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I think this visit by John Kenny, that fab interview, is so good,  that it is more worth to Keysight than their whole add budget! It gives a trust to the products , the people behind and the company that will bring a lot of new customers. I wil also get the atention from hobbyist and users that normaly goes for cheaper products. Well done.. a act for other instrument companies to follow! G :-+reat show Dave!
RF, Microwave, HAM Radio / Re: Looking at ham radio?
« Last post by K5HJ on Today at 06:55:07 AM »
My 2 cents...

I have owned the IC-718, IC-7200, and IC-7300.

The 718 receiver sucks,  The AGC is horrible.
The 7200 is great.  No filters to buy. Good performance
The 7300 is wonderful.  That is what I am currently using.  Well worth the money.

After the 7300, my second choice would be the 7200.  Very rugged for portable operation.  You can find them used for a good price.

The 7300 touch screen and band scope will spoil you.

Randy K5HJ
General Chat / Re: How many DMM's do you own ?
« Last post by GreyWoolfe on Today at 06:52:44 AM »
FWIW, I also have a DER DE5000 LCR meter, but didn't include it given the title of the thread.

That said, it's a wonderful bit of kit for the money IME.  :-+ I couldn't even get an HP 4274A boat anchor* for what I paid for the DE-500, extra options I ordered, and fastest delivery. BTW, both of these can test up to 100kHz, and the 4275A up to 10MHz.

Seller with DE-5000 + all accessories with free tracked shipping goes for $163.49 (here). :o  ;D Add $5 for an intermediate delivery date (by the 9th of Nov.), and $15 for fastest delivery (by the 31st of Oct.) at the time of posting this.

DE-5000 LCR + TL-21, TL-22, and TL-23 (no power adapter or software kit) goes for $108.99 shipped (here).

* Quick look on eBay brings up $500 OBO + shipping for an HP 4274A (it may be possible to get one for less than the linked unit + cost of repair, but I didn't bother with investigating this).

Nano, have you gotten rid of those annoyingly short alligator clips and substituted these in? https://www.ebay.com/itm/LCR-Meter-Test-Leads-Lead-Clip-Cable-Terminal-Kelvin-Clip-Wires-with-4-BNC-/181391981262?hash=item2a3bcdface:g:uVMAAOxyUylTWduc

I got a set, they work well though one of them was shorted.  Simple fix.
General Chat / Re: Bringing a DIY battery powered device in flight?
« Last post by David Hess on Today at 06:52:33 AM »
I admit I didn't really check the limitations before, but pics of the modules are in the OP and it is using a ublox neo-6m-0-001 module. Quick look at the data sheet says 50000m and 500m/s unless I understood wrong :)

I knew exactly what to look for because of how you described the failure.  As far as I can tell from their documentation, the U-blox 6m supports the same modes and it can be reprogrammed; 50,000 meters and 500 meters per second only applies when in Airborn 4g mode.

CFG 0x06 Configuration Input Messages: Set Dynamic Model, Set DOP Mask, Set Baud Rate, etc.

EEVblog Specific / Re: EEVblog #1032 - John Kenny Keysight Interview
« Last post by H.O on Today at 06:51:58 AM »
Keysight products generally costs a bit more money than I'm prepared to spend. Now I have more respect for why that is than I what previously had. These videos made such an impression on me that I now own some stock in the Keysight company, You'd need something equivalent of a 3458 to pick my stake in last digit but never the less :-)

Well done indeed Dave & John, very interesting and enjoyable to watch and listen to!
This SOM is really nice and comes with good Linux support:


Thanks for the link.

At first I was like: "they want how much!?!", it is quite a bit compared to various OrangePi Zero boards and the like with similar specs (1 GHz, 512 MB RAM) and even featuring things that cost extra (WiFi module, MagJack and USB connectors etc) that SoM doesn't have.

But then I've noticed how professional these modules are. the amount of documentation provided, product change notices, reliability reports, longevity up to 2022 etc. Taking all that into account it doesn't look that bad.
Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Re: USB VID and PID question
« Last post by blueskull on Today at 06:49:28 AM »
Remember there's the VUSB for AVR? They offer a $9.9 hobbyist license with a free PID/VID pair that you can use on other projects.
Also, when you assign a PID, keep in mind that Windows will cache it and during the next enumeration, Windows will skip some descriptors, so assign one PID only to one product.
Beginners / Re: Li ion battery pack charging & BMS
« Last post by adras on Today at 06:46:30 AM »
Hmmmm, 18640 batteries with 5800mAh?!. Those don't exist! Yet! Or, well, in China they exist. But Chinese use different measurement methods like looking over your thumb gazing at the stars.

Throw them away! Either they only have a capacity of couple of hundret mAh, or maybe 1300 if you're lucky. But even if they are 1300 ones, you would charge them with way to much current. Throw them away! Even if you charge them right they can be dangerous! Throw them away!


Here, have a look at these. They were at 10-12€ each, but now they are at 7€. https://www.amazon.com/2500mah-discharge-Samsung-INR18650-25R-li-ion/dp/B00QKD4V4C/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1508442076&sr=8-3&keywords=samsung+inr18650-25r

I use those in my flashlights. You can charge them with 0.5C in 180 minutes or with 1C in 60 minutes(quickcharge). You get 20A out of them. They are LiNiMnCo batteries. They are safer than LiPo, not as safe as LiFePo. So they should forgive you a small mistake, but you should still be careful.
I won't touch Chinese SoCs because of my product market. I do high end audio design, and this is a relatively low volume, high quality market that has 80%+ gross margin.
However, due to the low volume nature and high quality requirement, R&D is bigger than BOM in most of the cases, so saving a few bucks on SoC while having to redesign once they become obsolete is not cost saving for me.
TI and Freescale have their long term commitment to industrial and automotive market hence 10+ year of product lifetime.
If I were you, I would consider either AM3358 SoM from Octavia (power hungry!), or build your own PCB from iMX6ULL. iMX6ULL runs on 16 bit RAM with ODT, so routing should be very easy (if you only need up to 512MB of RAM, aka single RAM chip).
There are stories that consumer grade ARM chips being abused as embedded modules and the mfg decided not to EOL it due to high demand, such as S3C2440, but that's a rare case, and it happens because it's the standard SoC in Chinese ARM9 embedded education, every Chinese ARM9 engineer knows it, so it has a virtually unlimited market.
It happens because at that time, S3C2440 is the only cheap ARM9 chip with full documentation, and that's before Chinese fabless SoC companies like AllWinner rose. Nowadays, having so many selections, I don't think the S3C2440 legend will happen again.
Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff / Re: uSupply Custom LCD
« Last post by KNSSoftware on Today at 06:45:57 AM »
Is this not suppose to be an open source project though?  As much as I would love to follow the experience of getting a custom display designed and produced, does it not go against the point of this particular project, if we can't build our own one without buying one of your custom displays?
And the problem with that is..?
I'm sure Dave will (if only out of necessity/MOQ) have plenty of displays available
The cost of buying parts (whether from Dave or making your own batch) has no bearing on the open-sourceness or otherwise.

I agree 'cost' has no baring, that is not my 'issue'.  My 'issue' (a term grossly exaggerated, as I will not personally be affected, but do feel is worth mentioning), is that the part relies on purchasing a part only available via the designer of the 'open source' project.  Obviously other parts are also proprietary, but they are not affiliated with he designer. i.e you can only follow the free design by Dave, by purchasing the display from Dave.  It does seem a bit borderline to me.
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