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Dodgy Technology / Re: Zero distortion amplifier
« Last post by Electro Detective on Today at 06:58:29 pm »
Re: Zero distortion amplifier:

An empty amplifier chassis, parked on wet grass or moist ground, on a cloudy day   

Not sure what speaker cables will be compatible, an oxygen free variety perhaps

both must be equal length when stretched straight using a hired reference cable

I haven't quite worked out what the source interface will be, most likely the cheapest Audiophool thingie available secondhand,

still saving money for that, maybe I'll mortgage the trailer again... 


News / Re: Problem With Forum Search
« Last post by gnif on Today at 06:56:08 pm »
Error,function Search the topics appear but when clicking on them the links do not work.

Server Error 500...

We just moved servers, there are some things to sort out still. But even still I can not reproduce the problem, what were your search terms?
Renewable Energy / Re: When Will Electric Cars Become Mainstream?
« Last post by Miyuki on Today at 06:54:53 pm »

Self driving horses?  :D

horses have pretty good self driving features and also automatic braking  ;D
and they can bring you home from pub even if you are a bag of potatoes  8)
Test Equipment / Re: New Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope
« Last post by mos6502 on Today at 06:53:09 pm »
Here's some measurements I took with my new DS1054Z that I received last week. I immediately unlocked it using riglol and the DSEF code. Self-cal has been run. Nothing is connected to the BNC jacks. Only CH1 is active, and it's coupled to ground. But it doesn't matter which channel you select. As you can see, a 62.5MHz signal (and its harmonics) can definitely be seen. Good? Bad? Unacceptable? I think considering the price of the scope, it's not too horrible.

News / Re: Planned Downtime @ 2018-04-21 00:00:00 GMT.
« Last post by tautech on Today at 06:52:18 pm »
Not sure if I'm suffering from bias but the site seems quite a bit faster to me. :clap:

It should be quite a bit faster again now, the reverse proxy via the old server was just removed.

The initial page load is MUCH faster than before  :-+
And I wasn't complaining about the speed of the old server
Had to shoot and run just when gnif pulled the server down and not long been back.
First impressions it is a wee bit faster now.
Thanks Dave and gnif for bravely taking this step forward.  :clap:
Thermal compensation is a real option, though the amplifier might still be stable with low bias in a kind of deep class B region - but with higher distortion. Thermal compensation is not really complicated. Just replace the 78L05 with something like a VBE multiplier or a string of diodes, that are in reasonable thermal contact to the heat sink.

The IRF510 is an old type and still has a reasonable useful SOA. With more modern SMT types one has to keep an eye on the SOA.
General Chat / Re: What did you buy today? Post your latest purchase!
« Last post by Terry01 on Today at 06:50:40 pm »
Just isolatiin transformer

Strange but I would have thought it should come with a normal 13A socket on it, mine did?

That's a "building site isolation transformer" where most equipment has to have that type of plug and not a standard 13A socket.

Thought building sites had to be 110V and have a yellow socket?

From mobile device so predictive text might have struck again

That is for sure a "240V-110V building site transformer" for plumbers and electricians and folks like that to work from. In the UK all powered hand tools and things like that have to be 110V on the sites.
its "Sweden", not "Swedden"  ^-^
Other than that I have no comments to this kind of post....
Test Equipment / Re: Test Equipment Anonymous (TEA) group therapy thread
« Last post by tautech on Today at 06:47:25 pm »

I had the opposite experience: one clamp was open circuit on arrival. After removing the insulating layer with a file(!), contact was restored - but it is hardly a "gold"-plated ideal contact.

Mixed bag. I don't mind the clips compared to my Quadtech Milliohm ones. Mine came with crap 'gold' plugs on which I have swapped out. The plugs on the origional linked one look like shrouded 'nickel' plate and you are paying way more compared still with the cheap clips with 'gold. Both will need replacing most likely.
Yeah the only way is to suck it and see.
If the lantern part of the plug is incorrectly made they'll always give trouble irregardless of the plating.
Dave did a vid on this not long ago.
Test Equipment / Re: Keysight U1273AX's oled screen
« Last post by Electro Detective on Today at 06:45:34 pm »
welcome to oled hell. display degradation is a fundamental limitation of the technology. doesn't matter who uses it.

best to avoid all oled unless you plan to dispose of it every few years and buy a new one like a cellphone.

I heard of OLED burn but I didn't know OLED will just degrade like that  :-DD

Wtf was agilent thinking

and SMOKING... :-//

No thanks to OLED HELL, especially at those ridiculous prices for better quality TooHungLow produced test gear  :--

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