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What type of ADC does it use?  That looks like the glitch commonly found in synchronous voltage-to-frequency ADCs.
Beginners / understanding zener and high side switching
« Last post by hsn93 on Today at 02:02:40 am »

im design circuit for industrial application i want to have water detection sensor and planning to have electrodes (SS) with distance of 20mm or so...

the water is tap water so it would be "around 2K ohm"

so i dont want to put 24v to the electrodes if the water exist for long time as this will give electrolysis the water ... so i want to switch the sensor off and on ..

my circuit is like following i would like to see what you guys think and if someone have an advice i appreciate that
  • oh (D2) is 3v3 zener but couldnt find it in LTSPICE
  • (Rload) is water exist .
  • (Rload) would be open circuit if water doesnt exist
  • do you think my high side switching is good? 10K for R1 is good?(why)?

Manufacturing & Assembly / Re: PCB manufacture
« Last post by rea5245 on Today at 02:02:39 am »
I rely a lot on how well the manufacturer is known. Do other makers talk about it? Is it mentioned in forums (other than by obvious spammers)? Does it have easy automated on-line ordering? (If a PCB manufacturer doesn't have on-line ordering, I don't even consider them. I don't want to have to contact a salesman to get a price.)

There are so many Chinese manufacturers, many of them using the same factories, many of them with similar prices, all of them producing quality sufficient to my needs, that to be honest I don't see a compelling reason to try one I haven't heard of.

That might not be what you wanted to hear.

- Bob
Beginners / Re: Choosing off the shelf transformers for flyback converters
« Last post by TimNJ on Today at 02:00:24 am »
Surely, but what kind of tape would be applicable and would I just wind the primary, put tape around it and then wind the secondaries on top of the tape? I just don't know what the "proper" way of doing things is.

As mentioned, 3M 1350 tape (or equivalent) is what just about every SMPS transformer uses. There's lots of Chinese alternatives. Usually a light yellow color. If you're curious about construction techniques, I think the easiest way to understand how its done, would be to disassemble an old transformer or buy one of those Wurth ones and take it apart.
Why FeRam is still so expensive? it would be nice to have it instead of Flash.
We really should have MRAM microcontrollers with unified memory space, replacing the 3-4 different memory types on these kind of projects. Because large MRAM can replace Flash, EEPROM, NVRAM and SRAM. Only if Everspin wouldn't concentrate on the wrong market.
Test Equipment / Re: Hacking the Rigol MSO5000 series oscilloscopes
« Last post by BravoV on Today at 01:58:05 am »
verification on the hack

It's a built-in feature. Not an hack!

Oh, ok, I stand corrected, actually this is even better, just apply the "fix" then verify if enabled features  are working, especially the bandwidth increase.  >:D
General Chat / Re: Ragworm PCB - UK
« Last post by voltsandjolts on Today at 01:57:54 am »
Yeh, stick with JLCPCB, board quality is excellent and the price is even better.
I've ordered boards on Monday and been delivered on Friday (DHL $20 shipping option) to northern UK.
The cheaper shipping option ($6-ish) has been 2 to 3 weeks max for me.

No affiliation, just a happy customer.
Hardware-wise both are the same, except for the CPU board. Both have 1M input, and tracking generator, but the 3588 will not make log-sweeps and will not give you phase info, so other options like polar, smith chart and Re-Im are also missing. The menus are not exactly the same also, they have tweaked some things that appear on the x9 and not on the x8

Just for the log-sweeps the 3589 makes a difference, some images of it, filters and a 10000x resistive divider. It can be connected via GPIB using this utility ( although I've been too lazy and still rely on pics

Why FeRam is still so expensive? it would be nice to have it instead of Flash.

It requires extra processing steps which are not native to a CMOS process.  Flash just requires floating gates.
I'm afraid I don't understand how those work.

Good catch, we'll use DX instead of CX then.


Code: [Select]
      sub eax,eax

loop: mov edx,[esi+eax]
      adc edx,[ebx+eax]
      mov [edi+eax],edx
      lea eax,[eax+4]
      loop loop


Code: [Select]
      sub eax,eax

loop: mov rdx,[rsi+rax]
      adc rdx,[rbx+rax]
      mov [rdi+rax],rdx
      lea rax,[rax+8]
      loop loop

Surprsingly, it doesn't change the byte count.

Also, where is the "ret", even if nothing else is needed?

It's inlined. In assembler, you do not have to follow calling conventions :)

And if you really worry about byte count, you can add more CISC'iness and reduce byte count to 10, although it'll be slower.

Code: [Select]

loop: lodsd
      adc eax,[ebx]
      lea ebx,[ebx+4]
      loop loop

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