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This is the first time I heard of GNU octave. I tested your script in MATLAB and it worked fine. Are they usually compatible like this?

Yes. Octave was designed to be compatible with MATLAB, although it does allow some syntax that MATLAB doesn't.

For some reason my script runs really really slow on GNU octave. Did that ever happen to you?
Halon 1211 is still being sold also (recycled through "halon banks"). But as stocks dwindle, the price will become uncompetitive compared to chemicals that are not banned.
Have you checked the actual overvoltage sensors, either U104 and U138? Specifically, I'd suggest working backwards from the datasheet for the MC3423D, starting with the internal 2.6V reference and checking the comparator at the sense 2 pin. I had a E3646A with overvoltage sensing problems that ended up being a broken comparator in the MC3423D.
Halotron is a HCFC and is being phased out. I believe 2020 is the date when it will no longer be legal to manufacture.
In the future the alternative would be something like Novec 1230.

Here is a document that claims otherwise:

Interesting, regardless I’m glad I bought my 10lbs Halotron last year.
General Chat / Re: Unicode
« Last post by chris_leyson on Today at 06:39:25 am »
± 5µV/√Hz at 300 K
WTF where did the ± come from !
Beginners / Re: Use transistors to switch between two digital signals
« Last post by glarsson on Today at 06:37:02 am »
I'm amazed most people, including myself, missed that. Yes, it won't work. R2 will limit the current too much for the relay to turn on.
Didn't miss it. The circuit is weird, but it will work with a sensitive 2V relay. However, it wasn't relevant to the question.
EEVblog Specific / Re: EEVblog2 - MORE Peter Popoff SCAM MAIL!
« Last post by glarsson on Today at 06:34:58 am »
Do you know of any seriously-believed-in deity or religion that meets that requirement?
The only one I know of is Jainism.
The more fundamentalist a jains becomes the less dangerous he/she becomes, i.e. the opposite of all (?) other religions.
Metrology / Re: Poor Man's Crazy (!) Reference
« Last post by Kleinstein on Today at 06:33:07 am »
That cascade of JFETs looks odd, not sure how well it works. The last JFET and R1 set the current and the other FETs add some extra drop at that current.

One downside of the JVR reference is that R1 needs to be very stable. The sensitivity to R1 is rather high, like 1.5-4 ppm change of R1 causes 1 ppm change of the output voltage. Thus only a factor of around 2-3 the drift of the resistor is reduced.

Normal Zener based circuits have much lower sensitivity to the resistors used, e.g. about a factor 200-500 for the LTZ1000 and maybe around 100 for the bootstrapped 1N82x Zener diodes.

The low noise amplifier JFETs are likely not such a good choice as they provide only a low voltage. AFAIK it would be more like a high threshold JFETs like the 2N4391 to work better as a JVR. So it may only take 2 or 3 JFETs to get 7 V.
General Chat / Re: Unicode
« Last post by Cerebus on Today at 06:31:00 am »
... and probably 90% of the non-english speakers on here ...

Electronic engineers can at least read and write basic english. How else are they supposed to read datasheets?

So, in the end ASCII is enough on an electronics forum.

But at least it means that Rüdiger and Phillipé can spell their names correctly and the rest of us can enjoy a little concise mathematical notation. I don't know why you're so determined to be such a stuck-in-the-mud about it. I suspect that you've probably got another 0 reasons why it's a bad idea (little mathematical joke there). Oh — those hyphens remind me — it also allows the typographically minded of us to enjoy a proper em dash.
So the castles energy consumption average nearly 4MWHr/day -- that's about 70X the typical home usage.
But the royal castle is not a typical home.
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