when I powered it on  it does output the 10mhz,i read I can change this to only output when gps is active?
and how do I change the ELV from 5deg on start up survey
Thanks Dave 2E0DMB

I can See most of the commands for the Symmetricom GPSDO / 10MHz, work
Dave 2E0DMB

So i bought 2 units,  but they were not described as in good shape.
Lets see how they are, when they arrive.

Hi The Trimble I orded came on the 24/12, I am still waiting for my Symmetricom GPSDO / 10MHz that I orded 2 days after the trimble,
the ones I orded were not advertised as working just good condition,
the trimble works fine but I did fined a solder bridge mod to reduce the output level,that I removed and now is working very well,i just need to get the antenna outside with some lmr400 coax,
 I also have picked up a Working HP 4port N-type amp with 3 ports DC blocked from china that came in 1week
Dave 2E0DMB

LMR400 - you're going all out! I save the good stuff for my antenna's that connect to the ham rigs. I have two Trimble GPS antennas mounted on my tower, both use surplus RG62 coax - yep it is 75 ohms and introduces an impedance mismatch but there is plenty of signal. It seems it was even a recommended practice by Trimble in the past as a cost effective feed line choice.

btw, hope your IC7000 sale goes well(I'm on the mailing list)


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