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Test Equipment / Re: How noisy is a Rigol DP832?
« Last post by PTR_1275 on Today at 04:46:42 pm »
Never noticed the noise of the DP832 on the bench at work. Lots of equipment running and kinda got used to the whir of fans.

Bought another one for the home workshop / office and by Jesus I notice it now.

Waiting for it to run out of warranty (few months left) and then I’ll change the fan over for a quieter one.

I do like the TTi power supplies. As long as other staff members don’t put things on top completely covering the air holes, they last for a long time.
RF, Microwave, HAM Radio / Re: Colpitt question
« Last post by bd139 on Today at 04:46:14 pm »
Can you draw what you currently have if possible. It’s easier to communicate these things visually.
Awesome news Aaron and appreciate the update. I imagine Pace is working overtime manufacturing tips and will sell them like hotcakes once the ball starts gaining momentum again.

Today I got around to cleaning and loading my Pace fiber cleaning tool. Along with the Pace tip tool these have to be my top two favorite soldering accessories of all time.

Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff / Re: The efficient Dyno
« Last post by Amper on Today at 04:41:41 pm »
This kind of setup is very possible and used when testing large bldc systems. I have worked on a 250kW system, where it was done like this, total loss was just about 5kW at 150kW mechanical. Though a very good control software is needed not to get everything to oscillate with loops working against each other.

If you want to just dump it into a load there is large 1.5kW power resistors that cost just around 50 bucks new and dont need heat sinking, just maybe a small fan for comfort.

EDIT: here is one for example
Errant apostrophe's.

Normally you do not use an apostrophe to form plurals.

Or is that error intentional as Mr. Scram's post appears to be?

Its like their totally confused, which means your confused as well.

Which makes no sense at all unless rewritten:

It's like they're totally confused, which means you're confused as well.

I find it helpful when using contractions to substitute the actual two words to see if the statement still makes sense.

It's paint was flaking off.
It is paint was flaking off.

This also helps with confusion between your and you're, their and they're, and so on.

Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff / Re: Die extraction and reuse
« Last post by Amper on Today at 04:36:32 pm »
From my experience you will first have to cut away as much as you are comfortable doing. Dissloving large ammounts of plastic for a total extraction will have chunks floating around in your acid damaging the surface of the chip if you are not really careful. I would try to first open it up mechanically from the back and adhesive mount the die from the backside to some jig to hold it in place while dissolving the plastic and frame around it.
General Chat / Re: The disruption of disruptive technology (Uber)
« Last post by Kjelt on Today at 04:36:16 pm »
My experience with CFLs differed greatly.  While they did use less energy, much more than half of those I bought lasted less than the several hundred hours of incandescents.  I do have survivors that are nearly three decades old  now, but they are the exceptions.   Add little foibles like slow turn on, changing brightness over warmup, inability to dim and required disposal as hazardous waste and it sounds like a disaster to me.  Without that side trip we might have arrived at LEDs a few years earlier.
It all depends on the driver. Standard TL8 and now the TL5 can last 20000 hours with a decent driver and no extreme dimming.
They can be dimmed with electronic drivers but below 10% this affects lifetime since the filaments have to be heated to compensate for the less energy. The filaments will become the bottleneck of lifetime when dimming.
The old TL8's were bought by my parents in the entire garage and parts of the house in 1973 and when they died in 2000 they still worked, never were replaced.
Good old tech.
Now with CFL bulbs that is a different story, they actually folded the tube concept and made it work but it was never meant to work like that ofcourse. Folding things and forcing the plasma to take corners is not optimal hence some folding designs with thinner tubes and lots of bends are just crap.

Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff / Re: Thermocouple Question
« Last post by Amper on Today at 04:30:31 pm »
If i understand your question correctly, you will still not get any changed output, if your connector doesnt have any thermal gradient. The specific materials are only important when you want to be sure not to generate anything IF you have gradients. Otherwise you can also just use any connector you come across, no special materials required.
General Chat / Re: What did you buy today? Post your latest purchase!
« Last post by DC1MC on Today at 04:30:04 pm »
Two expensive Fischer connectors for my Solartron 7071  8), looking nice but definitely not "Fischer price" (thanks Andreas).
Now waiting the WE to start fiddling with them.


Metrology / Re: Ultra Precision Reference LTZ1000
« Last post by keen101 on Today at 04:27:46 pm »
So, i know this is many years too late,  and maybe there is zero Interest in this anymore, but there were many people who had wanted an LTZ1000 board way back when i posted my HP/Agilent Clone on my blog several years back (

Since so many had asked me for one,  i finally made a few boards and put them on ebay. It seems no one wants one anymore,  so maybe it was a waste of time, and if so, oh well, still a neat little board I'm proud of.

Here is the ebay link if anyone is interested.  Thanks. (
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