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Repair / Re: Getting zapped off 2.1 speakers and sub
« Last post by Armadillo on Today at 05:03:08 PM »
Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Re: MPLAB X a PIC inhibitor! Alternatives ?
« Last post by @rt on Today at 05:01:58 PM »
Thanks for sticking it out :)
I will try with Win 7 tonight. That would still be inconvenient, but workable.
I got my first Mac for writing iOS Apps for iPhone. Got sick of that soon enough,
but I ended up with a strong preference for actually using the Mac, over a Windows PC.

If the Win 7 install works the same, I don’t care then what happens to the Mac install, and can fiddle again.
I wonder if there is any physical or design reason for certain pinouts.

There are 6 permutations:

{Vi, GND, Vo}
{Vi, Vo, GND}
{GND, Vi, Vo}
{GND, Vo, Vi}
{Vo, Vi, GND}
{Vo, GND, Vi}

comes in three of the permutations: {Vi, GND, Vo}, {GND, Vi, Vo}, and {Vo, GND, Vi}

comes in two of the permutations: {GND, Vo, Vi} (new) and {GND, Vi, Vo} (shared with AP2204)

I spent some time looking and haven't seen either {Vi, Vo, GND} or {Vo, Vi, GND}.
Good day guys!

Any updates on this? I'm currently experiencing the same issue.

The machine is rather clever.  I assumed they would have been made by some small town full of families huddled around their kitchen tables for 18 hours a day.

That was in 1970's. China hasn't been the low-wage-manual-labor sweatshop place for ages.
Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Re: MPLAB X a PIC inhibitor! Alternatives ?
« Last post by cv007 on Today at 04:50:29 PM »
I'm not sure otool options are the same as objdump. There are other utilities to do the job, like nm , maybe osx has nm?

nm elf-cc1

I'm not familiar with osx binary format, but 'something' should be able to give you the address of the symbol we want.

There is also the possibility Microchip uses unreleased source for the osx version, but I would doubt it.

You can also use a hex editor to search for mchp_mafrlcsj in the elf-cc1 file, which would just confirm its in there.
Repair / Re: Help needed to fix a S-40-12 Mean Well SMPS
« Last post by JacquesBBB on Today at 04:46:38 PM »
But when I test the mosfet alone with the om meter, it has not low resistance. It is open circuit.
With the tranistor tester, it looks ok, and rcognised as a mosfet.
Altium Designer / Re: Should I upgrade to AD18?
« Last post by cleaningOut on Today at 04:46:35 PM »
Best is to have 2-3 Altium releases installed at the same time.

To me, this sounds slightly insane - but I don't have archived designs or part libraries compatible with different versions to contend with, so I'm not really AD's target market.
If you go the custom fpga board route, I'd strongly recommend using a usb phy instead like the usb3343; wiring it to the fpga is very simple (see pic) and using the usb-serial core here: you can get about 30MB/s transfer. I can provide example vhdl that hooks up the core with a ulpi-utmi adapter and gives you a fifo interface.

Since ftdigate I've always avoided ftdi chips (do NOT want to support that kind of corporation), and there are always alternatives which are usually cheaper.
Sweet, beanflying!  That looks quite anchor-like!  :-+ :-+ :-+. Nice score!

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