Author Topic: 10MHz bw, +-15V >CMRR <offset unity gain INA?  (Read 24 times)

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10MHz bw, +-15V >CMRR <offset unity gain INA?
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I need a differential, unity gain instrumentation amplifier that accepts +-15 inputs (or just under when using a +-15v vcc) with high Common Mode rejection, and low(ish, say 10's of uV) output offset.

Do i

A) roll my own from descrete opamps and trimmable descretes (to get high CMRR and low offsets)

B) Use an existing off the shelf INA solution  ( i currently use an INA128, but it's not fast enough for the latest application and has horrible non symmetrical slew rates and a nasty gain hump at high frequency)

The input to the amplifier is a 100:1   (5Meg/50k) capacitively corrected resistive divider, so i need a relatively high input impedance and low input capacitance.

Any suggestions for either solution?

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