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Has anyone gotten a quote or any reply from PC Components?
General Chat / Re: I died a little inside today.
« Last post by amyk on Today at 12:58:29 PM »
We just destroyed thousands and thousands of mostly working 5-year old Motorola portable radios, chargers, accessories etc... Only because they were fitted with strong encryption capabilities not available to the general public, so in the shredder they go.
Military? I'm not surprised. After all, they constantly handle things that are built to destroy and be destroyed...
While the true embedded fan-boys will wince at the idea, there's nothing wrong with implementing an Arduino program on a production platform unless you have efficiency and/or timing constraints that preclude it.  So long as the board you want to use is in the board library and you program within the capabilities of the board, it should be fine.

However, if you want to spin your own board, then things get significantly more "interesting"...
Beginners / Motor's power
« Last post by fabiodl on Today at 12:57:15 PM »
I was looking at a motor, specifically this

The rated current is 0.32A. The rated output power is 150W.
At 12V, a current of 0.32A gives 3.84W of input power. Which is nearly two orders of magnitude higher than the rated output power, and losses are not considered.
My guess is that the power is limited to instantaneous conditions. However, is this normal to express motor power in this way?
What should I search for if I want to continuously have (possibly with a gear box) 1000rpm, 0.5 Nm ?
General Chat / Re: I died a little inside today.
« Last post by jhalar on Today at 12:57:12 PM »
I think for the "professional scroungers" they regard them as theives because it reduces the scrap value the contractors receive and they in turn charge the ratepayes a higher fee. Ordinary folk tend to take a different sort of stuff that probably doesn't overlap the money scrap so much. I dislike the people who cut power cords off everything, even servicable stuff.

My council used to have regular 5 times a year scrap and electronics collections. The council could not deal with the number of  "professional scroungers" so they changed the collection from a regular scheduled pickup to one that you need to book a pickup time.  We still get 5 x scrap and 5 x electronics free pickups but the "scroungers" don't know when a pickup will be made. This stopped them coming.

General Chat / Look at who's reading The Art of Electronics
« Last post by NiHaoMike on Today at 12:54:34 PM »

For those who don't know, she's an artist who enjoys building computers that look cool. Maybe she's looking to include some custom electronics in her next case mod.
General Chat / Re: How many DMM's do you own ?
« Last post by David Hess on Today at 12:51:50 PM »
For the Fluke 189: use rechargeable batteries (Eneloop low self discharge). I don't know if rechargeable batteries can't leak but I have never seen it.

NiCd and NiMH cells have a pressure vent for safety at the positive terminal.  If the cell is old enough or severely overcharged, it can leak but the result is usually crystals of potassium hydroxide and not nearly the mess that other batteries make.  The positive end of the cell will look "fuzzy" when it starts to leak.
Repair / Re: EDC4600 AC standard
« Last post by PTR_1275 on Today at 12:50:33 PM »

Mine is the AC1000, undortunately I could find no information on that model when I searched and searched. I'll send you a private message and you can reply to that.
Beginners / Re: Beginners DSO-138 assembly question
« Last post by Brumby on Today at 12:45:42 PM »
Aside from being harder to install straight, two single pins will work just as well as a two pin piece - and once soldered properly, should not be a problem.

The two 2 pin connections are primarily used as physical support for the "free" end of the display board.  If I remember correctly, they do not have any electrical function.

When installing a single row of pins, you have to be careful of vertical alignment in one direction - but when you have single pins, you have to worry about that for 360ยบ.  I would suggest that when you mount these 2 pins on the display board, you use the mating sockets on the main board to locate and align them.  Just lightly plug them together for this, as they are a very firm fit and if you want to check anything, the 40 pin connector is not easy to separate.  (If you ever need to, be patient, take it gently and try to separate it evenly.)
Test Equipment / Re: Identifying Old Mains Connector (Ailtech 707)
« Last post by edpalmer42 on Today at 12:41:16 PM »
It's also found on some old office machines like adding machines.  You might find one at a pawn shop or similar.  Watch out for the pinout.  Apparently there's more than one arrangement.

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