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Repair / My Siemens Multimeter B 1028
« Last post by ac_dc on Today at 05:53:28 pm »
Hello dear people,

I have a Siemens B1028 which is unfortunately defective ... no display, nothing ...
The first observations have shown that possibly the power supply or the voltage control are out of action.
Unfortunately, I do not have a schematic, so I am currently in the dark.  8)  Does anyone know the device or can possibly help me with documents?

Many Thanks!
General Chat / Re: I am mathematically illiterate
« Last post by tggzzz on Today at 05:50:26 pm »
It is a lot easier to learn maths as an adult, than as a child.
For a start, you are not as likely to be distracted by just about anything. :D

I disagree. For a start there is this forum, then the rest of the web :(
Wow that is very thorough documentation. I wonder what field of work you were in.

I have modified your pic with some markers.
Now It's look for my more realistic.

Thanks for your effort!

General Chat / Re: I am mathematically illiterate
« Last post by tggzzz on Today at 05:48:26 pm »
Here's the thing:  You aren't going to learn math without thousands of hours of practice.  Why should you get to the level required for engineering any faster than we did?


Wasn't it Arnold Palmer who said "The more I practice golf, the better I get".
RF, Microwave, HAM Radio / Re: Antenna Project Log
« Last post by wolferl1210 on Today at 05:42:57 pm »
"a good antenna is the best RF amplifier!"

Sometimes it needs a 1.200 $ device to make a good antenna  :) - and you did!

Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff / Re: Problem with DIY dimmer
« Last post by james_s on Today at 05:30:31 pm »
This iron probably has an internal controller. It may also have a transformer, basic dimmers don't like inductive loads.
General Chat / Re: What's this please? (Component Advice)
« Last post by kjr18 on Today at 05:29:39 pm »
Hi everyone, I kind of want to know what this chip is. As far as I know it's led driver, it's from cheap led vehicle mounted (12-24v) working spot light. It has this annoying quirk that I can get maximum light output at exactly 12.5V. Anything less equals less light output, anything more means less light output. Chip marking are 70DD and 1718 and package is soic8. If you want I can provide photos or schematic that I managed to make.
Beginners / Re: Ceramic caps from China
« Last post by james_s on Today at 05:22:40 pm »
I've observed this same thing. I have a fairly accurate LC meter and was surprised when I checked some capacitors from a kit of cheap Chinese ceramic caps. I had to go through the whole collection of certain values to find a few that were even close to the rating. I don't expect high precision but I do expected much better than +-50%.
Test Equipment / Re: Non Contact Voltage Measurement E.g. Fluke T6
« Last post by mheruian on Today at 05:21:19 pm »
I'm going to study this one and inform you on my progress :) seems interesting as my first project lol. Thanks for all the reply, really appreciated them all.
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