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Metrology / Re: LM399 based 10 V reference
« Last post by branadic on Today at 08:43:45 PM »
I performed the compensation for temperature, afterwards for humidity and at least for ambient pressure. Attached are the single steps as a series of diagrams.
Repair / Re: [Troubleshooting, New Issue] Kikusui PLZ-603W Electronic Load
« Last post by alm on Today at 08:40:12 PM »
I would not necessarily expect them to have the same sensing method. For starters, there is only one display unit while there are multiple load modules. I would expect each load module to have its own divider network. Also, I believe it can limit both voltage and current at the same time, so there would be two control loops driving the FETs. There could also be in issue in that area.

Another thing I would look at is the remote sensing. I did not see any way of configuring the sensing method, so there are probably low(ish) value resistors between the sensing inputs and the inputs. Not sure how this would affect the regulation but not the readout, but connecting the remote sense terminals would be an easy test.
Beginners / Re: looking for a good digital multimeter
« Last post by carnage on Today at 08:36:06 PM »
I called Klein Tools and talk to one of there tech support. He told me that for want I want it for the MM600 is a little overkill and recommend the MM400. He also said if I need any assistant to give him a call and he go over the meter on the phone telling me what everything does (like a little training course).
Test Equipment / Re: Rigol DS1054Z vs Siglent SDS1202X-E
« Last post by Fungus on Today at 08:35:13 PM »
It's interesting to watch the double standard unfolding in this thread after all the mean things that were said by certain people about the DS1054Z's minor/obscure bugs. The DS1054Z never had any bugs in basic things like triggering.

I'm sure people wouldn't be saying "Oh, let's wait, they might fix that soon" if this was an OWON or a Hantech. They'd be saying "those things are garbage, send it back and buy something else".

Why is Siglent being given so much love?
I reckon the next 'extreme' stage will be whoever fakes their own death first with one of these stunts
(or their frustrated partner 'helps' makes it authentic)

and watch Youtube junkies    :popcorn:   click that channel to  -garbage bag full of cash-  status in one day  :clap:


as it is, if ElectroBOOM now has 1 million subscribers,
his next stunts may be in the back of a fully kitted out stretch limo   8)

complete with mini-bar, inverter, test gear, and back to back RCD/GFCIs...   ;)

General Chat / Re: Help me, I have boreout
« Last post by NivagSwerdna on Today at 08:33:10 PM »
If your current company is planning a public offering that will make the investors super rich (despite their rubbish product) you need some share options and to grin and bear it.

If you have to stay then.... start doing some freelance work... do consultancy on the side, write magazine articles, write books, write a blog, publish on youtube, design and sell your own products.

(I remember John Linsley Hood used to be a bit of a god of Audio design at one time but really his day job where he worked with my father was rather less exciting)

But... from the viewpoint of a potential employer you look burnt out and unemployable... you need to come up with a plan and fast.
Beginners / Re: looking for a good digital multimeter
« Last post by carnage on Today at 08:26:42 PM »
The only reason I ask about calibrating is when the meter gets old, been drop a lot/ abuse I know that the meter can be calibrated if I wanted to have it done.
Test Equipment / Re: Handheld meter electrical robustness testing.
« Last post by Fungus on Today at 08:26:18 PM »
FWIW The Fluke 189 has  1000 volts Cat 111 rating on the meter itself, no mention of Cat 4..

It depends on when it was made. The first version of the standard only went up to CAT III. Cat IV was added in the second edition.

If that was streamed live I would have shat myself when he grabbed hold of the sparklers. Fire, electricity, it's a reminder that natural instinct is to grab hold with clenched hands at that. Even when I watched last night I sat up straight in bed.

He at least warns people about the dangers, unlike Ben Heck.
Repair / Re: Low noise fan for 34410A DMM (35x35x10mm, 12V)?
« Last post by HighVoltage on Today at 08:21:01 PM »
Interesting, your old fan is a Matsushita, while mine is a Delta Electronics Inc. AFB03512MA.
Your new one (Multicomp) is a special low noise type?

The multicomp was praised as a low noise fan but since it is so small and mounted directly flat at the frame, it will also make noise.

One way of reducing the noise would be to cut out all the metal from the frame that covers the fan flow area and add a mesh or wireframe on the outside. A few mm distance to the fan make a huge difference.

But I did not want to cut out the metal from the frame and choose to add a 100 Ohm resistor (1 W) and that slowed down the fan enough to take almost all nasty noise away.

The airflow is still there and as far as I have measured, the slower fan has no influence on the measurements. I think the fan was only added for hot work places.
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