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Your comment made me revisit Hirose and I have just found the connector series  :)

You were right, it is a Hirose part, but it is the SR30 series  :-+

About the standard difference between standard W and Chinese W when used for LEDs.
Why not try to build a system which can sync the transmitter and receiver and sends an image as uncompressed PCM YUV before even worrying about compression?

Why not use video camera that provides compressed digital video output?

Any inter-frame compressor like h.264 or MPEG will barely help for FPV drone video. FPV video stream is not like hollywood movie /w fixed camera, every next frame differ too much.
Go find all the manufacturers app notes, forum posts, etc., on what you want to do. There is a reason you won't find anything. I would take that as a hint that the problem does not exist. Doesn't hurt to think about what it takes to retain ram memory, though.
The problem does not exist on the surface of earth.
General Chat / Re: Mystery industrial camera connector - help please
« Last post by Fraser on Today at 08:29:02 am »
Thanks. I thought the same but it seemed to be a reverse pin gender in the shell to that which I have seen.

Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Re: Forth (e.g. Mecrisp-Stellaris) on a Zynq?
« Last post by tggzzz on Today at 08:23:57 am »
Something in that sparked an intriguing idea, forth on a Zynq.
Why forth? Just curious.

A LISP would probably be as easy to implement.

C, in the form of System-C, even easier :)

You could even get clues as to what is practical, without reinventing the wheel.
Beginners / Re: Rogowski coil
« Last post by MrAl on Today at 08:22:14 am »
I have one other question regarding Rogowski coil:

How can we reduce the offset voltage at the integrator circuit? So we measure some voltage, and then we have to integrate to get the current. But how do we reduce the offset voltage before integration?


Use a low input offset op amp and employ a feedback resistor to reduce DC gain.
Trying to do all this with a FPGA is a sure recipe for never succeeding IMO.

The more I read into compression standards, the more I have to agree with this sadly.
I guess the next logical step will be to purchase a beefy microcontroller of some sort. Any recommendations?
Impressive! Aliexpress offers over-unity energy.
There's a reason why I've never bought something from there.

Dodgy Technology / Re: Audiophool: £2,000.00 BNC cable
« Last post by taydin on Today at 08:16:35 am »
Seems to me like the audiophool subculture would be a good candidate for some research to be done on them and it.

There is A LOT OF research being done in that area. Shuntayo is one of those researchers :) They are reserching ways to rob people thousands of dollars and have the victim thank them and shake their hands afterwards. If that's not cutting edge research and skill, then I don't know what is  :-//
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