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Renewable Energy / Re: When Will Electric Cars Become Mainstream?
« Last post by nctnico on Today at 05:17:15 pm »
For now... within 15 years you'll see new nuclear power plants being built allover Europe.
Not credible any more. Too expensive considering clean alternatives.
Name the alternatives complete with a TCO analysis. Everybody is talking about renewabled but their numbers never add up.  :bullshit:
Look more like it might have been Christchurch.
I don't feel quite so bad now. I thought my junk heap was bad. But it really isn't.

Nope Auckland.
General Chat / Re: Does Kirchhoff's Law Hold? Disagreeing with a Master
« Last post by Berni on Today at 05:15:42 pm »
Perfect. Now let's suppose that I define two paths: #1 from A to B and #2 from B to A. Let's suppose, then, that the voltages measured between these two points following these two different paths are different. If we start form point A via path #1 and return to it via path #2, and if we add up these two voltages, will we have zero volts?

Beginners / Re: Looking for a *scalar* signal generator
« Last post by Mechatrommer on Today at 05:09:10 pm »
What does "Scalar" mean in the context of a signal generator?
i guess it means normal signal generator, "NOT" vector which can provide IQ or phase accurate or defined modulator. when looking at the other thread where users testing the bode plot capability on their not so cheap killer in town scope, i remember in those days i programmed DDS 3x25 AWG to do the same with $400 Rigol DSO up to iirc 25-50MHz.
    What were your other options?
    Did you get enough HSC marks to get into a Uni engineering course?

    The option that i was hopping for is but i did not get the offer. So the only option i have left is an advanced diploma at TAFE.

    I have not looked at the details of that USQ course syllabus, but surely a three year TAFE associate diploma is going to trump a two year "associate degree" ?
    Seems deceptive that any two year course has "degree" in the title. Standard for any sort of associate "degree" in engineering is 3 years, both in Australia and overseas.
    IIRC the IEA recognise qualifications are
    - 4 years = full member
    - 3 years = associate member (seems to be called "technologist" now)
    - 2 years = technician (now called "associate")

    But like I said, hardly anyone in electronics joins the IEA, but it's a useful reference.
    In this country you can call yourself a "professional engineer" (as can your employer) if you do engineering as a profession, the IEA have no say in anything. For electronics anyway.

    Failed it, ATAR of 35. No entry in to any uni.

    Bummer. Only other avenue would be mature age entry, which IIRC is still 21.
    Although to can apply for an interview with the dean, but you've usually got to have other things under your belt first.

    Subjects that I was doing are:
    Studies of Religion 1[/li][/list] (Band 4)

    WTF is wrong with this country that that's even an option?

    * You can not do engineering at uni level with General Mathematics 2. The minimum is advanced mathematics.

    Yep, they throw your straight into reasonably advanced calculus in an engineering degree.

    Performance depends on how you treat it. Big transactions vs small ones.
    Someone who does engineering for a living.
    I'd say you don't even need to do it for a living. You can be a violinist without doing it professionally too.

    I'm fairly new here and thought this might be the right place to ask a few questions.  I searched the forums and was unable to find the same problem already discussed, although I did find there are at least a handful of others here with the same scope and a little bit of discussion about it.

    My Hantek portable scope DSO1202B (2 CH, 200 MHz, handheld) recently failed self calibration at step 23/38 with error 0x2.  The firmware version is 2.01.1 which I believe to be the latest and was preinstalled when I purchased it in 2014.  I've sent an email off to Hantek to inquire about repair.  In the meantime I'm wondering if anyone else here has dealt with calibration errors with this scope.  I can still display waveforms and also take measurements with the DMM, and the results seem to be within the expected performance of this scope.

    Hantek does not provide release notes and I haven't seen a list of self calibration error codes or any service documentation on this unit.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.  A few pics attached.
    Whats an engineer?

    Someone who does engineering for a living.
    Test Equipment / Re: Hack of Sigllent spectrum analyzer ssa3021X?
    « Last post by yo4hfu on Today at 04:52:08 pm »
    Good luck! Ask if you have something unclear.

    This is my procedure (Microsoft Word .docx file). Nothing new inside, all instructions are according Eevblog forum. It is not my contribution.

    73 de Robert

    Robert Thanks so much for the great document. It explains it in a way that makes it very easy.
    I emailed you because I think that there is one problem.  It does not seem to remove the NSP_np_Bandwidth.xml file.  It just makes a copy with the x added to the end of the name and I end up with the two files in the directory.  This means that nothing changes, the unit operates as it did before the attempt.   The backup folder just has only the X copy in it.


    Indeed, you still have old bandwidth file inside of firmdata0 and i don't why... I'm quite sure, similar issue was reported in the past by other eevblog user (LE: #370...#377).
    Please check my email reply. There you have the instruction for how to delete "NSP_sn_Bandwidth.xml" located inside of "Firmdata0".

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