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General Chat / Re: Camera in Coles Checkout Machines?
« Last post by Flenser on Today at 03:06:53 pm »
I just noticed on the new NCR machines at my local Coles supermarket, seems to be a camera, why?

One possible reason is BOM.

If this was your contract and you went looking to buy perhaps a few 1000's of screens, in baches of perhaps a few 100's at a time, and the standard screen being offered at the best price included a camera then would you choose to pay more to get a screen without a camera or would you choose to just ignore the camera in your software?
Boilers might need descaling from time to time, but they are not going to use dynamite. The goal is to clean the boiler, not blow it up  ;D
General Chat / Re: Soldering standards on YouTube
« Last post by Electro Detective on Today at 03:03:23 pm »
If it stopped at 'sodder' it would be bearable,
but there are other variations too I hear creeping in, like Sata and Sardur (Lord Of The Universe? fast acting migraine killer?)   :-//

Sorry gents, the sodder vs solder debates may rage on as they will with no truce in sight, but it does say SOLDER on the packaging not SODDER.
Soddering iron and soddering tips and techniques doesn't sound quite right either.

May I add further I don't care to be in that 99.999% club mentioned earlier,
I get along super with all brits, yanks and cauncks   :-+ :-+ :-+
thank yoll very much.

Yep, and people always forget about the other fissionables, U and Pu are NOT the only things that could work if you do the sums.

I am somewhat surprised that Am241 is not more of an issue, you could wrap a reflector around a surprisingly small mass and get criticality by my back of an envelope, cannot be bothered to do the sums to see if it would work for a bomb, but a reactor looks workable to me.
Well, you have to have something that has a long half life, has a good neutron capture cross-section, neutron capture results in prompt fission, and that fission releases several neutrons.  U235 works, but only releases 2.x neutrons, so it takes a fair amount to achieve a critical mass.
Pu239 is better, as it releases 3.x neutrons, so you need less atoms for a critical mass.

I'm not so sure anything else meets ALL these criteria.

is australia doing what I think it did?

"To the extent that the Bill would require via a [Technical Capability Notice] the creation of a capability while simultaneously preventing the [communication providers] from documenting the existence of that capability, the law would result in the creation of backdoors."

Test Equipment / Re: what brand silicone wire for DC test leads?
« Last post by MatteoX on Today at 02:55:57 pm »
I recently got some Pomona 6733 which is 18 AWG and 10kV insulation (hands free rating).  I needed something for 3+kV inside some equipment.
It is really nice silicone test lead wire, and wasn't horribly expensive.

I can confirm this is very nice and flexible wire. I made many patch cables using this wire. My understanding is that Pomona is using this wire for their test leads. There are two types black (6733-0) and red (6733-2). The length is 50'.

Be careful not to confuse it with their PVC wire, 6734.
I spoke to someone who said he did that for the reactor near west point. Family friend.

But they will say whatever officially because of fat pensions believe me.

Civilian nuclear industry is full of weird practices and lack of spec checking etc. Get to know people in their supply chains and you will hear the stories too. I know not much (in terms of dirty laundry) of whats going on in the military side of things. At least not from the mechanical side of things like boilers and pipes.
The plot thickens!  To be sure, have you checked the voltage rails for fluctuation as well?  If they're drifting around, any virtual ground could be moving.  Also, you've verified that the drift is not present on the 100V measured with a 6+ digit DMM?
For a little 30W fan, it should be easy to replace it with some 12V BLDC fans.
Repair / Re: Instek GOS-6112 - No signal on either channel
« Last post by Chris56000 on Today at 02:52:18 pm »

No problem, leave the pads blank as L305/L306 obviously need to be unpopulated in the 6112!

Do you have one of those small Chinese Component Testers with the green ZIF socket and the colour TFT display, LCR–TC1 type?

I would advise getting one if you've not got one, also one of those digital IC testers about the same price range, but for now I'll have another read of the diagrams and get back later!

Chris Williams
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