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It works like a charm! Downside of this approach: threshold adjustments are not independent
And not linear on potentiometer rotation. But i tried to avoid user mistake of setting lower temp threshold higher than high threshold,and assume the setting will be done seldomly with presence of dmm and thermistor data. once calibrated the circuit should work. The circuit certainly can be refined,but with increasing comp count i suspect as hero's cicuit.
Who actually has a FB account?
...something around 20 billion people  :o
its sad where the world has gone lead by some clueless figures about the directives of life. I can say more than half of my friends and families are fooling themselves around in fartbook. And now wechat whatsapp tele everything, i can imagine in other countries are much worse figure. Life is short and they seems not appreciating the little time given to them..

 I wholeheartedly agree with you, I am a firm believer that social media, the internet and technology in general has had an incredibly impoverishing effect on humanity. Personally I use all this crap to participate in what is happening right now and not isolate myself from the effect all this is having on all of us.

 Stupidity is only going to increase...
Thermal Imaging / Re: Old thermal imager device
« Last post by Spirit532 on Today at 01:59:21 PM »
Photos would be very helpful to identify what it is.
11/79 places it as either a super-early pyrovidicon or LN2 scanner.
Dare I say: I absolutely execrate Nestlé and all of their business practices. I try to stay as far away from all their brands as possible. They steal, lie, exploit and maraud wherever they can and take advantage of others where possible without morals or a sense of decency.

I feel the same way, that's why I buy McDonald's coffee from Walmart.  :-\
Cool display. Hefty heat sinks. Can the GPIB be repurposed or converted to a USB interface with a µC?
Just a second... *twiddles knobs*

OK, I'm tuned. ;D
Beginners / Re: Need help understanding Thévenin’s Theorem
« Last post by Spork Schivago on Today at 01:52:27 PM »
So I'm looking at the website,

And I'm at the exercises.   Is this the right place?   Am I just supposed to make up resistor values for Exercise 1?   Tomorrow, I'll read the first chapter and maybe it'll make more sense.

I'd like to concentrate on the Art of Electronics, 3rd Edition, but I might be able to slip the Real Analog site into my schedule as well and work through both.

General Chat / Re: ebay'ers ruining gear by being stupid
« Last post by JoeO on Today at 01:50:25 PM »
Sometimes people sell old photographic paper. They take the paper out of the bag and take a picture for the ebay listing.

Under white light.
I just saw this at a second hand store.  Box was opened up and the paper was exposed.
Repair / Re: Textronix TDS 420 Repair
« Last post by JoeO on Today at 01:47:14 PM »
No sense in pursuing it any further if all you are going to do is just look at it and call it good.

Hint: The TDS 400 series scopes ALL suffer from the leaky caps. Some worse than others, but just a matter of time.

My TDS460 had leaky caps, but the electrolyte had long since dried after it had done it's damage, which made it harder to see in some cases.
I came to the same conclusion but waited for someone else to post about it.  I don't understand where this person is coming from.
He takes no advice and he is looking for a quick fix.
You are wasting your time, answering this person.
Big boy Intel ME is present from Sandy Bridge and up, play with FITC and an ME dump if you dont believe, it can be disabled by corrupting it at least in Sandy Bridge based systems.
Sandy bridge - I know. I'm one of the first few who posted here about the IME, remember? 'Disabled' - that's a whole can of worms I haven't looked into. Problem is how can one ever be sure it's totally gone? Also what other back doors are in the silicon? It's a waste of time fighting a demonstrably hostile opponent who has vastly more resources than you. Better to just walk away. My minimal effort approach is just to stick with older CPUs. (A side benefit is that they are free.)

One thing I'm still looking for, is an Intel CPUs timeline, that includes what is known about the ME and other backdoors, and when each was introduced. Even the Pentium 1 had SMM code execution invisible to the OS and user-code, and I don't trust that either.

Ultimately, the only solution is to dump the entire Intel-MS computing ecosystem, and start with something fresh. Something with active countermeasures to prevent this kind of creeping OEM spyware plague, and a political-legal foundation with teeth to ensure this shitty situation doesn't happen again.

All OS's do that, even Windows 7 as telemetry, and lots of it with the latest updates, as does lots of Linux distros, with Ubuntu saying that they will do almost the same as MS.
Which is one of a list of reasons I don't switch all my machines to Linux. It may come to that, but there are downsides, and Linux doesn't solve the privacy problem. Just makes it maybe slightly better in some respects. That's not good enough.

If you dont want forced updates, disable them, and then complain how you are part of a botnet
Ha ha, you assume that with my views on MS (and other software majors) I'd allow auto-updates of _anything_.
You also assume that MS updates will close all known 'holes'. But we know for a fact from the NSA toolkit leak and other things, that this is false and MS and Intel are actually responsible for creating and maintaining many holes. And now lots of those holes are in the wild due to the NSA toolkit leaks. Which was inevitable, and merely a practical demonstration that deliberately creating holes is a deeply retarded thing to do. But that's fascists for you.

Aside re updates: The whole 'Windows Genuine Advantage' (aka we're going to try and force you to take all the updates, or none) is such a pain in the arse. But that was just an incremental step towards the nastiness of Win10.
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