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With the last Version the login is now working.

The ┬╗Network Settings┬ź login window ...
user: rigollan
password: 111111

I tried it and it did not work?

Use it in the web-interface with any browser with your actual IP:


I use Office 365 so everything is always up to date, though I admit to not liking the stupid tool ribbon they went with- way less efficient than the old simpleton one.

I agree, the new 'ribbon' is a POS.  I like the old menus where everything was right where it was supposed to be.

But the "new" ribbon was introduced in Office 2007 - 11 years ago! Go back another 11 years and you get to Office 95 :)
Beginners / Re: 10937p-50 chip?
« Last post by Ian.M on Today at 09:14:19 am »
The 10937p-50's a royal PITA to use with LEDs - you'd be far better off chucking them or it back in the parts bin and either using it with a VFD or, if you must drive starburst LEDs, using a string of 74HC595 shift registers and a handful of MOSFETs (or TPIC6C594 power shift registers) and segment limiting resistors, all run from a single positive supply, with the Arduino providing the segment pattern for each character.

However if you *MUST* use it, possibly for a LED conversion of an existing VFR display, a VFD has active high character grids and segment anodes but a starburst LED display has either active high character anodes and active low segment cathodes if its common anode, or visa-versa if its common cathode.

A 10937p-50 is only good for up to 20mA of segment or character drive, so if you are using it with starburst LEDs, it strongly favours using common cathode characters, with a NPN transistor for each cathode so it can sink the worst case 200 mA of a character with ten segments on. Each transistor needs a base resistor to limit the base current and each segment anode needs a current limiting resistor to stay under the 10937p-50's 20mA output rating.  You could use  ULN2003 or ULN2803 ICs (depending on the number of characters you need) for a reduced parts count solution with all base resistors integrated.

If you are stuck with common anode LED characters, you'll need a NPN emitter follower on each 10937p-50 ADx pin to get enough current, and you'll still need 14 or 16  inverting drivers for the segment cathodes, + resistors to limit the segment currents to whatever the display is rated for.  One could use 14 or 14 discrete NPN common emitter transistors + base resistors but the parts count is fairly ridiculous so using 2x ULN2803 or ULN2003 is preferable.  Due to the voltage levels involved a 74HC14 is useless.   In all cases,  to minimise dissipation in the segment resistors, unless you are driving blue LEDs or ones with multiple series dies per segment, the ULN2803 or ULN2003 chip's common emitter pin (GND) should go to 0V not your -10V 10937p-50 Vdd supply. 
General Chat / Re: Career Help
« Last post by Rick Law on Today at 09:12:42 am »
Keep in mind, not everyone employed by the military are in the military.  They have a boat load of civilian employees as well.  As to whether if recruitment station is a place for those, your guess is as good as mine.

Indirectly, that was my point above.  So you do the job for the military and then you get out and do it for a civilian contractor using all the education and experience provided by the military.  At a minimum, you will walk into the contractors HR already having a security clearance.  This is actually a pretty big deal.

Echo that.  On the military side, once you are commissioned, you are already a leader by definition in the military.  Once you've done your time, you have the experience, the knowledge, the contact, the clearance, etc...  Plus, for some industry/company/state/federal openings, veterans has (in some cases, by law) a preferential hiring status.

I also know a number of people who did their 15 years (min for retirement benefit) or 20, collect their by then fairly sizable pension and start a second career.

I have to add thought, while the benefit is there, serving has to be in your heart as well.  It would be a pretty awful way to go if you are there, bleeding out on the battle field and saying to yourself: wish I had taken the burger flipping job for less money.  Granted, probability of that is very low but it could happen.  You need to make sure you are okay with the risk of being the unlucky few.
Test Equipment / Re: EEVblog 121GW Multimeter Issues
« Last post by Mickatroid on Today at 09:12:34 am »
Did you check these on 1.15 or 1.17 for the things you want to me check?
I checked on both 1.15 and 1.17

In Amp if you measure current, hold the reading and pull the probes out the reading stays displayed.
In the mA/uA jack if you do the same thing when you pull the probe out, the screen goes blank. And if you had it set to a manual range it changes over to Auto range when you pull the probe with the reading on hold.
Same behavior on mine on 1.17

Mine has a weird viewing angle also, straight on is dim compared to looking up at it. But looking at a down angle it get worse, almost unreadable.

As I said in my original post a bump on the bench appeared to fix mine properly. Whether the problem will come back I cannot say. Our symptoms were about the same. You will see Dave thinks it could be the zebra strip.
Test Equipment / Re: EEVBlog 121GW Discussion thread
« Last post by ChunkyPastaSauce on Today at 09:11:20 am »
I apologize if I'm complaining too much but my meter is mechanically not super well before and certainly after the shim installation. Too tight to turn the selector knob.
Double check which way the shim is facing. Mine came with the shim flipped the wrong way, the knob was way too tight as a result. The recessed face of the shim should face the PCB when assembled (away from retaining ring on the shaft).
Metrology / Calibrated DMM7510
« Last post by kj7e on Today at 09:10:09 am »
I was presented an offer I could not refuse and sent my DMM7510 to CalMachine at ENILABS for calibration (and I requested adjustment).  He had my 10v reference a few weeks back where it was adjusted to 10.0000017v.  My 34465A was calibrated by Keysight in Roseville last Dec, now everything agrees very well.  Something very satisfying about this.  Now I need more digits ...  :scared:

The Cal Cert was too big to upload, here is a Google Drive link;
But it takes more clicks and moves of the mouse to do the same operation with ribbon, which is why it's shit. Want to open a file? Under the old system, click the disk and you got strait to the open file galogue box. Now it takes three clicks! It's also pretty hard to discover new commands. At least under the old menu bar system, every command had a basic description next to it. Now with ribbon it's just silly icons.

Either use the tried-and-tested shortcuts (e.g., Ctrl-O), add your frequently used but buried commands to the Quick Access Bar in any Office app, or create a new group on the ribbon itself.
Test Equipment / Re: EEVBlog 121GW Discussion thread
« Last post by ChunkyPastaSauce on Today at 09:06:44 am »
Are the meters supposed to come with a pre-installed microSD card?
Yes. Sandisk edge 8gb in mine, but don't know if all the same.
If i go into the Programs folder on the new laptop, which lists all the programs that are installed on the new laptop, then LTspice doesnt show up here.

There are two folders for programs: Programs Files (x86) and Program Files. LTspice XVII comes with both x86 and x64 versions. On my Win10 system, it is installed here:

C:\Program Files\LTC\LTspiceXVII

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