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Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff / Re: Glitter bomb
« Last post by texaspyro on Today at 12:10:43 pm »
It's so common in a lot of places that even if you killed somebody, they would have a tough time finding a jury willing to convict.   A couple of weeks ago they busted a local "porch pirate" gang and recovered a warehouse full of booty. 

And people wonder why all my mail goes to a PO box.   And twice I have gotten notifications of stolen mail recovered from crooked post office workers...  and notifications of when they were released on parole.  One of them still owes me 5 bucks stolen from poor, dead granny's christmas card 30 years ago.
Test Equipment / Re: Hacking the Rigol MSO5000 series oscilloscopes
« Last post by tautech on Today at 12:07:23 pm »
Hmm, doesn't seem too bad!

Sort of hard to tell with all the different exposures :P But next to a Lecroy gives some reference.
LeCroy WS3000 = Siglent quite old model, both versions updated to X versions with faster WFMS and greater mem depth.
You could also look at ribbon cables. There are such cables with AWG28 and even thinner wires.

Heres some examples:

18.5$ (0.13$ per meter) :
Number of Conductors    9     Pitch    0.050" (1.27mm)     Length    50.0' (15.24m)     Wire Gauge    28 AWG    Conductor Strand    7 Strands / 36 AWG

462$  ( 50 x 91.4 meters = 4,572 meters of wire, $0.10 per meter ) :

Number of Conductors    50    Pitch    0.039" (1.00mm)    Length    300.0' (91.44m)    Wire Gauge    28 AWG    Conductor Strand    7 Strands / 36 AWG    
Shielding    Unshielded    Jacket Color    Multiple    Ribbon Thickness    0.035" (0.89mm)    Ribbon Width    1.969" (50.01mm)

10 different colors ... you can use a sharp blade to make a cut and the simply separate two wires from the ribbon.
Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff / Re: Glitter bomb
« Last post by radioactive on Today at 11:59:28 am »
I admit that the video is funny and seems *just* at first glance.  I hope it doesn't backfire though.  Pranks like this can always go wrong.  First, I have to ask where does this guy live?  I might believe a single instance of theft, but multiple thefts and recoveries?  Don't know... seems kinda youtube-world-only to me.  What if the thief was a mother with newborn in the passenger seat?  If people really are stealing packages all over the place, I understand the concept.  In any case, I think this idea and similar could go wrong and harm innocent people if they become widespread.
Hmm, doesn't seem too bad!

Sort of hard to tell with all the different exposures :P But next to a Lecroy gives some reference.

So long as it's usable outside (maaaybe not direct sunlight though). If it's anything like a less glossy DS7k, it'll be fine.

Then we'll get to see side by side at the lab how they compare....soon....ish....
Take care, my friend. I'll keep this place from burning down in your absence.  ;)

Er, Mnem, what are you doing with that box of matches in your hand?
  I have seen photos of his jewelry box there was a lighter in there  :scared:
I'm an OLD dwagon... sometimes I need a jump-start.  :-[


   BRING IT!!!

Who ELSE wants some...?!?

What the??? where is the variac, much more control over any magic smoke, bangs, tingles etc. As for that Heath Robinson connection to the DUT, the least said about it the better, tsk tsk I'm afraid that your lab is going to be shut down and a citation written up for you in view of the totally unsafe working practices, and if you had employees you'd be taken to court on health and safety issues tsk tsk. :-DD :-DD

Right here. That pic is of me doing preliminary testing with multimeter.
I was feeling brave, so I asked for people to talk me down from jumping to the next step with the dim bulb tester.  Of course, I didn't wait for answers. ;D

Hey! don't you be picking on my RCA Chopper Circuit Protector!!! That butt-ugly piece was designed around the need to be able to troubleshoot sets from 19" right up to 3-gun projection. By varying the size of the bulb and having a 2-stage tester, I was able to  (somewhat) safely troubleshoot all those horrible TVs that used the HOT as regulator for everything else. I sometimes got bit, but the magic smoke usually stayed where it belonged.  :-+

As for the questionable connection type... I keep the suicide cords locked away from questioning eyes. Unless those eyes are deemed to need the services of such a cable... That's where the Variac and the 2:1 power transformer REALLY come in handy. >:D

"Pretty is as pretty does." ~ Ted Basche
Thanks, Ian. That sheet shows that a better operating point (at least a known safe operating point) would be anything less than 10A at 10Vc-e, so long as I have enough heatsink to keep the suckers are room temp (I don't). It also calls out a linear deration per degree C over 25C, for current-so some napkin scratching later, if I can keep the cases at 75C, each device can handle 7.5A.

That's stinking hot. I'd prefer to keep them around 40C, where each device can handle 9.5A or so. As far as heatsinking goes, a 400mm x 200mm section of heatsink with 80mm tall fins spaced 10mm apart with a 10mm thick base is available, and was used in the 14kW linear VFD that I pulled those fuji transistors from. It did have a 220v fan blowing on it at that level, though.

Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff / Re: Glitter bomb
« Last post by texaspyro on Today at 11:49:40 am »
no the problem is you might get hassled to go to court to explain yourself over 50$ of mail

Just go to court and thank the mail thief from saving you from that unexpected evil package that some unknown stranger sent to your address.   

Oh, and mail theft (and just about everything else) is a federal crime in the US with like a 10 year all expenses paid vacation in Club Fed.  At one time the mail inspectors were rather relentless in their pursuits...  now, I think that they (like most policey places these days) aren't even phoning it in...  unless you commit that most heinous of crimes... downloading a video.
They probably are, but I imagine at this point it is mostly a VC money sucking enterprise.
Test Equipment / Re: Fluke 87 multimeter
« Last post by blacksheeplogic on Today at 11:46:01 am »
The LCD had issues on the 87 (Zebra strips), fluke still sells a kit to fix the problem.
Or DIY fix.

Given the kit is very cheap and readily available, it's an upgraded Zebra Strip (one time fix), and you have already gone to the effort to disassemble the meter, the DIY temporary fix in my opinion does not make sense especially if you plan on keeping the meter....
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