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That’s true. Tube tester? (Glorified power supply and some resistors)... 1 meeeelion dollars.

Edit: ooh just found a batch of unicorn dung outside of eBay. Going to to camp that like a tick on a dog.
You are familiar with the removal method of ticks camping on a dog I take it? Just pray you don't get the same treatment or you'll know how that resistor felt.

From mobile device so predictive text might have struck again

Haha. Call my sister to do it. She’s a vet ;)
My dad didn't do that, he never knew your sister🤣. He used a freshly drawn cigarette so the tip nicely glowing and applied that to their arse. As soon as they released their bite they were squashed with tweezers, nice way to meet your end.

From mobile device so predictive text might have struck again
General Chat / Re: My car keeps shocking me!
« Last post by GeorgeOfTheJungle on Today at 05:05:59 pm »
That happens to me with a chair I have in the garden, at night I can even see and hear the sparks.
Most production machines do not support banks. My machine had the option but it was very expensive. Each empty bank was quite pricey and held about 25 8mm feeders. Between the cost of the feeders and the quick change hardware, I decided to figure out how long it takes to to swap 25 feeders.

Assuming the feeders are loaded and organized on my feeder takes about 3-4 minutes to swap them (all 25). Not worth the complexity and expense of the bank system. The bank system would perhaps save 2 minutes? I am looking elsewhere for time saving ideas.

Short and misplld from my mobile......

a topic which never ends.

When I was buying my first DSO three years ago I went for the 100MHz Siglent (The newly released Rigol DS1054Z was £500 delivered at that time), lots of bandwidth, worked well for all my small amateur projects. A tad bit slow on the software side when you crank up both channels. What is interesting with those Siglents is that they gain value with age! I bought one for £260, sold for £340 after two years!

ataradov, where can you get Rigol DS1054Z for 300 eur with warranty?!

As a hobbyist I never had a need for more than two channels, but majority of my projects are digital and MCU based, so not much analog stuff.
General Chat / Re: YouTube forces adverts
« Last post by bd139 on Today at 05:01:43 pm »
Very true with advertising.

I think people are starting to realise that the media is worth nothing despite the hours creators put into it.
To be honest, I never quite understand why the big guns HV probes always seem to have such massive, uninsulated tips on them, especially when so often the test points or accessible points on HV are so often in such close proximity to other items or even grounded metal work, seems to be inviting flash overs if you ask me?


These HV probes are not made for general diag work; they are made for a specific purpose: to measure the HV at the anode on a CRT while it is still in-circuit. That extra-long probe tip is made to be able to work under the big rubber cap without damaging it; some of these are 3" across and will tear easily, so the probe is made long & thin. I have a stand-alone B&K model HV-44 I leave hanging from a pin on the wall which I call "The Probulator"; it's mostly there for my own perverse amusement rather than any useful purpose.

Later versions, like the 44A on the right, have a shorter probe tip and a shrouded neck like you're suggesting; these are more meant for work with projection TV focus blocks and HV dividers.

Arh now that does make sense but really limits its usage because if you tried to to use it on any other HV point there would be a serious threat of a flash over if the exposed tip came close to anything else.

From mobile device so predictive text might have struck again

General Chat / Re: Electronics at sea
« Last post by ivaylo on Today at 05:00:13 pm »
SI all day, every day!
Except where more convenient for the mind units exist:
 - I’d rather tell you how old I am in years than in seconds (some of these years were different lengths too)
 - for some reason the size of the milky way sits better in my brain as 100K light years than in however many AU (or another non SI unit astronomers use is parsec)
 - etc, etc, same with the spherical measures we use for navigation on earth
Again, grew up with and love metric, there should be standards, SI is the best, but I would retain a little bit of humanity.
I had previously built 2 Constant Current loads based on a Chinese 4-MOSFET PCB and they work well.

Commercial Instruments offer other functions such as Constant Voltage, Constant Resistance or Constant Power, to name a few. I want to explore some of these functions using a PCB sourced on eBay that uses a single MOSFET.

The prizes are not motivating me. If there was a Keysight logo on one I might consider it :)

The only thing vaguely interesting is the Milwaukee bit set and I can get that from Home Depot.  And I bet I can even get Mrs. GreyWoolfe to buy it for me.
You're a very lucky man.  :-+

Now about your current signature...
I don't care what anyone thinks of me.  Except SWMBO and dogs.  I want her and dogs to like me.
Fixed it for you.  ;D
Buy/Sell/Wanted / Re: FS EU Datron Wavetek 1281 DC assy.
« Last post by wutieru on Today at 04:57:23 pm »
pls show the picture。
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