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If you have an Atten scope - it just might be that the open-source

... might work for you.

Note that the attenload application was developed on an Atten ADS 1202CL+ (with firmware version and Ubuntu Linux (Windows is an untested possibility). It consists of a .c file binary, and a collection of Perl scripts, which also utilize ImageMagick and Gnuplot.

Furthermore, there is already one report - by @bxs in:

... confirming that it also works with ATTEN ADS 1102CAL:

As noted in Atten ADS 1202CL+ actually contains Siglent hardware.

Thus, it is a possibility that other brands of oscilloscope (such as Siglent, or maybe Rigol?), which ship with the EasyScope application, could also be interfaced with attenload (see also; note, however, that targeting other brands would require at least changing the USB VID/PID in the source and recompiling (and likely packet headers would have to be modified in the parsing scripts as well).

If attenload happens to work for you, please report back in this thread with brand and model (and possibly, post the PNG  :) )


PS: Since the PNG images are huge, please use BBCODE like:
Code: [Select]
[img width=400];image[/img]

... in order to have the image appear scaled.
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Re: attenload - please report here if your Atten (or related) scope works
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this nice tool works nearly with my

Siglent 1102 CN
HW: 6-41-2.1

There seems to be a problem with screensize and time base origin as you can see here:

(or in the attachment, which i cannot make to appear here)


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