Author Topic: Tesla activates world's Largest lithium-ion battery in South Australia  (Read 153 times)

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Elon Musk made good on his promise to build the world's largest lithium-ion battery in South Australia.
Tesla Power packs will be able to store 129-megawatt hours.
Hornsdale windfarm near Jamestown in the state's mid north 
100MW/129MWh battery  if used at full capacity, it would be able to provide its maximum output for more than an hour.
the battery is a modular network, with each powerpack about the size of a large fridge
at 2.1 metres tall, 1.3m long and 0.8m wide. They weigh in at 1,200 kilograms each.
need to keep South Australia's grid frequency stable. the battery would primarily provide stability for the power grid,
something traditionally the domain of coal, gas and hydro,  rather than wind or solar.
economics-  inverters real-world AC-AC round trip efficiency of 87% ?   Tesla PowerWall batteries are quoted as 92% efficiency.
technology of the Tesla Powerpack
the individual cylinder or cell is called the 2170 cell, the fundamental building block of the Tesla battery,
 – 21 mm by 70 mm.  it can store a lot more energy. according to Elon Musk,
it’s “the highest energy density cell in the world, and also the cheapest.” The 2170 cell is around 50% larger by volume than the 18650,
but it can deliver almost double the current (the 18650 delivers 3,000 mA, and the 2170 has been tested at 5,750-6,000 mA).
each Tesla Powerpack has 16 layers of batteries inside, and those battery pods, as the company calls them, contain cells.
made in an enormous Tesla facility in Nevada USA called the Gigafactory.
Tesla uses proprietary technology for packaging and cooling the 2170 cells in packs with liquid coolant.
operating temp. ?22 to 122 °F (?30 to 50 °C)
reliability ?   estimated Powerpack life ?
the estimated known life of a lithium-Ion phone battery is about two to three years or 300 to 500 charge cycles. however the
full technological specifications of the Tesla modular network - unknown and or trade secret ?  the only information available.

the individual cylinder or cell is called the 2170 cell, the fundamental building block of the Tesla battery,

Tesla's 18650 cells vs 2170  promotional video
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