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Beginners / Re: How to calculate RC constant with 2 capacitors?
« Last post by TheUnnamedNewbie on Today at 06:15:04 AM »
This circuit is not a single pole/zero circuit. Hence it can't be described with only one timeconstant... Unless C2 is so small it is not dominant?
Renewable Energy / Re: UK solar doldrums
« Last post by fourtytwo42 on Today at 06:11:45 AM »
The clag lifted a little today and I got 1.4 EUEU'ts, average for the last week prior to today 0.1 EUEU'ts.
Please note an EUEU is an Ebonian Universal Energy Unit apparantly invented to avoid disputes or misunderstandings with there neighbors :)
Metrology / Re: T.C. measurements on precision resistors
« Last post by branadic on Today at 06:11:30 AM »
Hi all,

we X-rayed some PWW resistors today. Here is what the 8G16D from Rhopoint looks like. You can fairly see the strain-relief construction, but also how they try to decrease inductance, two seperate winding sets with opposite winding direction.

Beginners / Re: Parts bin recommendation
« Last post by Hextejas on Today at 06:10:22 AM »
Do you label them on either the inside or outside ? And would you use them for resistors, capacitors, etc ?

Renewable Energy / Re: UK solar doldrums
« Last post by nfmax on Today at 06:08:46 AM »
Am I being stupid or are you about 10 degrees further north than me (I am 52deg) ?
About 50.94 degrees N
General Chat / Re: DMM battery question
« Last post by HKJ on Today at 06:06:16 AM »
I prefer to use rechargeable Eneloops.

And what type of rechergeable 9V batts You can reccomend for DMMs like 87V?
NiMH vs Li-Ion?

For 9V batteries LiIon is the way to go: 3 times capacity of NiMH and very low self discharge.
But you have to use the meter a lot, before there is any reason to use a rechargeable battery in it.
Beginners / Re: Cutting rectangular openings in project boxes?
« Last post by nes999 on Today at 06:05:24 AM »
I good bezel can hide a hideous hole.

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Test Equipment / Re: eBay clone Saleae Logic 16
« Last post by cdev on Today at 06:05:24 AM »
Why are you making life difficult for yourself by trying to learn another platform now?
I have seen the inductance of leads be significant in certain fault conditions - when the 13A fuse blew the inductance caused a voltage spike that then arced over to the "safe" area. Never had EMC issues from just the mains lead although all the EMC relevent specifications specify the layout of the cord during the testing
Test Equipment / Re: R&S RTM3004 The Swiss-Knife-Oscilloscope
« Last post by jjoonathan on Today at 06:04:41 AM »
Maybe when USB and Ethernet decodes land they'll be limited to the 4k and that will fill out the differentiation?
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