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Sounds like a stability issue and therefor the system goes into oscillation or something.

Could be power supply, a bad chip or a bad design.

could somebody please translate this piece of datasheet from Japanese?

Thank you !
Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff / Help with LTC4412 needed
« Last post by Lt_Flash on Today at 11:42:47 pm »
Hi guys,
I'm building a simple power switcher that can switch between CR2032 battery and main 3.3V power from regulator. I've used LTC4412 for this design and it works fine choosing higher voltage and switching automatically between primary and auxilliary sources. The problem I'm facing is that I wanted to force LTC4412 to prefer 3.3V source whenever it's connected. To do so you can use a CTL pin of LTC4412, when it's high (and that's from 0.6V according to datasheet, but can be up to 0.9V) - LTC4412 keeps auxiliary power source on even if it's voltage below primary power source (CR2032 battery in my case). The problem I'm facing is that when auxiliary power source is selected by connecting CTL pin high via resistor to 3.3V rail - LTC4412 opens auxiliary MOSFET and everything works fine but as soon as I remove power from 3.3V rail - CTL drops to approximately 0.7V and still keeps auxiliary power rail open. I think that happens because MOSFET is conducting and providing voltage from CR2032 battery back to LTC4412 CTL pin and LTC4412 can't switch into stable primary source selection.

Can somebody help me to solve this problem please? I'm not sure how to prevent current to flow from CR2032 battery via half-open MOSFET back to CTL pin. Thanks in advance! Please see attached schematic with description.
General Chat / Re: Simulation Forum
« Last post by Dave on Today at 11:42:42 pm »
However, the best of the best is "Circuit Wizard" which continuously runs in REAL
time, and allowing real time intervention with many component values. It pretty
much includes every type of general transistor/diode/ic that you will generally use,
and can choose many types of outputs/inputs, including REAL loads etc.

On top of that, when you are happy with your 'Circuit', it takes into account ALL
the dimensions/pinouts of components, and auto-designs both single & double
sided PCB's for you, with auto component arrangement, ready for printing....
There is always a tradeoff between simulation speed and accuracy. The smaller the time steps and the more detailed the models, the slower it is going to be to simulate. If the simulator runs in real time, it just means that it isn't very accurate.
The component selection, from what I've seen on their site, is pretty mediocre.
Last, but not least, NO circuit design software is capable of replacing a PCB designer at this point in time. Simply too many things to take into account and too many design tradeoffs to make in order to design a decent circuit board.

the best of the best
Not even close. You just sound like a shill.
General Chat / Re: Why RAR compression still popular ?
« Last post by b_force on Today at 11:41:59 pm »
In fact, splitting files is very useful when sending a lot of data over.
I travel a lot and internet and wifi isn't always stable everywhere.
Splitting a file make a huge difference if something goes wrong.
Unfortunately the "resume" option when downloading bigger files doesn't always work.

For this reason it also works well for torrents, newgroups and all that kind of stuff.
I think that repair is possible. Or replace the quartz. Or check the USB cable connection. Maybe it fell out of the connector on impact.
That the problem did not happen again, make the holder.
bd139, I do indeed have the blue one, its a IG-4505 and she is in all of her original splendor the modification made was to remove the pre-attached BNC lead with the 50 \$\Omega\$ termination resistor with a BNC socket for more flexibility and of course easier storage when not in use as the lead always got in the way. I have made up a special lead with the 50 \$\Omega\$ resistor built in to retain the 50 \$\Omega\$ connection if required.

I have also recapped and cleaned it and thoroughly checked it over and tweaked the calibration to bring the output voltages up and now she is bang the money. Now of course having seen that IG-4244 of med6753 I want one as well. Not too sure which is the earlier one but I'm kinda guessing its not mine as if the numbering system went in chronological order, mine is the newer of the two.

I scored one for free.  Mine needed recapped as there were 2 bulging caps in it.  I also did the same BNC mod.  It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to tweak the calibration.  Yours does look a bit nicer than mine but mine is quite nice considering the age.
EEVblog Specific / Re: EEVblog #1086 - 5 year Solar Power Payback?
« Last post by b_force on Today at 11:35:52 pm »
I think you also need to look at how many people keep their homes =>10yrs.  If most move under that, there is little sense in installing it.

That logic seems a bit flawed. Presumably, having a lower expected electricity bill would be a value add for the new owner as well, so it should increase the resell value of the home.
Property agents say few buyers see value in solar panels, so why would they see value in battery packs?
I think that really depends were you live.
Enough places were solar panels are actually a huge plus for the value.

Very interesting video.
Yes, a lot has changed the last 10 years
Even the inverters are not so expensive nowadays.
A battery pack is not really going to be efficient, but I think it will work great in places with a lot of outages.
Just came back from a trip around Spain and some places have an outage almost every other week.
General Chat / Re: What are you listing to? - Music while you work
« Last post by BrianHG on Today at 11:33:57 pm »
Eye of the tiger
You are the best around
Dragon ball Z openings (including Arabic ones)
Hunter X Hunter Arabic opening
+ many other Anime stuff
LOL, I use some anime Japanese POP for when I'm on the exercise bike, though, non of what you listed.
General Chat / Re: Engineers solve problems, not issues
« Last post by Circlotron on Today at 11:30:49 pm »
You forget, we don't address problems or issues -- we provide solutions!

We deliver solutions.
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