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... or something happened during the re-assembly.

Yeah, that's the tough one to debug remotely :). Try to establish serial communication (e.g. using EEZ Studio or any serial console) and check out what error is reported when PSU goes into stand-by.
No, I checked on the 1.02 and 1.1.1, same behavior.

either my PSU was faulty already and I did't noticed or something happened during the re-assembly.

The calibration wizard is working, apologies, that was a midnight blunder I made. The issue is actually as below:
psu goes to standby while switch on the channel outputs (both), when OCP is enabled and output voltage from 5v and above with current below 9mA setting-no load.
when OCP disabled works upto 39.99, at 40V goes to standby.

Code: [Select]
CH1 U_DAC = 17471
06/19/2018 3:11:56 PM
CH2 U_DAC = 17263
CH1 U_MON = 8675
CH2 U_MON = 8615
CH1 U_MON_DAC = 8672
CH2 U_MON_DAC = 8600
CH1 I_DAC = 2524
CH2 I_DAC = 2495
CH1 I_MON = 742
CH2 I_MON = 704
CH1 I_MON_DAC = 1292
CH2 I_MON_DAC = 1273
AUX TEMP = 403
CH1 TEMP = 461
CH2 TEMP = 447
MAIN_LOOP_DURATION = 287 1092 2188 / 287 1090 2218 / 30 10107278
ADC_COUNTER = 926 / 9210 / 240243
Dynamic ram used: 684
Program static ram used 33908
Stack ram used 4360
My guess at free mem: 59352
SD volume is FAT 32
SD card begin result: 1
SD fs begin result: 1
SD blocks per cluster: 64
SD cluster count: 243584
SD fat start block: 12576
SD fat count: 2
SD blocks per fat: 1904
SD root dir start: 2
SD data start block: 16384
SD card size: 7990 MB
SD flash erase size: 128 blocks
SD erase single block

Recently I have been playing with 3d printers, developing kits and hacks, among which the replacement of the standard hot-plate with a custom one, and I got a lot of questions, thus I really wonder why people insist they want a 3d printer hot plate made with the same technology of Electronics PCB Circuit Board, rather than a plate made of aluminium?

an aluminum plate costs just 4 euro and it's for better at conducting heat than PCB, it's more mechanical resistant, and doesn't need to be painted.

copper is better at conducting heat than aluminum, but PCB plates only come with a thin copper plate, say a quart of the thickness is made of copper, the rest is resin and glass powder, that is rather heating insulation

there is up to 100 C degree on the hot plate, it needs to be of the same kind possible in every point of the plate,  thermal gradiends are not good when you print, and there are 3d printers that need a special mechanism to balance out the plate, this mechanism consists of five conductive areas on the plate, and the extruder head moves on the plate looking for these points to balance the plate by software, or by hardware if behind the plate there are 3 motors used to correct the roll on the X and Y axes.

so, why they insist on PCB-hot-plates :-//  ?

General Chat / Re: do you work out?
« Last post by Mr. Scram on Today at 07:36:56 pm »
It is repeatable for many persons that is why it is so popular, but people are not all the same.
For instance I found out for my self by reading a book called the blood type diet that with my bloodtype I should not eat too many grains and esp. no wheat.
Instead I should eat more meat and skip diary products esp. cowmilk.
Now you can discuss this and I am not defending this book but it resulted in me experimenting with this a couple of years back.
By dropping cowmilk intake, my skin on my back that was always pinkish like an allergy completely dissapeared for the first time in my life.
No doctor/specialist ever could help me, it was also not burdening enough, but it lead me to believe that every human is unique and you don't get a manual at birth.
So why treat all humans as being the same? I know for instance that a lot of asian people can not tolerate cow milk at all.

The whole discussion now about cholesterol is also very typical, a wrong statistical experiment in the 70's lead to abandon animal fats.
While the same fats give a fast saturation feeling which makes you stop eating more. In the meantime the foodindustry removed the fats from their
products and replaced them with..... sugar
Now there is sugar in all industrial prepared food, in my crabsalad there is 5% sugar, no recepy of fresh crabsalad mentions any sugar.
I can go on and on but my message is that you should listen to your own body and experiment what works for you, try to eat meals with fresh ingredients and skip the industrial garbage foods,
which I also eat BTW.

True, and besides your own discipline the food industry is there also part to blame, putting those "addictive" ingredients in great amounts into their products.
And the portions are also becoming larger. Prices for the worst food are lower than for the fresh good food which also does not help.

