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General Chat / Re: TESLA finally launches a truck/semi ?
« Last post by Hero999 on Today at 05:31:56 AM »
Coal fired trucks!
That's not so crazy at all. It's easier to convert a diesel/petrol vehicle to run off coal, than to run off electricity. All that's needed is a gasifier. Forget coal, that's not green, the gasifier will work from wood, grown in sustainable plantations.

While technically feasilble as you say no amount of growing more trees will keep up with fueling our transport.
UK no. Canada and the US is more feasible. In any case, it takes around 15 minutes to fire up the gasifier and it can't be shut down instantly either, so is no good for short journeys.
Some videos:

General Chat / Re: DIP in the foot
« Last post by mc172 on Today at 05:31:52 AM »
At least you guys don't have to deal with the UK's biggest hazard.

I've taken the liberty of hitting Google images for Caltrop. Spot the odd one out, lurking there, waiting to murder your feet:

This made me laugh because it is so bloody true!  :-DD :-DD
On my 34461A firmware A.02.14-02.40-02.14-00.49-01-01 I Get the following dialog box:

[Connection error]
"Unknown Device:
 Technologies, 34461A  MY5320xxxx A.02.14-02.40-02.14-00.49-01-01"

I hope this can point you to the right part of your program, so you can resolve this little glitch ;-)


Thank you LA7SJA, I'm implementing the solution.
The problem is simply the fact that I'm looking for a Keysight and you have an Agilent  :P
General Chat / Re: DIP in the foot
« Last post by Mr. Scram on Today at 05:30:06 AM »
I think I've had a DIP in the foot and the hand so far, although the hand was one of those DIP socket things with even sharper feet. That may actually be an advantage.
Manufacturing & Assembly / Re: Cheap high voltage insulation tester
« Last post by rsjsouza on Today at 05:29:19 AM »
Without knowing anything else about your scenario, if you need to simply measure insulation would a basic UT513A work? It is a decent insulation meter (I have a UT513 non-A) in the range of a Fluke 1550C - it probably is not as sturdy as the Fluke but it gets the job done.
Test Equipment / Re: EEVBlog Members Discount at Tequipment?
« Last post by Porcine Porcupine on Today at 05:28:47 AM »
Would someone send me the code, please?

I've been waiting for a sale on the Rigol DS1054Z for over a year, and I see that TEquipment.NET has it for $349 now. With the discount code on top of that, it's finally in my price range! It should be a nice upgrade from my old 20-MHz Kenwood scope.
Why not have some fun and design, say,  a line of anal pleasure toys for, say, senior males, 70+. Make sure the company follows through on their requirement to claim ownership for it and use social media to spread the news. Opportunity is endless.

Thanks, I might take that one.  The Incontinence Rabbit, with heart rate monitor, for His safety
General Chat / Re: Teen dead after rolling on to iPhone cable in her sleep
« Last post by Simon on Today at 05:25:16 AM »
I seem to remember seeing fuses on speaker outputs on kit from the 80's
General Chat / Re: DIP in the foot
« Last post by WorldPowerLabs on Today at 05:24:47 AM »

I have a strict no-shoes policy in the house, so over they years I've become very careful about not dropping pointy objects (or locating them and picking them up, if I do).
General Chat / Re: DIP in the foot
« Last post by David Hess on Today at 05:24:35 AM »
Try a DIP package stuck into the back of your shoulder.  I saw that movie and it did not turn out well.
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