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Repair / Re: Olympus T-100 does not boot, just blinks and shuts down
« Last post by Rasz on Today at 12:19:07 pm »
no picture and no backlight? is that with everything connected?
no screen can mean totally fried, or it can mean missing important voltage rail
check for supply on flash chip, SDcard connector
Yes, it is indeed the DAC.
Test Equipment / Re: Oscilloscope input noise comparison
« Last post by maxwell3e10 on Today at 12:10:58 pm »
Some scopes have a build-in 50 Ohm mode and some don't. I meant to add a 50 Ohm resistor outside to short the input. One could also use a shortening BNC. It wouldn't make much difference unless the noise is 2-3 nV/Hz^(1/2).
Hi this is an old post i know, but... Im looking for a replacement brush or alternative for this product. Anyone got any ideas? I know the company is now bust but its an incredible tool can anyone help?
Beginners / Re: Chip making process
« Last post by jmelson on Today at 12:05:21 pm »
I've heard that there's no choice on multi-project runs as they are different size and shapes packed in and sawing up the wafer to extract some of the dice destroys other nearby ones. It's cheaper to pack them in and make multiple wafers than to align everything in rows and columns the size of the largest die in each row/column plus margin for the saw.
On educational projects at MOSIS, they have more restrictive rules.  For commercial MPW projects, you set the size of the chip.  They will often build it slightly larger, to accommodate the sawing operation, but charge you by YOUR specified dimensions.  But, all our chips came out about the size we specified.
They obviously have some special tricks they use in the sawing operation to make this work.

Beginners / Re: Chip making process
« Last post by jmelson on Today at 12:00:24 pm »

Correct.  I think a mask set was on the order of $50K.
For a anything under 60nm, $1M may be close.
I assure you, TODAY, a CMOS mask set at 350 nm is going to be WAY more than $50K.  Maybe a simple, all-digital mask set might go for $200K, but for mixed-signal, there will be a bunch more layers, so it bumps up the price.  I think MOSIS has their masks done in the US, so that may affect the price.

Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Re: Next step from AVR
« Last post by ataradov on Today at 11:53:11 am »
Oh, come on. That's purest FUD.
It is not. I want RISC-V to succeed. But the reality is that if you go and look for a job right now, you will find plenty of ARM jobs and next to none of RISC-V.

There are no good general purpose RISC-V devices on the market. And I would let consumers decide what they want on their boards. Not everyone can afford an ASIC. And it is good that RISC-V finds its use in ASICs, but this is not applicable to this thread.

If you said 1-2 years for hobbyists or small scale board manufacture using off the shelf MCU chips I'd agree with you.
Do you think OP is a WD-scale enterprise that will roll an ASIC?  I don't think so. And otherwise the only useful RISC-V hardware at the moment is FE310, which is super weak as far as MCUs go.

There is a long road ahead for RISC-V before it will get into common MCUs.
Test Equipment / Re: Test Equipment Anonymous (TEA) group therapy thread
« Last post by xrunner on Today at 11:50:08 am »
I love it when I am actually good for something instead of good for nothing!! :-DD

Hey what's the status with your meter?
Cool. Are you working from GreyWoolfe's recent replacement parts list?

Yes sir. Here they are again in case anyone needs to do this. I ordered double the amount, you know just in case I get an itchy Ebay finger.  ;)

Manufacturers part numbers -

1000 pF  PME271Y410MR19T0 (2 required)
.022 uF  PME271Y522MR30 (2 required)

I love it when I am actually good for something instead of good for nothing!! :-DD
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