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General Chat / Re: TESLA finally launches a truck/semi ?
« Last post by expinkolator on Today at 04:32:25 PM »
I came to the conclusion that it was just a move to keep the Tesla name in people's minds rather than something new/revolutionary that is real.

More like to keep people's minds off the farcical solar city buyout and the 3k staff they sacked.
Off the model X being in the top 10 least reliable cars.
Off high Tesla insurance costs due to ridiculously expensive repair costs.
Off the flat model S sales.
Off the model 3's they have not made and are not making.
Off the $480k per hour they have been burning for the last 12 months.
Off the increasing competition from other manufacturers who already know how to make quality cars in volume.

One day they will run out of 'bigger fool' investors although I read Musk plans to turn customers into 'bigger fools' by getting them to pay in advance.
no I don't have synaptic installed I use vanilla apt. 

I don't have anything installed as I am completely blasting the system everytime I try this. It's takes about 10 minutes to reinstall ubuntu from scratch so there is nothing left.

will do on the PPA in repositories

thanks again for taking the time on this.
Test Equipment / Re: Rigol 1052E XY mode question
« Last post by AG6QR on Today at 04:30:36 PM »
Having a Z-input is pretty rare for digital scopes. I know there are a couple out there but don't remember specifically what models they are.

Correct, and to directly answer the specific question asked, no, the Rigol 1052E definitely does not have a Z input.
Other Equipment & Products / Re: Large Monitor (>= 40") recommendation
« Last post by 3roomlab on Today at 04:29:21 PM »
I am thinking of replacing my 27" monitor with a large monitor (40"-43").

Requirements: 4K, IPS or LED, 10:16 or 9:16 aspect ratio, non glare screen. Price range arround $700 (no more that $800).

The monitor will be used for programming and electronics CAD (layout, FPGA,..). It won't be used for gaming or high quality image editing.

I have been considering LG 43UD79-B or Philips BDM4350UC (both of them are now avaliable for about $600). Any experience with these (or any other) 40"+ monitors or suggestions?

to display things on a TV like a monitor, you need to consider its 4:4:4 mapping capability
LG used to be great with their 32s, but the current line ups do not render 4:4:4
ironically, SONY used to have problems, but their current models are great. samsungs imo are over priced and doesnt seem to last as long as LG.
and when using 1, to use it at low power consumption, drive it at 25/30Hz (the GPU doesnt complain as loud at low FPS), high bright/contrast + low backlight.
apparently this year's sony low end model is a great 4:4:4 unit
Of these 3 categories, the least regulated is sure to be the "knowledge" category, at least in the US. The reason for that, is that the act of conveying knowledge is "speech", and the Constitution protects "speech".


When it comes to simply conveying knowledge (protected by the US Constitution), you really can only get into legal trouble if you do it for criminal purposes.

Not everyone on this forum is under the jurisdiction of the US Constitution and its First Amendment.  There are many other countries which generally have wide freedom of speech, but even so, not all of them have the exact same freedom in all the details (in some cases, they are allowed to say things that some US citizens could be jailed for saying, in other cases, they could be jailed for saying things US citizens could say with impunity).

Under the US Constitution, the freedom of speech is not absolute.  Recall Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were sentenced to death in the US for "simply conveying knowledge", as you say.

In order to know whether the intent is a necessary element of the criminal offense, you must read the statute, and in some instances, the case law, regarding the particular offense for which you may be charged.  In many cases, intent is important, but not necessarily always.  And even when intent is important, it's not always intent to commit a crime that's important.
General Chat / Re: Access to UL standards.
« Last post by floobydust on Today at 04:20:33 PM »
You have to pay for UL/CSA/IEC/NFPA etc. standards.
If your corporation is serious about making safe, commercial products, then this is not a problem.

Canadian public libraries offer the CSA Standards Database under digital content section.
But you do not get (download) a PDF that can be printed (as I recall), or used anywhere else but with that library card- it's a secure PDF requiring the File Open plugin; which can be found here:

It's a hassle and much pain to eventually look at a secure PDF after getting handed off to the CSA database. That website is slow and not always working properly.
But terrific to see the latest standards and notification, errata etc.

With the on-going harmonizing of UL/CSA/IEC standards, sometimes you get lucky and find the UL equivalent.
In deed you coudl display a 30k ( or larger ) web page.  the PIC32MZ2048 will give you 2MB of space if you really want!  My web pages are around 120k, images, javascript etc.   You can of course display dyanmic content.

I'd suggest you start by getting a dev board, and then you can try it out.
General Chat / Re: Why do I already not like Star Trek Discovery?
« Last post by bitseeker on Today at 04:07:57 PM »
So, what happened to ST Continues? I just saw that it's ended.

General Chat / Re: TESLA finally launches a truck/semi ?
« Last post by Brumby on Today at 04:06:16 PM »
Electric cars are a joke  :palm:
I a way they jokingly outperform ICE cars?

No i mean they are joke in terms of resources pollutants and feasibility.

I won't get into the schoolyard antics that followed this comment earlier - but I do have this observation...

Being hypercritical of today's electric vehicles is, in my view, much the same as writing off the Sopwith Camel as a nice toy, but useless for commercial aviation.

It's early days - and I believe exploring technology in every direction possible is essential to find optimal solutions.  That includes travelling down paths that may fail terribly - but at least we would then know there was no future in them.

However, even if a journey is started in a direction that seems less than optimistic at the outset, you may well encounter a magic moment when something spectacular comes to the fore.

You never know until you check out all the ideas .... even the "dumb" ones.
General Chat / Re: Mains voltage poll (UK)
« Last post by HKJ on Today at 04:04:24 PM »
We had 220VAC before the harmonization, now it is 230VAC in most places (Denmark).
I have 230V within a volt or two most of the time.
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