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Buy/Sell/Wanted / Re: Lots of gear from "GrandPa's Lot"
« Last post by Inverted18650 on Today at 07:40:51 pm »
The 317 current source's pin ADJ & OUT, are these correct or intentional ? Or accidentally swapped ? cmiiw
Test Equipment / Re: Test Equipment Anonymous (TEA) group therapy thread
« Last post by URI on Today at 07:38:49 pm »
Short follow up to the HP 50132A counter I received yesterday:
- No failures occurring at self test.
- Performance checks possible with my equipment are all positive.
- 12.4GHz input can't be tested because the highest frequency any of my gear generates is 80MHz.

  Fixed that by ordering an ADF4355 based signal generator*.    :palm:    :-DD

Photos are on the way.. hold on.

*- I ordered after I received a manual on request. Best chinglish but readable with some effort...
General Chat / Re: Cloning WinXP onto new hardware - workable?
« Last post by soldar on Today at 07:37:35 pm »
Also, Win XP behaves differently depending on the sales channel and product ID.

You can use Everest or similar program to find out what version, serial number etc.

I have generally been successful with this type of messing but I should also say many times it has not been easy and has required many hours.

If this is a product which requires some kind of support or maintenance by the OEM I think it would not be wise to mess with it.

If you want to experiment I would not touch the original system at all. Try to get a new system and play and experiment to your heart's content but do not put it to real use until you are satisfied it is reliable and up to the job.

Yeah, I can't see this as acceptable in a corporate professional setting. Too much liability.

General Chat / Re: Cloning WinXP onto new hardware - workable?
« Last post by RoGeorge on Today at 07:32:20 pm »
Very unlikely.

It might be possible with some tinkering and careful planing, but simply plugging the disks in a new PC won't do it.  I did that many times at home (plugging the old WinXP HDD into a new motherboard) and never worked.  Mostly, that gave a blue screen.

You need to take into account the following:
- conectivity (e.g. nowadays is hard to find a motherboard with a serial port onboard)
- BIOS ---> UEFI
- MBR ---> MPT
- Single core -> Multi core
- Drivers
- Any license keys for you SCADA programs (some license keys are hardware locked, and can read unique IDs like HDD ID, Proc ID, Bios ID) etc.
- Risk management (e.g. how critical that SCADA system is, how much time do you get, if any, to test the new system, will they sign an acceptance test for such a hack, is it legal to transfer the license)

I worked for the power grid, and implemented a few (tens of) SCADA systems.  Here, even if it were possible to just transfer the disks, such a solution won't be accepted.
Hi Wolfgang,  :)

I am filtering the reference voltage, but only on a different point.
C12 in the last schematic has also this function.

Kind regards,
How come the 34470A is only showing 6 1/2 Digits?
On the 100 mV range, 34470A defaults to 6 1/2 digits. You can manually change this to 7 1/2 digits with "Digit Mask" button in DCV mode, which also results in an additional digit of resolution in the statistics window (Avg, Stddev et al).
Thermal Imaging / Re: Lost my thermal expert lens cap - now what?
« Last post by Ultrapurple on Today at 07:26:49 pm »
My Therm-App lenses are never capped. Whenever I need to do a noise reduction calibration I simply put the device lens-down on whatever is handy and at ambient temperature - a desk, a wall, a book - or even simply put it against my trouser leg or coat if there's nothing suitably flat around at ambient temperature when I'm outdoors or whatever.

As long as the temperature is fairly even as seen by the lens it's OK. Small imperfections in smoothness (eg the weave of cloth) don't really matter but I'd avoid anything that has an obvious strong signature such as black print on white paper.
Test Equipment / Re: Spectrum Analyzer - Rigol DSA815
« Last post by RFDUK on Today at 07:23:02 pm »
Folks experimenting with noise figure measurements may be interested in visiting for precision calibrated noise sources to 3.4 Ghz.

Thousands of low cost sources shipped over 8 years, many of these in commercial applications.
General Chat / Re: Cloning WinXP onto new hardware - workable?
« Last post by stevelup on Today at 07:20:28 pm »
As long as it will boot, you should be able to get it going on the new hardware, but that's a big if...

The key thing is that the hard drive controller is the same (or at least compatible).

But, as soldar says, why do this? That machine will probably outlive you! Why not just clone the drives onto new ones, give it a good clean, and leave it alone.
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