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General Chat / Re: Unicode
« Last post by Hero999 on Today at 04:55:54 am »
... and probably 90% of the non-english speakers on here ...

Electronic engineers can at least read and write basic english. How else are they supposed to read datasheets?

So, in the end ASCII is enough on an electronics forum.
I think you'll find that most people here disagree with this.

Many people here have pushing longing for uni code support on this forum for a long time. The main reason I like it is for the Ω symbol, which is very important for an electronics forum. The µ character has been supported for a long time. I don't know why, since it isn't a standard ASCII glyph. I think mathematical symbols such as √ are also good. There's LaTeX maths support, but it gets blocked when I'm at work by the firewall.

If you don't like Unicode, then you don't have to use it.
Beginners / Tesla Model 3 (teardown, motherboard, etc.)
« Last post by 13hm13 on Today at 04:53:25 am »
Munro & Associates, Inc. (Michigan, USA), tore down two Tesla Model 3's in order to produce their massive report (for sale, in the B2B industry).

This video is bit long, but some good discussion and some views of the teardown:

Highlights include:

03:00 - Tesla Model 3 Teardown Analysis
14:55 - The Good Stuff: Model 3 Automatic Drive Modules (motherboard)
26:46 - Are the pieces good? Door Panels, Exterior, etc.
29:00 - Model 3 Battery: Intricate Magic
42:55 - Doctor Data
44:55 - Mechanics of the Model 3
Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Re: Controlling 8 solenoid air valves.
« Last post by mikerj on Today at 04:50:24 am »
Thank you for reply.

My concern with running it on Arduino is for very short pulses 200 ms I would have to run some amount of code checking timing - I am concerned that for such a short period of time, I wont be able to finish all the calculations in time.

If the open/closed times don't change then there's very little for the Arduino to do.  If there are any heavy calculations needed to calculate the times, they could be completed before you start the timer running. 

I suspect you could quite easily handle everything from a single timer interrupt and still keep jitter in the low microseconds range.
I've got a ship still in the box as well, I've been putting it off since it's going to be a real bear...

Nice. I've got one of these still in the box.
General Chat / Re: "Flat Earthers"... what the F%$# !!!
« Last post by Distelzombie on Today at 04:47:04 am »
I didn't really care about that. The info that the average IQ is 98 is questionable anyway and it is from 2006.
EEVblog Specific / Re: Microsoft wont let me in my email anymore
« Last post by IanB on Today at 04:45:20 am »
Jeroen is right, it has to do with the EU law.

I have the password of my account offcourse,
can i still hack it somehow ?, or is it hard to hack if you have the password already ?

I went to microsoft because google had something new : they read your emails for you,
so after i had hotmail, microsoft also started to reading your mails,

Don't be paranoid. Emails have never been private or confidential. In the early days they were sent over the wire in plain text for everyone to read.  Maybe they still are.

If you are an adult you have no choice apparently but to comply with the requirements and provide a credit card, or provide some other proof of age and identity.

After that, start lobbying your legislators about annoying laws and consider voting for people who will oppose them.
Repair / Re: The repair from He!! - HP 4275A LCR meter
« Last post by vtp on Today at 04:43:21 am »
I assumed CR1 oriented as it is across C18 would result in only positive voltage output, no?

No, Kleinstein is right. The U1 circuit only allows highly negative or slightly positive (about diode drop) control voltage range. It goes very fast negative even with very small positive input.

Q10 seem to be quite weird thing indeed. I think it can be assumed that it has negative treshold voltage and that the channel is normally off (which is contrary to normal depletion mode operation and how it has been drawn) if it is anything like the newer part.

For out of circuit measurements I would like to recommend Tektronix 577 with storage display. They can be had for reasonable money and are easy to recondition and adjust to mfg specifications - in case you need another project in future.
General Chat / Re: "Flat Earthers"... what the F%$# !!!
« Last post by ebastler on Today at 04:41:08 am »
Or 325.7 million / 100 * 14.3061222370% = 46,595,040.125909 people under 85 IQ - means exclusive 85 IQ, but including all other under

That would be the right table lookup if the average IQ were 100. But as you stated in your prior post, that's not the case in your example. In a population with an average IQ < 100, the percentage with IQ < 85 will be even larger .

This doesn't hurt your original argument, of course. The learning lesson here is that when you make an argument which involves IQ values, you invite comments from nitpickers. ;)
Metrology / Re: Nortel Trimble NTGS50AA-08: Help needed
« Last post by Zermalmer on Today at 04:41:05 am »
On the website of ko4bb I find the  nortel gps monitor and thought it could be an good idea to see the Status of the hardware/status registers right before or after the system halted...

Unfortunatly the system simply run into the same state of halt and the serial communication is not longer possible (indicated by the two red lights in the lower left corner) and no usefull infos what was reason for the halt is displayed  |O
At the beginning all looks fine....

I made one test with and one without antenna, to see if the program is able to show the missing antenna.
Also some querys from the dropdown menus are working fine until the crash.
EEVblog Specific / Re: Microsoft wont let me in my email anymore
« Last post by IanB on Today at 04:38:16 am »
OK, so it seems to be real. But I still surprised there is so little discussion of it online. It seems like something that would prompt lots of questions and complaints, yet a search with relevant keywords didn't even turn up that Microsoft link.
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