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Test Equipment / Re: Test Equipment Anonymous (TEA) group therapy thread
« Last post by bd139 on Today at 08:35:52 PM »
That TG110 has a rise time of 10ns so bandwidth is a little higher than the "10MHz faceplate" mark which is the pulse repetition rate on PGs. Bandwidth is roughly defined as:

0.35 / risetime(ns) = bandwidth (GHz)

So 35MHz in this case.

However I wouldn't use a pulse generator to calibrate a scope. The main thing with the PG is that it has defined rise and fall times and rough high and low times rather than regular precise events or stable amplitude. It's usually used to inject stimulus into a system. Something crystal controlled is far more accurate as that has leading and trailing edges or pulses derived are derived from a stable ridiculously high Q oscillator, usually run through some TTL flip-flop chains to derive lower frequencies.

Amplitude is a different matter though. That's really complicated. Much more than it looks. That's a complicated combination of the distributed capacitance of the system, the transmission line between the finals in the pulse generator and the input of the scope, the slew rate of the final amplifier etc. And then there's the aggregate bandwidth of the whole system to consider. How do you, for example, calibrate a 100MHz oscilloscope's amplitude at 100MHz when it won't read full amplitude there?

This was a difficult problem and even Tektronix gave up on it for a long time and kicked out separate marker generators for horizontal calibration and constant amplitude generators for vertical cal. Look up Tektronix Type 184 and 191. Both marvelous bits of engineering.

However very useful to have around. Great for clocking TTL circuits, doing TDR and numerous other things.
Other Equipment & Products / Re: reMarkable: The Paper Tablet
« Last post by blueskull on Today at 08:33:52 PM »
I believe the SONY started above 1000EUR.

DPT-RP1 is $700 in US, and roughly the same in Japan.
Hmm seems like I am getting contradicting things here. AF6LJ seems to say that it's fine, just handle with care like any other RF cable, but hagster, you claim that they will degrade...

Any more details on this? Perhaps "guides" or references about the use of these cables?
Firstly is your motor EC/BLDC motor? Brushless or Brushed?
Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff / Re: Buck-boost converter
« Last post by hussamaldean on Today at 08:19:08 PM »
I attached my design with the post
PWM signal from D5 with frequency of 64KHz
is there something wrong ? or Arduino can't switch the mosfet fast enough ?
The software they use is very expensive and requires a very skilled person to use. I'm not sure how many non professional people use this type of software to do analysis, most likely not many. However due to higher signal frequencies and the ever increase in in wireless connectivity in more applications it may become more relevant.

What is your specific interest for the use of this technology? 
Metrology / Re: T.C. measurements on precision resistors
« Last post by cellularmitosis on Today at 08:17:04 PM »
HMM, that’s a creative solution. At 40 AWG that’s only one meter of wire.
Mhm, in 'Mark' I put the location of the 4 individual fiducials on each of the 4 PCBs, and in REAL I put the real location of on each of the 4 PCBs. Not correct?

Repair / Re: Weller WTHA1 hot air station.
« Last post by stylius on Today at 08:13:57 PM »
Where you see info what posible swap between handles?
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