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Presumably you're just talking about the voltage, rather than the current rating.

The chances are the cable insulation will be able to take many thousands of volts, before the insulation breaks down and it arcs over. The mechanical characteristics of the insulation such as: abrasion resistance and temperature rating, are far more important.

What class of insulation do you require: functional, basic, or reinforced (look them up using a search engine if you don't know what they mean)? That kind of hook-up wire typically only has basic insulation at best and is only strong enough to be used inside an appliance.

I added to my last post regarding availability of high frame rate cameras etc. I hope it clarifies my position.

Thanks for the clarification on the last paragraph. I see your point, which is why I created this very thread. Whilst in friendly 'conversation' with someone via a forum, it is too easy to get 'carried away' and provide a little too much technical insight into a topic and potentially breach either an NDA or some other restriction applied to privileged information.

In the case of thermal imaging technology, the 'red lines' that must not be crossed are thankfully pretty clear to those who work in the industry. Where a high performance IC is concerned, the boundaries of technical discussion may be less clear.

There is good reason why some countries use rooms full of people to trawl the internet and looking in various forums for sources of useful, often privileged, information. They sometimes find useful information openly posted, or a person from whom they may be able to extract it. It's called data harvesting but I suspect you already knew that.

We do need to be reasonably careful when discussing some matters on a public forum, but I personally have seen a good level of self control on this on this particular forum.

STILL no luck on this!  I seem to be having REAL difficulty with the compiling of the sigrok firmware process. I'm going to start again from scratch. I MUST have missed something somewhere. The device is working on windoze and when I plug it in I can see it in lsusb.  I have loaded the rules, restarted the machine just in case and still NOTHING on pulseview. I can't see anything in any of the logs SO it must me my approach to the driver build. I will keep working on this until I can produce a SINGLE forum post with each step itemized. Thanks all for your guidance THIS is something I am doing wrong.
have an excellent one
Repair / Re: Meter movement sticking.
« Last post by Ian.M on Today at 10:12:07 AM »
If an analog meter is sticking, it isn't in good shape. If it moves closer to the correct position when you tap it,  assuming there is no obvious foreign object in the mechanism or bent pointer, either there is dirt in the bearings, or they have been damaged by excessive mechanical shock.  Cleaning the bearings is only an option for an experienced watchmaker or precision mechanical instrument technician.   Lubricating the mechanism is absolutely *NOT* recommended as it will attract dirt and further gum it up and may react adversely with glues and lacquers used in its construction.

The only easily rectifiable problem is if the pointer is being attracted by a static charge on the front cover glass or plastic.  Assuming it can be removed, cleaning both sides of it with an antistatic lens cleaner so a trace static dissipative film is left on the surface will remove existing charge and reduce the risk of new charge buildup.
Buy/Sell/Wanted / Fluke 8846A for Sale [UK/Greater London]
« Last post by kaz911 on Today at 10:09:55 AM »

I'm selling my Fluke 8846A Bench Multi-meter as I have switched to Ag....Keysight.

Price £450,- OBO

It is in good but well used condition. It had a switching error between front and rear terminals but have been rectified - and contacts cleaned. Now works perfect - incl. switching between rear and front. There are 3 scratches on the front panel but not noticeable when in use. Rear panel plastic is coming loose but can be rectified with some poster adhesive or similar (clear plastic sheet on rear)

No extra accessories or probes included.

Last calibration i had done was in 2014.

Pictures attached - last one shows scratches on front panel. High res pictures available incl full board high res photo's. Send PM with mail details and I'll send them.

Contact via PM. Collection in Kew/London - or shipping at cost. Won't ship without signature/tracking.  Payment BACS (UK) or Paypal. Paypal will be as product sale and I'll pay the seller fee.

General Chat / Re: TESLA finally launches a truck/semi ?
« Last post by Someone on Today at 10:08:18 AM »
The fact is a electric car will cause more pollution in its lifetime than regular combustion engine car.

They just are dead end technology and waste of resources and effort.

More feasible solutions hopefully will appear in future.
Oh, really, which part? Dont tell me the battery.
Analysis of lifecycle impacts from different car types can produce numbers all over the place, its easy to find well produced reports which say a battery electric vehicle is more polluting than conventional vehicles:
"?Lifecycle impacts of Tesla model S85 and Volkswagen Passat"
A lot depends on the mix of electricity generation assumed, and recycling/recovery/waste costs for the batteries which are yet to be proven in practice and will likely have changed substantially over the life of the vehicle. What the world needs is smaller/slower/short range vehicles for urban environment if they want to make a big change in energy use.
I just recently bought a used extron video distribution amplifier which I plan to use for 10 MHz. I would be happy to text its relative phase shift for you if you're willing to walk me through what you would like to test.

I spent under $20 for it. When I was looking for it I saw another similar unit for around the same price but the listing wasn't set up to allow me to make an offer on it so I passed on that one.

The case is almost completely empty so I am going to use it for my GPSDO and a controller board and its display. There will still be more room after that is done. I paid under $20 for it.

 The point I am trying to make is they are sometimes available for very little and might end up being quite good for use to distribute 10 MHz and 1PPS  It looks to me as if I should be able to get 9 10 Mhz outputs and 3 PPS outputs for my GPSDO, plus possibly have four additional BNCs that I may be able to use for something else.   
Repair / Re: Meter movement sticking.
« Last post by EPTech on Today at 10:05:45 AM »
Hi there,

I suppose you mean an analogue needle meter with a turning coil. place a single droplet of very fine oil where the shaft passes. Do not manually operate the spring though. re-assemble the meter and cycle it on and off with a very low current (big series resistor) until it operates smoothly. Do not use compressed air as it may damage the delicate parts.

Happy metering.
Beginners / Re: amplifier bluetooth pc sound out connection
« Last post by Hero999 on Today at 10:02:01 AM »
Designate one amplifier board as the left channel and the other as the right. Connect the 0V of both amplifiers together, which will be the case anyway, if they're being powered from the same supply. Connect the left input to the left amplifier and the right to the right.

If you need to switch between two different sources, you need a DPDT switch. Plenty of which can be found using a search engine.
General Chat / Re: Server Error Reports
« Last post by gnif on Today at 10:00:37 AM »
Recieved error 502 while browsing the open source hardware section of the forum. Stayed that way for 3-5 minutes. I tried going to the main website (eevblog.ocm) and was greeted by "Error establishing database connection".

Happened around 5:04pm Eastern

Thanks, that a new one.
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