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This one has to be the most expensive damage

Was there really no one fired? I'd be surprised, given that I'd call NOT checking for the presence of those 24 bolts "gross negligence".
So it all depends on the B11 component, then?

I will mount this, and report back to!

Would be fun to know what made it blow in the first place..
Could a heater circuit that for some reason, got to low impedence do this?

Dear RX8pilot,

We can do 0402 with Neoden and even 0201!

Best regards,

Robert Joosten
Beginners / Re: Electronics primers, course material and books
« Last post by Mark.h.b on Today at 02:45:14 AM »
Glad I found this, the NEETS is a good read for the noobs as myself but people are actually selling it on eBay for around $4.00 usd !!

Thank you for sharing.
Yes the area to the left of your Vgs curve is the Miller event/time/plateau. This is the linear region of the FET. Any modulation here is amplified to the output. Power Switch FETs do not like to hang out during this time, they're made to blast through it and get into the enhancement region and have a low Rds. Wiggles are bad here IMO. One could make the argument that a fast turn on with a wavy Vgs through the Miller event is okay. It essentially only adds noise, your thermal performance is better the faster u switch. But that noise will get you so i recommend a nice controlled switch.

Just google "FET miller event" and take a look at those top app notes and other info. Lots of good things there.

Get some load under the controller to really see what's happening. Even making a Wye connected Power Resistor arrangement and telling your controller to blindly commutate @ some predefined duty cycle is a great way to get safe current flowing through the system. Bypass whatever phase angle/commutation state system your using has have it tick through all the phases as if it was running the motor at 60RPM or some such number. Or if you're running off hall effect sensors. leave that portion of the motor hooked up and connect power Wye to the phase output and simply turn the motor by hand - with a limit on duty cycle, and appropriate resistance values of course!
Other Equipment & Products / Re: SmallSMT - Discussion Thread.
« Last post by PrintTec on Today at 02:43:29 AM »
dag Marc
wat ben je allemaal aan het rommelen?
o, o, o...
General Chat / Breaking the Ledger Security Model
« Last post by bitwelder on Today at 02:42:52 AM »

Not much impressed by the general behaviour of the Ledger team
Found some more Tenma scopes, along with an even bigger pile of Tenma power supplies and meters but I'm trying to ignore those...

Tenma 72-8727 200MHz 4 channel 2GS/s. Quite a old model but they seem to have a reasonable spec on paper, I'm sure they're perfectly good for something at the price I'm wanting for them! Dual timebase and built in multimeter function including adaptors for current.

Boxed, as new, includes the current converters and multimeter leads but NO probes. The probes they supply are crap, the reason most of these scopes get returned.

List price £959+VAT but we all know that's a bit mad. Must be worth £140 plus shipping (£10 UK, £20 sensible EU countries, elsewhere please ask)?

Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff / Re: 2033 transistor replacement
« Last post by wraper on Today at 02:39:38 AM »
But would you say we are on a safe side atleast with the 7478?
I guess so, I don't think that gate driver does not have any margin to not being able handling higher gate charge.
Alright i see.

Will have to read up on that..

But would you say we are on a safe side atleast with the 7478?

Again thank you..
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