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Why not use something where the work is already done.......alternator light.
Illuminated = High = engine not running.
Extinguished = Low = engine running.
Microcontrollers & FPGAs / Differential Bi phase Level Decoder
« Last post by man_marius on Today at 06:04:19 pm »
What is the easiest way to go about make a Differential Bi phase Level detector circuit board, with discrete components or FPGA,

The decoding works in two steps, first translating phase shift bit shift into A letter, this happens in the center of each bit cell, a change from -1 to 1 is encoded as "A" and a change form 1 to -1 is encoded as "B".
The second step is to compare the current letter to the previous one
 X current = X previous  -> 1 is encoded
 X current != X previous -> 0  is encoded

I have attached the encoder schematic
General Chat / Re: Post a picture of a cat!
« Last post by capt bullshot on Today at 05:56:19 pm »
Better watch out not to be thrown out with the trash:

Not yet fully unpacked that laptop:

Trump does it again. No more cheap stuff from China for you Americans

So Pomona?  :-DD
Highly likely now I think. Mind you, after Brexit we won't be getting anything from China because planes, ships etc would not be able to operate if what the anti Brexiters are saying is true.....
If he can spend $1M to build the effing thing, pretty sure he can afford to grease the wheels to get any kind of permitting he needs.

I live in America. We invented 8000HP AA Nitro Funny cars because we were bored; nothing surprises me anymore.
I know he can and has done so over your side of the pond. I really doubt on this side of the pond that it would get a permit to fly or get any insurance. Since we had a standard Hunter jet crash at Shoreham a couple of years back, CAA have gone into hypo drive and loads of extra red tape has been put in place, new rules, regulations, in place and bans etc.

So if planes that have been flying successfully for years with a set of well known characteristics, flown by ex military pilots who are used to flying them can be prevented from flying, then a plane that is totally unique, unknown characteristics most likely would be grounded too. Even the owner admits its a handful and he's still learning about it.
AFAIK 1.5 GHz should cover most pre-compliance work but others more experienced should be able to advise you.
The vast majority of my SSA3kX sales have been just for this but with the SVA now available it in some ways makes the choice harder should you later need higher frequency coverage.
However if the VNA is of use SVA would seem the better option as you don't need a return loss bridge for most RF work and this saving alone makes the VNA option cheaper than it might otherwise appear.
I've got both and they are nice instruments. I mainly align RF stuff, sniff the odd EMI and do antenna work so 1.5 GHz works for me ATM.

Is there an option for EMC testing module or does this come bundled with the instrument ?

Only TG is included free so all other options are at additional cost.
So just what might you need, well for the SVA1015X Siglent have lifted the option free trial times to 120 hrs operation which for some with spectrum analyser experience allows a good number of tasks to be completed before you even need think about purchasing any options. OTOH SSA3000X models only have 40 hours free trial time.
At this time only Siglent Europe have put together SVA option packages as seen here on the Hamburg site:

Normal pricing in USD is in the US Siglent store:

Some of the SVA options are the same as offered for SSA3000X and there should be examples in this thread:
EEVblab / Re: eevBLAB #55 - Solidworks Pricing is BULLSHIT
« Last post by ANTALIFE on Today at 05:52:39 pm »
Since when is Dave running a business ;^)
EEVblab / Re: eevBLAB #55 - Solidworks Pricing is BULLSHIT
« Last post by okurka on Today at 05:50:35 pm »
A lifetime membership with EAA is 1295USD, though you best check what sort of features (if any) have been stripped out

It says it's a personal-use version, so not valid for businesses.
Test Equipment / Re: Test Equipment Anonymous (TEA) group therapy thread
« Last post by bd139 on Today at 05:49:44 pm »
Trump does it again. No more cheap stuff from China for you Americans

So Pomona?  :-DD
Repair / Re: Fluke 77 Repair & Teardown
« Last post by Stinger on Today at 05:48:01 pm »
Hello friends,

I find an old Fluke 77.

Unfotunately, DMM mesure nothing.

After opening, R1 resistor is dead (infinite value).

Schematic show it's fusible resistor 1K ohm, 1%, 2W (RES, MF, 1K, +-1%, 100PPM, FLMPRF,FUSIBLE).

Can i replace R1 by this Metal film resistor ?

Thank's for your help  :D
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