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General Chat / Re: Electronics at sea
« Last post by gildasd on Today at 03:32:13 pm »
As for fractions in furniture.
If I want something hand size, solid for normal use and elegant, 1 1/4inch x 1/2 inch. And that is a fraction of standard stock take smoothing and cutting (ie minimal wastage).
So yeah, I can do it mm (I would if in metal...) but if I actually have to work conveniently and fast, not so good,

But yeah, horses for courses.
Cyan LED's are rare, keywords 495nm, 500nm, 505nm. They seem to be rejects of pure green//emerald green LED's 520-525nm.
I got some through-hole cyan LED's from eBay but no SMT anywhere.

I've only found blue-green phosphor-type SMT LED's, like VFD colour:

The 4-pin LED's are a bi-colour package, but you only have one die in there.
I can find "0606" 4-pin SMD 1.6x1.6mm nothing at 2mm. Unless a 4-pin 0805.
Renewable Energy / Re: Wind turbine misshaps
« Last post by Marco on Today at 03:27:52 pm »
It's done wonders for German industry though ... the Germans get to give their industry free electricity and it isn't even seen as unfair industry subsidy.

Mercantilism disguised as environmentalism.
Repair / Re: HP 5248M Nixie Tube Counter - Tubes issues
« Last post by andy2000 on Today at 03:18:49 pm »
You can swap the tubes around to see if they are bad, or if it's a driver issue. 
General Chat / Re: Switch back to mobile view?
« Last post by SeoulBigChris on Today at 03:15:48 pm »
Indeed! That did the trick
I won’t go so far as to say the background itself is hideous. But the bluish color text on the dark gray background color makes it difficult to see, at least on my smartphone’s screen. Thanks again
You have post this test three times now. Identical test. If there are no answers this won't help you.

BTW, the first time you posted this I asked you a question. No response was given.
Buy/Sell/Wanted / Re: For sale TDS7104 with options.
« Last post by max-bit on Today at 03:01:05 pm »
Pictures and price :)
Renewable Energy / Re: Wind turbine misshaps
« Last post by JohnMoosenl on Today at 02:57:06 pm »
"As the technology is still rather new"
Well no.
We have been building these ugly ass monsters for more than 30 years now, and the construction of a nacelle or tower is nothing new.
Its only new for those who haven't been looking.
Wind power is basically on its last legs. Nothing spectacular can be expected.
The laws of physics can not be beat, not even by these things.
Its time we remove them and put our efforts in something that doesn't litter the landscape, has way more energy density, doesn't kill birds or people or their communities and break them financially by increasing energy prices sky high, and supplies power 24/7.
What about lipo kept charged at 4-4.1V/cell?
Test Equipment / Re: Equipment Discounts from Saelig
« Last post by ogeeca on Today at 02:38:20 pm »
Planning to buy a DC power supply. Could you send me the code?
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