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Beginners / Slowing down the animation speed in proteus
« Last post by ChemroukO on Today at 04:26:01 am »
Hello everyone,

I am currently using Proteus 8.4 & I liked it a lot. But, sometimes it fails to run the simulation properly (Exceeding Cpu) & it starts to lag.

Can't I reduce the simulation speed (from real-time x1 to something like x0.5) as what can be done in NI multisim

Thanks a lot.
General Chat / Re: Southwest Airlines engine failure.
« Last post by james_s on Today at 04:25:03 am »

Strange, CFM isn't a name I've heard of before, a bit surprising as it sounds as if they're in most 737s (8000 worldwide).

CFM is one of the biggest names in turbine engines in the world. The 737 is the most widely sold airliner in history and they have been powered exclusively by the CFM56 for decades, and the engine is used on many other aircraft.
Sorry the link breaks, here is a partial of the PDF. It would not let me load the hole PDF.
And about wrong temperature mesurement of AN860B+ brother ?

What about  AN860B+  temperature?  :-//
Test Equipment / Re: Test Equipment Anonymous (TEA) group therapy thread
« Last post by bd139 on Today at 04:17:25 am »
This is interesting. You can backup and restore the cal data via GBIP:

Now I need a GBIP interface.

Edit: also a couple of RIFA X2’s lurking on the power switch need swapping out.
Keep an eye on liveleak. Might be me next :)
Usually about once a year I see an article in the news about a house that burned down after some guy tried using fire to kill a spider.
The Ouptput Frequency seems to be rather limited what means it is not as slow as i wanted it to be but regardless it puts out 800kHz and works.

You can divide by more than this I think, but there's a limit indeed since it's based on a VCO. (It's just a matter of getting to know how to use the PLL IP which is a bit confusing. And don't forget to click on the "Calculate" button in the IP dialog (and you have to scroll down to see it) when you change any parameter and before you generate the IP, otherwise it doesn't take your changes into account.)

As I suggested, you can embed an additional prescaler inside your serializer.

But now the Crap is coming out of my 'Sync' signal! It drives me f****** mad! Any Ideas?

Not really. But I think using a simple bit counter instead of this extra bit in the data register to test for the end of transmission would be much easier to read (and not necessarily heavier: it would take only 5 bits instead of having to compare 24 bits.)

You're testing this:
Code: [Select]
if(data_register(size-1 downto 0)=0) then
and later on this:
Code: [Select]
if (data_register(size downto 0)=0) then
I admit I got confused upon the first reading of this process.
The current rating is RMS. The liming effect is usually temperature rise, not the drop in voltage. There will be some drop in voltage at the rated current (especially with smaller power ones). So usually the turns number is usually calculated so that at the nominal current (sine) the nominal voltage is reached.

The current rating is not a fixed limit, more like a limit to reach a given temperature rise set by the temperature class. So the same transformer can have different current limits for different temperature class specs.
Test Equipment / PM100 Voltec IEEE488 Fail
« Last post by Diamante on Today at 04:12:29 am »
Hello everyone

I'm new in the forum
and I would need your help:
I have a voltech PM100 power analyzer inserted into an automatic desk and interfaced via IEEE488.
Unfortunately, due to the time spent around 30 years, the eprom on the IEEE488 interface card has been deleted.
In fact, the tool works but no longer responds to GPIB commands.
Voltech technical support replied that it can not help me having been given its IP to Tektronix
I have seen a lot of discussions about the PM100 instrument and I ask some owner of this tool to send me the eprom file of IEEE488 interface, on my tool labeled with IEEE488 1.04J.
To all, however, I advise you to back up your memory before you remain on foot as the undersigned.

my best regards
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