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General Chat / Re: New Spaceport Planned in Scotland
« Last post by German_EE on Today at 02:38:55 am »

Britain has been talking about a working spaceport since the days of Dan Dare and Quatermass, and apart from a half-hearted effort in the wilds of Cumbria along with four launches at Womera they never got anywhere.
Where are you hiding? At least on this side of the pond, a few people want to split 4.7 billion in claims.

How on Earth does asbestos get into an ovary, anyway? Even if it did it has no chemical toxicity. The concern with it is physical, in that the fibres are completely insoluble and hence stay in the lungs as an irritant for a long time.

Has anyone actually brought forth scientific evidence to back this claim?
Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Re: STM32F0 GPIO - BOOT0 as input
« Last post by andersm on Today at 02:37:12 am »
Have you configured the BOOT_SEL option bit?
Beginners / Re: Help with buying a first oscilloscope
« Last post by yngndrw on Today at 02:33:07 am »
Well the DSOX2002A is just as hackable as the DS1054Z, for the decoding options and bandwidth. Having said that, I'd personally prefer to use a USB logic analyser over a scope for decoding so can't say I've ever used the decoding options myself. (Although I guess a scope would be convenient to decode RS232-level serial due to its wide input range) Using a dedicated logic analyser removes the issue regarding channels, bringing me back to the question of whether or not the vast majority of us need four channels as opposed to want.

Just to be clear on price, there have been some DSOX2002As on Ebay for £600 that didn't sell, so I don't think an offer of £500 would have been rejected at the time. They aren't always on there, but that kind of scope does come up if you wait a little. If you can wait, they are comparable to the DS1054Z.

The SDS1104X-E looks to be priced well, but I'd worry about the UI performance for my self especially seems as nobody reported the issues on the Rigol as much as I'd like - I've already been bitten myself.
Maybe nobody notices that because they don't look at the meter from above.
And I may not notice it either, except I looked a lot at UT136 and from the first moment I powered on AN8008 I felt discomfort. I had to adjust my position to see the reading. So AN8008 was discarded (I actually want to do OLED conversion by tapping into LCD lines, but that's a long term project).
What temperature is it at,right now? What temperature do you need?

Most electronics can take upto 80 degrees concidering that they have crappy capacitors, Silicon can take even higher temperatures.

If it's so hot,Then add a pump and a radiator to the loop
General Chat / Re: Best equipment tear down ever.
« Last post by German_EE on Today at 02:29:01 am »
Douglas Raine who did the voice over work for HAL was told by Kubrick to sound as relaxed as possible. He therefore wore his favorite slippers, smoked his pipe and put his feet up on the desk whilst working  :)
KiCad / Re: Kicad 5.0.0 released
« Last post by ataradov on Today at 02:27:32 am »
Yes, I was looking for some binaries that are not nightly builds (that were missing some library last time I checked).
No redundancy on my bench.

I was taught long ago that it’s  always best to use the right tool for the job. For years I wasted time dicking around with the wrong tool because it was all I had and could afford. I’m also an inpatient bastard when working on a project, so if I do have the right tool, but it’s not within arms reach, I may very well not take the time to go retrieve it.

Now that I can afford it, I’m damn well gonna have the right pair of pliers, cutters, or screw driver all within reach!  ;D
Here is the first term from AMBA 3 (I'm using AHB-lite)

1. Subject to the provisions of Clauses 2 and 3, ARM hereby grants to LICENSEE a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty free, worldwide licence to:

(i) use and copy the AMBA 3 Specification for the purpose of developing, having developed, manufacturing, having manufactured, offering to sell, selling, supplying or otherwise distributing integrated circuits which may or may not include a CPU but which incorporate a bus which is compatible with the AMBA 3 Specification, provided that where such integrated circuits incorporate a CPU then either: (a) such CPU is manufactured under licence from ARM; or (b) such CPU is neither substantially compliant with nor marketed as being compliant with the ARM instruction sets licensed by ARM from time to time;

So to me that seems pretty black and white that it cannot be revoked, and that the restriction is that ARM-compatible CPUs must be manufactured by separately licensed from ARM. Potentially AMBA 4 and AMBA 5 have different terms.
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