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If your prototype board doesn't work as it should, make it work by any means necessary (cut traces, bodge wires, dead bug fixes, etc) before you spin again. That is, do not be an idiot and just fix the first problem you found before you re-spin.

You mean "don't use Agile methods for hardware design."
Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Re: List of cheap ARM MCU development boards
« Last post by rsjsouza on Today at 07:49:44 am »
TI is at it again. 10% off some kits and free shipping (not sure if worldwide)
Test Equipment / Re: Test Equipment Anonymous (TEA) group therapy thread
« Last post by bd139 on Today at 07:49:03 am »
Sinclair's version of RPN was cost optimised as was everything he did. Which is why it was poo. HP41 was faaaar nicer than anything else on the market. But more expensive. I was a user of HP calculators for many years.
Manufacturing & Assembly / Re: Aluminum PCB for Front Panel
« Last post by mrpackethead on Today at 07:48:02 am »
Yes, top side would be the front side.     You dont' have to remove all teh copper.  You might be better to just leave it all on.   Something i've done before is use the copper to pattern it.  You can get some great effects with things like circles ( 1mm ) spread out in a hexagon type pattern, or hash lines etc etc.    Particually if you use a colour othr than white for the mask.

General Chat / Re: Is this a bad joint or not?
« Last post by wraper on Today at 07:45:43 am »
It's a crap solution, however it has nothing to do with any faults. It's just a little bit of shielding.

The electrical connection for printer calibration is done through thermocouple's braiding. If there is a bad connection then the printer won't calibrate properly.
Nonsense. Thermocouples usually don't have any shielding at all. And it certainly is not connected to thermocouple itself. If this shield is used for electrical connection of anything else besides shielding thermocouple itself, then it's completely ridiculous design.
General Chat / Re: Is this a bad joint or not?
« Last post by metrologist on Today at 07:45:29 am »
If you cannot solder it, I would re-fit the wrap properly and back that up with many more turns of thin bare copper wire wrapping around the braid and around the existing wrap so there is more contact area, and then heatshrink.
General Chat / Re: Large Scoreboard/Countdown Display (Buy or Arduino?)
« Last post by james_s on Today at 07:45:02 am »
This seems like something that would be easy to build. Certainly if you can make it work on a small scale using any sort of LED display you have on hand, then you can easily scale it up to as large as you need. You can make large to huge digits easily out of arrays of lamps or LED strips or individual power LEDs with suitable diffusers.
Manufacturing & Assembly / Re: Aluminum PCB for Front Panel
« Last post by Bassman59 on Today at 07:44:37 am »
So what's the process for this? I guess: The "front panel" is the copper side, and since there are no traces, it gets etched away. Do you include a copper layer in the Gerber set? Or is the aluminum backside the panel's front, so you have to work in a mirror-image mode?
I never looked at the 1PPS (except for its presence). As the the 10MHz is derived from the 1PPS and provides a stable 10 MHz I would say your device is fine.
See also
General Chat / Re: FranLab is getting evicted
« Last post by james_s on Today at 07:38:44 am »
Before you sell you need to inventory the stuff, then you need to ship the items, let alone create listings for sale. This is huge work.

What I've done a few times and helped others do is do is first do a quick sort between keep and dispose of, then do another quick sort through the dispose of pile, cherry picking all the stuff that I'm fairly sure will fetch enough to be worth the trouble of selling, then I get a bunch of flat rate boxes from the post office and start listing a few items each evening on ebay, packing them up in a shipping box as I finish listing them. Then I start going through the less valuable stuff and make some collections of similar stuff and list these for sale as small lots, then if I have time I list some of the lower value stuff or just give it away. Anything not worth selling that I can't give away, that's when I consider tossing it out. The key is to make sure you deal with a few items every day, until it's all gone.
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