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I bet forum member CatalinaWow is hauling another load of equipment back home shortly!

I'm looking forward to the pictures. Hoarding by proxy  >:D
Sometimes only one technology will solve the problem; more often several technologies could solve the problem. Knowing multiple technologies allows selection of the most appropriate for the task, so that you avoid using a hammer to insert nails.
I think everybody knows what you're getting at, but avoiding using a hammer to insert a nail is a good metaphor for how perverse many hobbyist projects can be.
Test Equipment / Re: Cheap ESR meters -- any good?
« Last post by stj on Today at 03:21:23 AM »
the presence or lack of the menu and specific contents are down to whoever compiled the code - it can be added later if it's missing.
General Chat / Re: Prepping & Maintaining Your Brand New Soldering Iron
« Last post by stj on Today at 03:20:07 AM »
well i wipe the tip on the brass wool when i'm done - and they dont have any problems.
Beginners / Re: New solder station?
« Last post by stj on Today at 03:18:40 AM »
i also dont like the "weller blue" but because it looks like it was made in the 1960's!!
Beginners / Re: Pic microcontoller programming in assembly...
« Last post by Ian.M on Today at 03:18:30 AM »
No. David (Mr. 'Gooligum'), user meikled on the Microchip forum, isn't in any way connected with my self, other than by a number of public discussions on the Microchip forum, and to the best of my knowledge isn't connected to Ric (on Microchip forum, and also his own forum, either.
General Chat / Re: NASA Detects Artificial Barrier Around Earth
« Last post by rdl on Today at 03:15:52 AM »
Statisticly that chart does make sense but is sufferes fro the cuase effect fallicy. But dumb people wont know that and think science keeps you happy! Whelllll it does for me anyways. I would be vary depressed if I didn't see a career in STEM in my future.

The chart makes it look like the increased spending causes more people to die from hanging suicides. I don't see the correlation with happiness of dumb people.
A good HAL need to be platform and vendor agnostic, so those "vendor HAL" flat out does not meet this criteria. A good example of a good HAL would be the Arduino API.
In my own code I do use HAL - a mix of POSIX API and Arduino API for features not exist in POSIX.

Any peripheral differs from vendor to vendor. So the layer above the peripheral  that handles the init and all the tweaks and quircks , flags and interrupt etc from that peripheral ,usually called the HAL is and will always be vendor specific.

Nothing is stopping you from writing a proprietary userHAL on top of the vendors HAL, but saying that all HALs from all vendors should be equal is waiting for utopia.
So far the Arduino folks have been doing a good job keeping AVR8, SAM3X and SAMD21 in the ropes, and TI folks is looping in MSP430 too.

In fact the sole point for me to bring up POSIX is because itself is too a HAL and have been used to abstract away platform differences on a good multitude of hardware platforms: the same POSIX API works on things from PC (Linux) to Mac (macOS) to embedded systems (uCLinux) to smartphones (iOS) to game consoles (OrbisOS.) What I am trying to say here is maybe we can try make some parts of POSIX API work on STM32 without an operating system kernel.

I applaud Arduino for doing it, but if you ever dug under the hood, you will see the pain they went through to get it to work. In my experience, just from going from a Freescale m4 to a St Micro m4 is a lot of work because the peripherals do not work the same way. The closest thing to to what you want is mbed. Essentially, took the vendor HAL and put their own API on top of it. 
General Chat / Re: Special Price FOR EEVblog Members
« Last post by Daque on Today at 03:14:17 AM »
Are discount codes still available.  I am getting the feeling I will end up buying one to replace my old ds1052
Location of a vehicle within a power line right-of-way is the primary factor in nuisance shocks.

See Page 4
Ohio USA 60HZ
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