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Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff / Re: Selling non RoHS equipment?
« Last post by Neilm on Today at 02:02:39 AM »
There are a couple of things it could be. First thing I notice is it is a kit - there may be something in legislation that says it doesn't apply to descrete items and kits. (I work in a big company and that loophole would't apply to our products - I am by no means an expert)

Alternately, the sensor supplied in the kit is not the one identified but a similar one that is RoHS compliant.
General Chat / Re: What did you buy today? Post your latest purchase!
« Last post by DTJ on Today at 02:02:14 AM »
4030 Chinese CNC with 1.5kW spindle and 4th axis.

Been wanting to get into this for years, now is the time :)

VERY envious.
You must post up some pics and video.

Was it expensive?
I would somehow expect that a clock changing deactivates options. How else should they ensure that timed licenses work? They probably have some fancy crypto ongoing as well. That's not like shareware in the nineties.

Timed licences? Really? So when you buy a licence for a this scope it will expire?
So you are essentially renting the option for some number of years? That would be dumb in this case.
I would expect a perpetual or forever license that never expires and is flaged in non volotile memory as such negating the need to check againt the date and time for an option with a forever attribute

That would suck marginally less if the options are reenabled after fixing the battery/clock. Fingers crossed?
The scope ships with the activation codes in a piece of paper, so I guess they can be re-enabled after the battery is fixed
Repair / Yamaha RX-497 turn off after 10-15 min
« Last post by coojoe213 on Today at 01:58:35 AM »
Hi all. I have this receiver, but after 10 min turn off.
I check the DC/PS values, and i see PS values are low. The normal values in service manual are DC:035, PS:068 . My DC is perfect 035, but my PS is...(my values are 53/52/51....47/46), every 5-10 second they are low. I check all electrolic capacitors in Power supply, but the are fine. C254 (22nf/650v) is 15nf when i check with my multimeter. Is this may be a problem or no? Can you tell what to try? :/
There is a point in the manual
... Chapter 7.8.1.

you received a key in written form, tap "Input option key manually". Enter the key.
If you received a key in digital form as a file, tap "Read option key from file".
Select path  /USB_FRONT  and the option key file

At least there is a possibility to get the key codes on request. You should be one email away from that.
... in case setting the the time won´t recall them.
Repair / Re: Any guesses as to the failure?
« Last post by alank2 on Today at 01:57:50 AM »
Every single version of dos is on the web you just need to look for them.
Once you get a keyboard running download a game like Hack and use this machine like it was intended  ;D.

I have no bootable diskette, but am waiting for one to arrive, so all I can see for now is "insert diskette"!
Metrology / Re: Magical package from hidden Fluke utopia lands.
« Last post by doktor pyta on Today at 01:56:11 AM »
So simple.
Transfer switch for 792A.
Repair / Re: Any guesses as to the failure?
« Last post by alank2 on Today at 01:55:42 AM »
Metrology / Re: Magical package from hidden Fluke utopia lands.
« Last post by NANDBlog on Today at 01:54:09 AM »
So it is 3 digit, black
not a 732B
not a 731B
not a 734A because wrong shape and even you are reasonable.
not a 792A because you already have one.
and battery powered, so probably not their shunt resistor.

Must be the battery pack for a 792A.
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