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General Chat / Re: "Flat Earthers"... what the F%$# !!!
« Last post by Distelzombie on Today at 01:02:33 pm »
The more intelligent you are, the more dumb people you can count.
Metrology / Re: Calibrating humidity sensors
« Last post by texaspyro on Today at 12:59:58 pm »
Here's some more tables with more salts listed:

Greenspans extensive list (this is the industry standard reference):

General Chat / Re: Neighbours CCTV "spying" on my guests too! :(
« Last post by Distelzombie on Today at 12:59:09 pm »
I finally understand that "We live in a society" meme... It's a very interesting society... Much like that old non-chinese-curse "May you live in interesting times". Great
We use Ramsey Electronics RF shielded enclosures at work which include RF filtered AC/Ethernet/USB connections. They provide 80-90 dB isolation between 1-6 GHz, not sure about the performance at higher frequencies.
Reports are that Apple fans are becoming weary of the expensive treadmill. 
Top end phone sales are in a downturn in favor of more sensibly priced models.

Share prices of Apple suppliers fall on ‘deeper trough’ of iPhone X sales

Almost nobody wants the iPhone X
"But analysts say that tide is shifting: Dramatically fewer people are buying the latest iPhones."

General Chat / Re: LeCroy tech support
« Last post by ollopa on Today at 12:51:09 pm »
In my experience it can be very difficult to reach LeCroy by email or the web form.  All of my email to them is always tagged as suspicious / spam.  It is probably best to try calling them.

If you need help with a scope you can try the main service and support line.  If you need help with a protocol analyzer (USB, PCI, etc) then try the Protocol Solutions Group support helpline.

Service and Support:          1-800-553-2769
Protocol Solutions Group:   1-800-909-7112

Metrology / Re: Calibrating humidity sensors
« Last post by GEOelectronics on Today at 12:50:01 pm »
I knew about and have used the salt method, but the chilled mirror is a new one, thanks.

Aspirated wet/dry bulbs is my old school method of measuring R.H. lots easier and less prone to damage than the sling psychrometer, but those definitely ave their cool factor too.

George Dowell
Test Equipment / Re: $20 LCR ESR Transistor checker project
« Last post by CheckOne Two on Today at 12:42:23 pm »

See page 12 of the guide here: for pin wiring.

I see the kit also comes with a 10-6 pin adapter so you could also use it and wire like here:

Wow ... is it really as easy as that and nothing more is required?  :)

Apart from the device that still work: if you have a problem with one and it's the manufacturers fault, don't you think they should do something? They apparently just ignore until they get sued. Is that not a problem for you?
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