Here in Holland we are addicted to fried potatoe chips. When I was 10 the largest family bags were 100 grams and we ate with 4 persons from that.
Now the bags are a ludicrous 225g and if I am not carefull I can eat half of the bag on my own during watching a movie.
The trick is to downsize the industrial sizes, use a small cup and fill that with the chips and store the rest of the bag somewhere far far away :)
Best not to eat it at all indeed, I personally wish it was never invented ;)
I agree that not everyone is the same. At the same time it seems many people have very strange ideas about food and health. People tell themselves they're special and that's why normal advice doesn't apply to them all the time, much like the "golden ear" people in the audiophoolery world. People don't like the simple truth because people don't like changing their habits and try to deny it with all sorts of creative reasoning. Add to that that there's an industry that continuously creates new fads and you get some very strange and very strongly defended opinions that are completely contrary to any sane medical knowledge or decades of experience. It's remarkable to hear doctors talk about the strange ideas their patients come in with and have to fight against.

The blood type diet sounds like one of those invented ideas and a bit of research seems to confirm that. It's created by someone who calls himself a "naturopath", which is alternative medicine or non evidence based medicine. Research done indicates there no benifit to eating certain things when you have a certain blood type. Now, that doesn't mean the diet didn't help you. Not being able to cope with milk very well is quite common and it's very reasonable to think that an adjustment in intake helped you. Cow milk intolerance is hardly unique and actually a very common thing and completely accepted by conventional medicine. Individual humans generally have a unique combination of properties, but most of those properties are well known and described. Experimenting with what suits you is not a bad idea, but it's unlikely your body suddenly works completely different than that of any other or even breaks basic laws of nature.
Ah, that's right, my bad. It should be "hack", not launcher. Fixed. The "# Start hack." is a comment.
I've uploaded the fix to the site as well.

As for $preset_estimate_max_load - please read the instructions carefully, or watch the video again.
You have to replace an existing preset in the case that adding a preset doesn't work. Also, if your camera is CRC01, you should be able to use applaunch, since it isn't signed.

To check whether the hack is running, you can connect to the camera via telnet and run "ps". "hack.exe" should be in the process list.
Sad these don't have an app for the IOS.
Here is the final schematic that i think would work. The load here is a MOT. The contact sense part was what i was designing.

The idea is to avoid manually triggering the SCR via switch. Here the voltage drop at the primary of the MOT is sensed by the comparator and send to the microcontroller which switches ON the SCRs. The Spot welding can be done by just shorting the secondary.
Beginners / solution : how to judge the micro and type-c cable quality
« Last post by RD Tech on Today at 07:30:32 pm »
UM25(C) Measure Type-C and Micro cable resistance same with UM24(C) and UM34(C))

Use our tester to measure the cable resistance to judge the cable resistance good or not , it is very useful
Measurement procedure:
First, connect the USB Tester directly to the power supply and adjust the appropriate load current (recommended value 1A). Press and hold the "Next" button to begin recording data. The indicator prompt will stop flashing.
Second, unplug the USB Tester and then reconnect it to the power supply via the data connection cable and adjust the load current to the same value as in the first step. Press and hold the "Next" button to begin recording data. The indicator prompt stops flashing and the Data Connection Cable resistance measurement test is completed and the value displayed.
Note: If during the second step the screen turns black, this indicates that the voltage difference is too high and the tester will enter the 4.5V power-down state. The load current needs to be reduced. Then re-start the measurement from the first step. After the Data Connection Cable resistance test is completed, the Tester needs to be powered off and then on again to resume measurement.
Hmm. Decided to try the other method with presets but there's a problem there as well. Your install instructions say for the second method to add the $preset_estimate_max_load folder into /FlashFS/system/profile.d folder. There isn't one on my cam. Presets aren't even normally there in my camera menu unless I enable them in the UI config file - and then the menu entry is just empty. I did try enabling the presets option in the config file and re-running the CRC01 for the correct CRC but the "Back/Menu" plus down arrow combo still does nothing. I am running the 2.23.14 firmware.
Beginners / Re: Common Emitter BJT amp phase
« Last post by David Hess on Today at 07:17:03 pm »
Common emitter, aka shunt feedback amplifiers, invert the input signal whether NPN or PNP.  If you want a non-inverted signal, then you can use a common base or common collector NPN or PNP, use two common emitter amplifiers in series, or maybe add a transformer.
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