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Test Equipment / Re: Hack of Sigllent spectrum analyzer ssa3021X?
« Last post by Bicurico on Today at 03:33:37 AM »
Doesn't matter if you keep them or not. But they will not be producing extra serial numbers.

Also, with the "t" options: you can keep them, as long as you have the non-"t" options, too.

Here is the complete string I used and that gives you the maximum licenses, available:

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
General Chat / Re: Why I don't like Arduino !
« Last post by madires on Today at 03:32:08 AM »
I fully agree that the Arduino is a great tool for starting with MCUs. The IDE and tons of tutorials are very helpful for beginners. If you like to do more advanced stuff you have to deal with the MCU directly anyway. And you can do this with the Arduino too. It's a versatile little MCU board.
Test Equipment / Re: Hack of Sigllent spectrum analyzer ssa3021X?
« Last post by Pinkus on Today at 03:30:21 AM »
Just to reassure:
What I now see in Thomas license code, that the entries for 1 Hz and 3 Mhz RBW which were working in 7.07 are gone. In 7.07 there was <_1HZ>TRUE</_1HZ><_3M>TRUE</_3M>
I read in this thread, that 1 Hz and 3 Mhz RBW are not available anymore starting from FW 8.1 so I just should delete this now before updating? Would it hurt to keep it?
From FW 8.5 the 1 Hz will be back anyway, am I correct?
General Chat / Re: What did you buy today? Post your latest purchase!
« Last post by edgelog on Today at 03:25:32 AM »
So, I opened up my new Quick 861DE and to my surprise it looks quite different from the 861DW that Dave reviewed. For instance, it has a different blower (since it's 200 L/min instead of 120, that's to be expected), but the main transformer isn't there, replaced by a smaller one on the main board. Also, the EMI filter on the back panel is absent. The main board says "856D-Powerdrive v2.8 2015-06-22", while the 861DW in Dave's video says "861D-MotorDrive V1.5 20150731", so the 861DW Dave had is a more recent revision than the 861DE I have.

Now, the 856 is a different unit from Quick, you can see it here (click on 856 on one of the buttons on top):

Checking the specs there, it seems the 861DE is a 856 in the case of the 861DW. Interesting.

All the boards in my unit are completely different from the boards you can see in Dave's video of the 861DW. See 12:04 point in:

BTW, about that EMI filter missing, I didn't notice any flickering of the lights, but I don't have any fluorescents either.
EEVblog Specific / Re: EEVblog #1064 - Soldering Irons OLD vs NEW
« Last post by madires on Today at 03:22:43 AM »
I think I've mentioned this in two other related threads but it has to be said again. :) Everyone is talking about Hakko, JBC, Metcal and Weller, but not about ERSA. The old tech i-Tool (+ i-CON) is as good as any other new tech iron. It heats up fast, the temperature control works great (there are three control profiles to select from!) and the tips are affordable and long lasting. It's modern old tech ;D
Detail of the panel, filtered power + USB hub and top shelf.
Test Equipment / Re: Hack of Sigllent spectrum analyzer ssa3021X?
« Last post by rf-loop on Today at 03:19:32 AM »
Pinkus -

please make sure the lower case "t" in the license line are removed. This designates the test / temporary licenses and won't enable the permanent ones. The line should rather look like this:


Otherwise, the hack should work like this.

Good luck,

This is the case when the forum has experts and accurate eyes.
It was a very good and careful accurate observation - worth a thousand points!

 :-+ :clap:
Renewable Energy / Re: News from the GTI design workbench, Blog
« Last post by fourtytwo42 on Today at 03:18:18 AM »
And here is the trial fitting in the case (letterbox) layout of everything designed to ensure the essential PicKit3 was going to fit in situ :) Run out of fiberglass sleeving so won't be wiring the magnetics till late next week! On the hunt now for something to keep the spiders out of the fan to avoid spidercide  :o
General Chat / Re: Why I don't like Arduino !
« Last post by Beamin on Today at 03:17:46 AM »
I find the hardest part about an Arduino is answering the question "What's an Arduino do?" from a lay person. Everything? Blink a light? Run a webserver that monitors the doors in your house from your cell phone?
Dodgy Technology / Re: Snake oil
« Last post by SeanB on Today at 03:16:27 AM »
Looks more like a can of dielectric grease, actually very useful in outdoor applications to keep the plugs and sockets from corroding into a mess, though of course for best results you apply it, tighten up the plug and socket then wrap it with a layer of PVC tape and overwrap with self amalgamating tape for full weather protection.

Got the cans, got the grease........
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